Casualty: Breaking the paramedic code

(Series 27, Ep.12)  Nothing enlivens Casualty more than a juicy ethical dilemma, and there were several of them in this episode. It all kicked off with a woman being thrown from a moving Audi, driven by a footballer who had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on what was left of a bottle of vodka. That couldn’t end well, and it didn’t, with a multiple car accident and casualties strewn around the road. Paramedic Tamzin had to deal with the boozed-up Audi driver, and it’s fair to describe him as “uncooperative.” And also, “abusive.” So much so that Tamzin decided to give up trying to get him into a cervical collar. After that, we knew it was only a matter of time before he’d be lying in resus complaining that he couldn’t feel his legs.

He could have gone the no-win-no-fee route, but he chose to take it as a learning experience, become a better man and apologise to Tamzin for his horrible behaviour. But would Jeff be so forgiving? He wasn’t pleased that she’d broken the paramedic code and given up on her patient just because he was nasty. If all the paramedics refused to treat all the nasty people they come across, no one would ever make it as far as the ED and there’d be nothing for Dr Zoe Hanna and her team to do. Jeff, however, is a team player and has occasionally let his heart rule his head himself, so possibly against his better judgement he decided to stand by Tamzin.  

Meanwhile, Dr Tom Kent (since I last saw him he’s started a relationship with Army Dr Sam, much to the disgruntlement of the already disgruntled Grumpy Dr Dylan Keogh) was busy looking after the child of two of the car crash victims, who turned out to have a rare condition. It was a genetic thing that was so rare Dylan and Sam hadn’t ever come across a case. Tom had – but only in cases where the parents were blood relatives (of each other). He thought he’d better mention this to the parents, but Sam didn’t think it was his responsibility to whip back the blue curtain and say, “Did you have any idea the two of you might be brother and sister?” Tom went ahead anyway, and the incestuous twosome took the news fairly well, considering.

With Tom’s approval rating now high with Sam (he’d also done some beautiful work intubating the wee tot), Dylan was getting crosser by the minute. Implausibly, there was a woman wandering around who had taken a shine to him and wanted to go dog walking with him, but he dismissed her with his trademark charm. Will he get rid of her that easily, though? Not judging by next week’s preview clip.

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2 responses to “Casualty: Breaking the paramedic code

  1. Tara and Liffey .N.

    Yay, you’re reviewing casualty! Poor disgruntled Dylan, he’s always grumpy and I think all the Sam-and-Tom business is only adding to his miserableness. Wow, this review is full of non-words. I actually quite like Tamzin, though I don’t get a feeling she’ll be sticking round much longer and I have to say I felt rather sorry for her- he was a particularly nasty patient.
    The woman selling scarves annoys me. The red-head one. (I have no prejudice against hair-colours, that’s just my way of defining who she is) She’s actually rather scary with her relentless pursuit of Dylan who obviously isn’t interested… And it seems to me she’s going to dog-nap Dervla or something along those lines… does she know how attached Dylan is to Dervla? Taking Dervla from Dylan is like taking… OK, I can’t think of an example now but I’ll get back to you. I was going to use Tom and Jerry but I think they’re always trying to kill each other.
    Anyway, I’m waffling, I enjoyed both episode and review 🙂

    -Tara and Liffey AND Meggi AND Rosey, our other sisters.

  2. Emma

    Ah, how I love your sporadic Casualty reviews 🙂
    And disgruntled Dylan – would we have him any other way? He’s sarcasm central 🙂
    The way he practically shouted at Maria-from-Sound-of-Music was Legendary. Yes, it deserves a capital L.
    PS/ Why does Dylan get to wear his own clothes? I’m so confused by the apparent heirarchy system in Casualty. Holby appears to have a Consultants-only system (with the exception of Luc, naturally, because he deserves a bit of mufti after losing Eddi).
    Anyway, *apologises for ramble*. And thank you for distracting me from work. (That IS a good thing, by the way.) xx