Young Apprentice: It’s for putting candles in

(Series 3, Ep.3) Although I’m tempted to shake my head sorrowfully at the woeful state of the British education system – imagine not knowing what a candelabrum is! Imagine not being able to even pronounce “candelabrum”! – I’m not going to. Ok, I suppose passing acquaintance with literature other than Harry Potter and Back-Stabbing for Dummies might have given the candidates a clue, but in the real world they’d have been on Google and found the answer in less than ten seconds.

Nevertheless, steam-powered technology (maps, Yellow Pages) was what they had to rely on, as well as initiative, teamwork and leadership. Sadly, the last three elements were not quite equal to the task. This week’s Moody Young Madam award went to Amy, who kept breaking off her conversation on the phone to yell at David to stop interrupting her. Even when he wasn’t interrupting her. Was this a cunning move on Amy’s part to position David as the bad guy, or are her nerves really on a knife-edge?

When their team lost, team leader Steven brought the warring factions back into the boardroom, hoping that either the two of them would self-combust, or the Baron would tire of David’s repeat appearances and fire him. David comes across as fairly sweet – he always looks like he’s about to smile, apart from when he’s actually smiling  – but his only strategy for dealing with people (get a member of the opposite sex to flirt with them) is not going to get him much further. Further than Amy, though, as she was at the receiving end of the Baron’s pointy finger and was fired. “You haven’t heard the last of me,” she vowed. Original. And, I’m almost certain, inaccurate.

Meanwhile, the winning team were lucky to scrape the win (although they at least knew what a candelabrum was and managed to buy one. And a car). Andrew must have been weak with relief, because he’d certainly have been right in the firing line in the boardroom. In previous weeks I’ve been quite impressed by Andrew, who seems like a sensible sort. As soon as he became project manager, his eyes acquired a haunted, fearful look and he never really got a grip on proceedings. Motor-mouth Maria was a bundle of righteous indignation throughout the episode, and made sure she got everyone primed to throw Andrew to the Baron if they lost. They didn’t lose, and got sent to Hamleys to play with some toys as a prize.

Next time: The candidates have to organise a tea party. Absolutely no scope at all for anything to go wrong there.

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2 responses to “Young Apprentice: It’s for putting candles in

  1. Tim

    I can understand votives causing a problem, but I am staggered that five supposedly bright young business people could not work out what a candelabrum is. A part for a washing machine, Ashleigh – really? (Are we still having nighmares about that laundrette in the task you won?)

    I despaired, truly I did. It wasn’t just the poor vocab. We had David trying to navigate his sub-team to Gloucester. We had David thinking “we are desperate” is somehow a good negotiating ploy. Anything with David, basically. How he survived is beyond my ken.

    And don’t even get me started on Maria, the Foghorn of Blame. If these are the Teenage Tycoons of Tomorrow, God help us.

    Great telly, though …

    A few random late-night thoughts (some of them may even be vaguely coherent):

  2. holbylover819

    Of course roadworthy German cars are very rare…

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