Burn Notice (4.11): You don’t need C4 to make things go boom

Burn Notice, you will have noticed by now, is packed with explosive moments. Some are, literal, and usually provided by Fi from her seemingly neverending supplies of C4, others are blackholes of emotion, still more come from genius moments of casting.

Fi doesn’t need to stick detonators into anything this week, but that’s okay because the fuse the writers lit when Michael inadvertently burned Jesse has finally burned to within an inch of the Acme dynamite. Oh, and there is a piece of guest casting to make you bite your fist with glee.

The case of the week is a version of con the con – a smooth operator who preys on vulnerable women and fleeces of them of their savings. You’d think they’d have been alerted by his terrible English accent (except the only people being conned – or not – into thinking he’s English are the viewers.) Anyhoo, Chuck Finley dusts off his charms (and some pharmaceuticals) to take the bad guy down.

Meanwhile Michael and Jesse are trying to lure the man at the top of the burned-spy-ziggurat, John Barrett, to Miami with Simon’s bible…

Spoilers and metaphorical explosions of the week:

  • BOOM! You want to show your Biggest Bad Guy Yet has menace? You cast Robert Patrick. He moved liked a panther and a cheetah in Terminator 2, now he pads like the alpha of all lions into Burn Notice.
  • When Michael questions Fi taking on a job while he’s in the middle of dealing with Barrett, she reassures him he’s not needed: “The guy’s a sleazy womaniser… clearly a job for Sam Axe.”
  • The best booby-trap yet – you will need a oil drum and a defibrillator for this one…
  • Client Emily: “That plan sounds insane.” Fi (chirpily): “Well, insane is one of our specialities.”
  • Barrett’s gofer (having fallen foul of the booby-trap): “You have no idea who you’re messing with.” Michael: “Well, whose fault is that? You haven’t told us your name yet.”
  • Apparently Americans don’t ‘snog’ and they don’t have ‘tossers’…
  • Ouch… Jesse’s discovered who burned him and that his friends have been lying to him. It’s a good job Fi likes him, most people who point a gun at her don’t get to walk away (the lucky ones are allowed to limp, if I remember  correctly).

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  1. ngamoko

    No more updates since 14 November? Series 4 has just finished here in New Zealand and I have been loving your reviews. I miss them!