I’m A Celebrity: Poor Helen

I was extremely pleased when I heard that Charlie Brooks and Helen Flanagan were lined up for this new series of I’m a Celebrity. Rosie Webster and Janine Butcher slugging it out in the jungle – what’s not to like?

They aren’t playing their famous characters, obviously, though it turns out two episodes in that Helen might be a bit closer to her soapy alter ego than Charlie is. I like Charlie. She seems sensible, a little bit impatient (I can relate) and quite kind, in an unsentimental way. I would describe her as “motherly,” but the kind of mother who won’t take any nonsense. She also has a really beautiful smile.

Helen, on the other hand, is completely fluffy. From what she’s said, it seems like she can barely function in the real world. She pays someone £25 every other day to do her hair, because she can’t do it herself, and once lived alone for a year and didn’t clean her flat once. When she left it needed an industrial deep clean. This isn’t all that surprising, given that she’s been Rosie Webster since she was a kid, and it’s kind of endearing that she cheerfully admits to it all.

Helen has faced every challenge in the jungle so far head-on – and screamed, cried and trembled her way through it. Scared to go to sleep (rats), to the toilet (spiders and smells) and pretty much terrified of everything else the jungle has to offer, Helen has become this year’s “Let’s pick her for every challenge” person. I wonder if this is also because she looks fabulous in her bikini. Somehow (even despite looking fabulous in a bikini), she’s not annoying me, though. She’s not an attention-seeking wimp like Gillian McKeith. She’ll have a go, though it’ll probably end up with her covered in mascara and snot and/or bailing out ridiculously early.

Less fabulous in a bikini (I assume), but also being picked for every challenge is Nadine Dorries MP. Ant and Dec have been speculating that most of the votes for her are coming from the Prime Minister’s office.

Oh, Ant and Dec. The main reason I love I’m A Celebrity. If someone told me the two of them hate each other in real life, I don’t think I could cope. They have such brilliant chemistry and comic timing, and they make what they do seem effortless.

If only it was that easy for poor Helen Flanagan.

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4 responses to “I’m A Celebrity: Poor Helen

  1. Martin Rosen

    I don’t watch ‘I’m a Celebrity’, but I am an avid Corrie viewer! From what I have read of Helen, before and after she left the series, it doesn’t surprise me that she is a bit of a wimp. Did she go in for the money or for the publicity?
    BTW I wouldn’t want to go in either!!

  2. inkface

    I like the Pussycat Doll! And Charlie and Linda too.