Holby City news: How to get a guided tour of the Holby set

As part of the Children in Need fundraiser, you can bid on eBay for a guided tour of the Holby City set in the company of Paul Bradley (Elliott Hope) and Lauren Drummond (Chantelle Lane). You’ll also be able to interview the two actors and the interview will be featured on the BBC Holby website. Plus, an upcoming guest character will be named after you.

How exciting is that? Every penny raised goes to Children in Need. The auction closes on 18th November – you can get further details and bid here.  Now I’m off to take a hammer to the Pauseliveaction piggy bank.

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10 responses to “Holby City news: How to get a guided tour of the Holby set

  1. Martin Rosen

    I thought I would get the package for c.£15 ! Fingers crossed for the lottery on Saturday !

  2. WaterlooVamps

    I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Martin Rosen

    £410, is a bit steep .. and I didn’t win the lottery. You are not a***s are you ?!!

  4. Hello I am a massive fan of hobby city and casualty. How do I find out how to arrange a tour of the set of them both and how much that would cost.

  5. I would like to tour around holby city hospital. Could you send me an autograph of all characters.

  6. Molly Fitzpatrick

    Are they doing one this year my best friend is blind in one eye she loves Holby and has lost to close relatives this year let me know if there’s a tour I love Holby too 07/13

  7. Kellie Marie

    I love aurther digby and zoosisa I think they should kinda get together