Burn Notice (4.10): Unstable minds think alike

Ah the topsy-turvy world of Burn Notice… it throws a whole pile of twists at the big story arc this week which make for great viewing (especially as we get the return of psychopath and ‘walking nightmare’ Simon).

The writers also find a new way to show off Michael’s skills, when he goes undercover in prison to protect Juan, an old friend of Sam’s, from a prison gang leader who’s planning to kill him.

Reasons to watch Hard Time:

  • The ‘beautiful moment’ where Michael demonstrates his love for Sam. (NO! Not like that. This isn’t fanfic.)
  • Mike playing the doofus for Cruz – especially the thing with the basketball.
  • Sam to Fi after she tells him how Simon has probably booby-trapped his stash: “I see unstable minds think alike.”
  • Mike’s makeshift body armour – pens can be mightier than swords and books can protect you from a homemade blade.
  • Juan’s panicked “You’re going to fight them off with a hand towel?”. Michael’s deadpan reply, “Why, do you have a gun?”
  • Fi’s turn as a trashy prisoner’s girlfriend, not to mention her unique method of passing a lockpick…
  • Re the infirmary: Michael Westen is any Health and Safety officer’s worst nightmare. There appears to be nothing that man can’t turn into a weapon or explosion.
  • Michael’s disingenuous “I just told a psychopath what he wanted to hear”…

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