Holby City: Where’s the camoxidan when you need it?

(Series 15, ep.3)   I watched this episode with a befuffled head, thanks to having a very nasty cold. I say this by way of apology for the fact that this is such a poor-quality blog post. Having spent most of the day slumped in a sneezing heap watching Judge Judy from beneath heavy eyelids, frankly my powers of concentration weren’t what they should have been come 8 PM. Maybe camoxidan would have helped, but I’m willing to bet, now Eddi’s gone, camoxidan will never be mentioned on Holby again. People will go back to getting good old-fashioned paracetamol for pain.

Seeing Ianto Jones from Torchwood popping up on Keller didn’t help my confuzzlement. He (Gareth David Lloyd) was playing new boy Rhys Hopkins. I’m not quite sure what his job title was – I thought he said he was a radiographer, but he seemed to be doing generally doctorly stuff (and possibly dealing with aliens in the basement). As I said, I wasn’t at the peak of my powers, concentration-wise. That naughty Mary-Claire tried to get Chantelle into trouble with him by letting him think it was Chantelle who’d confused saline for anaesthetic. Our Chantelle doesn’t make mistakes like that, and as well as proving herself to be jolly competent on her first day as a staff nurse, she was also invited out for an end-of-shift drink by Ianto Jones Rhys.

There was another new person on AAU in the shape of junior doctor Lilah Birdwood (Natasha Leigh). I’m not sure about her yet – I don’t think we quite saw enough of her to know which way her personality is going to go. And Hanssen and Jac had to grapple with their priorities when a member of the board’s daughter needed an operation but Elliott also had the opportunity to try out his Herzig 3 on Aisha (that’s not a euphemism). This week’s guest star collapsing in the car park (there is always one) was Jack Ryder, formerly of EastEnders.

Next time: Hopefully I’ll have recovered and will be able to offer something a bit more entertaining than the above. In Holby, Jonny finds himself trying to keep both Mo and Jac happy; Sacha has a go at being a consultant; and there are dramatic events for Hanssen. Even more dramatic than being locked in the back of a van with only an upset man and a staple gun for company.

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14 responses to “Holby City: Where’s the camoxidan when you need it?

  1. OMG was that Jack Ryder, I didn’t recognise him! I can’t help thinking that Hanssen’s days are numbered, with Jac doing her usual thing of looking after number one. But, Hanssen’s been there, done that and I doubt I should write him off just yet. Best part was Chantelle finally standing up to Mary-Claire, not that Mary-Claire will forget that and I expect Chantelle needs to have eyes in the back of her head where she’s concerned.

  2. holbylover819

    I felt it was a bit worrying/unbelievable that a patient managed to cancel her own operation. I mean, she’d never seen either Jac or Hannsen’s signatures which the Darwin staff must have seen hundreds of times. Jac got a bit emotional as well.
    Serena seemed less than happy to be working on AAU. “Oh woe is me, there are not flow charts!” I may be paraphrasing.
    And when did Mary-Claire become such a bitch without me noticing?!

  3. HolbyFan1986

    I enjoyed this episode. Chantelle was a bit too sickly sweet for my liking, but Hanssen was enjoyable as always. Natasha Leigh as Lilah was good, i wonder if she’ll be an insufferable genius type or someone who wants to do good for Holby City, whatever the cost.
    Two actresses I would like to see in Holby are the excellent Cassidy Janson and maybe a return for Louise Houghton (remember her as Jenny Elwood a few years back?). Louise could make a good new management character possibly… that’s my Holby fanfic side coming out, heh! Maybe even have Annie Parrisse make a guest appearance in Holby… wishful thinking, sadly; saw her in Person of Interest and she was awesome!
    Let’s hope next week’s gets even better;

  4. Dreamer

    Hope you get better soon. 🙂

    (Happy Hallowe’en!)

  5. Mr Donnelly

    Last week I was asking where the chairman and chief exec were, and typical, this week the chairman Mr Cunningham put in an appearance for the first time in over a year. But why did Eliot refer to Hanssen as the CEO? (assuming I interpreted him correctly). He can’t occupy this role as well as Director of Surgery can he? Also I noticed Chrissie was back on AAU. I presume this was to replace Eddi now she’s gone and now that Chantelle is permanently employed on Keller Chrissie is no longer needed up there but I don’t recall any explanation being given for this.

  6. Martin Rosen

    Certainly Hannsen is worried about his future, and with the Chairman of the Board not in his fan club, I think he had better watch out!

  7. WaterlooVamps

    Hope you get better soon and can enjoy the phenomenon that is Holby.

  8. Minnie the Minx

    Would a Camoxiden help you feel better? :mrgreen:

  9. Emily

    i have only just finished the Torchwood series ‘Children of Earth’ (and therefore, watched Ianto Jones die) so it was quite a shock to see him on Holby city. i recognized him straight away, even though there was a lot of interference on the television that night, but i’m not sure what to think about him being there. especially as he is going out with Chantelle. so yes, it made me very confused indeed to see him die and then appear on there!

  10. Tara and Liffey .N.

    Hope you’re feeling better now! None of my sisters have seen Torchwood but I (Liffey) have so when Ianto (no, I shall not call him Gareth David Lloyd or Rhys) appeared I shouted ‘Ianto!’ and received a selection of glares from all my sisters! I don’t really get why he was there though, since when has there been a radiologist on Keller? And since when did Mary-Claire become so horrible? What happened to the nice Mary-Claire?

    I swear the car park is almost as deadly as the basement- seriously, there should be warning signs on both saying ‘You enter at your own risk’ or something because if people knew their track records they’d stay well away. The new Doctor seemed alright but like you say, she wasn’t really in it enough to tell.

    -Liffey and Tara

    • pauseliveaction

      I’m all better now, thank you. Hope Tara is better too. The car park is a mixed blessing. While it’s true that it’s very hard to get across it without collapsing to the ground, at least when someone does they’re only moments away from the cry of, “Can we have some help here?” and a trolley with a crash team and at least two consultants will appear from nowhere.

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