Burn Notice (4.9): The hitman and him

Here we are at the halfway mark of the fourth season, inching our way forward with the big global conspiracy mystery doo-dah. This week Michael wants Vaughan to arrange a face-to-face meeting for him with Simon, while Vaughan doesn’t want that to happen but does want Fi to hand over Simon’s bible (stolen by Michael and Jesse from the safety deposit box last week) in return for getting Jesse his old job back, no questions asked etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Luckily for Michael a little leverage falls into his lap when FBI agents Lane and Harris are forced to ask him for help locating a witness who’s being targeted by hitmen to prevent him testifying against a Turkish syndicate. On the grounds that being owed a favour by the FBI is a good thing, Michael agrees to help – and ends up shackled to one hitman while pretending to be another one. Just another one of those Michael Westen days…

Center of the storm zingers:

  • (On hearing Michael’s plan to get a meeting with Simon) Sam: “You know I thought that weird feeling in the air was just the calm before the storm… No! It’s a disturbance in the Force!”
  • Michael dropping some fried chicken in to the trunk of the car with the two low-level gun dealers, so they don’t starve.
  • Michael’s deadpan reaction to the hitman walking in on him attempting to defuse the claymore trap: “This is awkward.”
  • Maddy’s wry reply when Jesse chivvies her to search the closets and drawers for clues: “I raised two boys Jesse, I know how to search a house.”
  • Macgyverism of the week: rigging an air conditioner to throw out flames instead of cold air…

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