Holby City: They tried to make her go to rehab

(Series 15, ep.2)  Eddi, Luc and the “love bus” were back at Holby this week, Eddi deeming herself ready to face the temptations of the AAU drugs cupboard with Luc’s support. If only Michael hadn’t given her the keys again, all might have been well. About five minutes into the shift she was already stuffing Camoxidan down her face like it was about to be made prescription-only. Oh.

What had been kept secret from the Holby-watching world was that this was Sarah-Jane Potts’ last episode and all this Camoxidan business has been her exit storyline.  Suitably dramatic it was,too, with Eddi at last finding true love again with Luc, only to collapse on the floor of the basement (nothing good ever happens in that basement) after taking erratic doses of her favourite medication. Luc had to take drastic action. When Eddi woke up, she found herself surrounded by Luc, Michael Spence, Sacha and her brother Liam, all gazing at her more in sorrow than in anger. Seeing Liam was the jolt she needed. She didn’t want to end up like their mum, so she decided getting away from Holby was the only way to do it.  So farewell Eddi McKee, one-time Best Nurse in the Hospital and Face Puller Extraordinaire. Who will we be able to rely on now for those all-important end-of-scene reaction shots?  

This means there’s a vacancy for the Best Nurse job, and there’s only one person who could fill it. Chrissie  Chantelle Lane – the woman with the sunniest smile and the biggest snack collection in the NHS. There was a hurdle to overcome first in the form of an interview for a permanent staff nurse job. There was hot competition from the lovely (but very bitchy this week) Mary-Claire, and the pressure of being interviewed by none other than the legend who is Charlie Fairhead from Casualty. Chantelle’s interview was suitably ditzy. “What’s your biggest weakness?” she was asked. “Chocolate, definitely,” she replied. But you can’t help but love her, and when she’s not being all fluffy kittens she’s actually a darn good nurse, as she proved when she sorted out a man who was harming himself to get hospital attention. Did she get the job? Of course she did.

Hanssen had a spare pot of money to give away, so who better to give it to than Elliott Hope, the man with the artificial heart? Not his own heart – that’s real enough – but the Herzig 3, a miracle of modern engineering just waiting to be tested on a real person. Will the real person be Aisha, who refused a heart transplant last week? She had a bit of a reality check when a patient she’d just met collapsed and died while they were driving round the car park together (don’t ask). It was all an excuse for people to say things like, “You don’t know what it’s like sitting up at 4 AM having chats with the Grim Reaper” in the general direction of Tara, who gets her introspective face on because she certainly does know what that’s like. Just stay away from that basement, Tara. Remember – nothing good ever happens there.

Next time: New blood, as Rhys (Gareth David-Lloyd off of Torchwood) and Lilah (Natasha Leigh) join the staff.

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16 responses to “Holby City: They tried to make her go to rehab

  1. Tara and Liffey .N.

    I completely agree with your last Holby review (it was a comedown) and this one basically just said what was on my mind! That basement is seriously dodgy! Eddi was never my favourite character- I liked her but I was never overly bothered about what happened to her until this episode when I found myself in floods of tears at the end- how she repeated ‘I’m not like mum’ set me off the first time and just as I’d taken a breath, wrecked a tissue and thought I’d composed myself she said goodbye to Luc and I was set off all over again. Typical me and my emotional self!

    Anyhow, Chantelle I felt ever so sorry for in this episode (Mary-Claire was being horrible! I didn’t think she had it in her!) and actually cheered when she got the job and what went on on Darwin didn’t really interest me but Elliot and Jac dynamic is always good.

    Another amazing review!

    Liffey (just me this time- Tara went and managed to break four ribs and her wrist so she’s in… hospital!)

    • pauseliveaction

      Oh no! Poor Tara! Let’s hope the staff who are looking after her keep away from the Camoxidan. Hope she feels better soon.

      • Tara and Liffey .N.

        She avoided the basement! And I was considering checking the nurse was giving her the right medication and making sure she wasn’t high on anything but decided it would seem a little creepy/ rude!

  2. Mr Donnelly

    Crossovers between Casualty and Holby City seem to be quite regular these days, with Charlie appearing in the latter last night and Eliot in the former a couple of weeks ago. Not really surprising really, but what I can’t understand is why, when an incident occurs in one programme, like an e-coli outbreak in Casualty, which would spill over into other wards, no mention is made of it in the other.

    • pauseliveaction

      It’s true, Mr D. And when someone collapses in the car park in Holby they take them straight to AAU, even though there’s a perfectly acceptable A&E department lurking somewhere around.

      • Mr Donnelly

        An where are the chairman and chief exec these days? There must stil be people occupying these roles. Even if they are not major characters they should at least get mentioned. Hansen can’t cover both positions as well as doing a clinical job.

  3. Dreamer

    Ianto Jones next week – whoo! 😀

  4. I’m sort of glad Eddi’s left, as couldn’t warm to her. At least with Chantelle getting the job, we’re assured of her continued appearance. Now, I wonder which nurse people would like looking after them – Eddi or Chantelle. Chantelle could probably drive me up the wall, but at least I’d know she’d get to the bottom of my “illness” and I’d be sure of receiving the medication!

  5. Emma

    Ah, yes, my heart nearly broke at the departure of BNITH – but at least Charlie’s in the hospital in some form. Is he really the best person to interview for a permanent nurse, considering he hasn’t bothered to show up to work (over in Casualty) in weeks?
    And the basement – more lethal than Camoxidan. Except when Sacha and Luc were having their bromance moments.
    And on a completely different tangent, am I the only one who thinks that Mary-Claire looked a lot like one of the girls from Great British Bake Off? Just out of interest.

  6. Martin Rosen

    I think it was obvious that Chantelle would get the job (scriptwriters always do that to the ‘underdog’ !) However I think it was not very nice of Charlie to give her the good news in view of Mary-Claire, who obviously saw Chantelle hugging him.

  7. WaterlooVamps

    OK, so now I’m dead.

  8. holbylover819

    I thought Jac’s baby heart defect detecting device or something like that proposal was very sweet. Jac was all “yeah I was planning on overturning those laws”. I just seem to pay more attention when she’s on screen. 🙂

  9. Maria

    Eddi was one of my favourite characters who will be sorely missed. I loved the dynamic atmosphere of AAU. The final performance she and Luc gave was magnificent and now we leddi shippers are practically traumatised for life with her exit. I never cried for a tv character but Eddi’s scenes in that dodgy basement and final scenes with Luc surely turned on my waterworks, I never used so many tissues in one sitting (unless I have a cold). One could tell that the AAU gang were really saying goodbye forever. How will Luc cope with his broken heart? However, it will be an interesting journey for solo Luc from now on and where his destiny lies.
    The only comic relief I got was from Malick and Chantelle, I was happy that she got the job, and saw the negative side of Marie Claire. Darwin storyline as abit dull tbh but I have a soft spot for Elliot and Jac.
    I felt we were not prepared for SJP’s departure from the show which I thought was abit unfair by Holby City producers (as they usually let us know if an actor is leaving a couple of months before hand. If you are a couple in Holby City, you are doomed as it will fall apart. Next couples in waiting Sacha and Chrissie and Tara and Ollie. All in all a great episode but awful outcome for those leddi fans.

    • Loulou

      I agree with you, not a single couple stays together for a long time. But I would feel heartbroken about Tara and Ollie, such a cute and adorable couple :3

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