Holby City: The come down

(Series 15, ep.1)  The sad truth for the intoxicated is that you either have to take more of whatever got you high to keep you there, or you have to face the come down afterwards.

This is very much how I felt watching this week’s Holby. Not that the series opener (I love how a new series starts a mere seven days after the old one ended) wasn’t a perfectly serviceable piece of telly, because it was. In parts it was actually pretty good. It just didn’t stand up so well compared to last week‘s near-perfection.

Last week’s episode had one writer (Justin Young) and this week there were three people listed on the credits (Martha Hillier, Dana Fainaru and Julia Gilbert). There were also three story lines, and I wonder whether they were given one each.  If they were, the person who got the Eddi and Luc storyline fared the best. For her own good, Eddi had been ring-fenced, like John Stape ring-fenced Rosie Webster in Corrie. Luc had driven her in the camper van to the grounds of an unspecified stately home he’s allowed to camp in and planned to keep her there until all the nasty camoxidan was out of her system.  

Ooh, it’s scary stuff, that camoxidan. In the space of a couple of weeks Eddi has gone from being the Best Nurse in the Hospital to being a puking, twitching mess in the throes of withdrawal. She tried to steal Luc’s camper van to get away, but only succeeded in getting it stuck in the mud. Just as well – I can just picture her barrelling along the fictional byroads of Wyvern like a Casualty episode waiting to happen. It’s clear that her drug of (Wolfie’s) choice has addled her brain – who wouldn’t want to be stuck in a pleasant field near a pleasant river with Luc and all the amenities of his luxury wheeled dwelling? I’d certainly be prepared to give it a go. Luc was adorable – and possibly more than a tad guilty for abandoning her and thus being the cause of her falling into Wolfie’s arms and evil ways – and it’s clear he’s going to sit it out with her and stand by her through whatever she’s going to go through.

I expect Oliver Valentine would be just like that with Tara, but she’s not giving him a chance, because she still hasn’t told him about her brain tumour. She was given a patient this week whose boyfriend was unaware of her heart condition (top of the transplant list standard of heart condition, too). This poor patient was obviously only there to speak Tara’s brains, and it was clear from Oliver’s reaction that he feels loved ones should be kept in the loop with this sort of thing.  Tara’s own feelings about her illness influenced how she treated the patient, with the result that Elliott went to Hanssen to say that maybe Tara wasn’t suited to the hurly burly of Darwin. Hanssen told Elliott the reason for Tara’s behaviour – so now Elliott knows and it can only be a matter of time before Oliver finds out too, probably by Tara keeling over and going, “Nnnngh!” in a corridor somewhere.

Hanssen, meanwhile, was mostly occupied by fending off an annoying reporter. This was the least interesting of the three story lines, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to follow the ins and outs of whatever set of initiatives Hanssen was, or wasn’t, meant to be supporting. What I did enjoy was the little frisson between him and PR lady Sinead Bainbridge. Ms Bainbridge is attractive and smart, and  there was definitely a little bit of flirting going on.

 Next time: One of those surreal crossover moments, when they let Charlie Fairhead upstairs to interview Chantelle. And can Eddi get through a shift without her drug of choice?

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8 responses to “Holby City: The come down

  1. Blue midnight

    Just goes to show we all like different things, didn’t really care for last weeks ep but I loved the Hanssen storyline in this one. I thought it was superbly written and acted, wasn’t really bothered with the other two stories I have to say, here’s to diversity I guess.

    • pauseliveaction

      You’re right, it was well acted. Any scene with Guy Henry in it is well acted and I liked the Eve Matheson character as well. I hope she’s going to be in it again, though she doesn’t appear in next week’s cast list so possibly not. I think I just glaze over a bit during political stuff, because from Holby experience political things always just sort themselves out (I’m thinking Connie’s husband, Lesley Ash, Darwin turning into a plastic surgery ward etc).

      • inkface

        The politics were frankly VERY heavy handed, but I loved seeing lots of Henrik, and the Luc/Eddi stuff was indeed magnificent. I worry they’ll have to move the caravan tho’, since it’s surrounded by her vomit. *eugh*

      • Blue midnight

        Tell you the truth I only started rewatching holby when Hanssen turned up on my tv screen one evening, thank goodness for channel hopping. Maybe the political stuff is fresher for me because I haven’t seen so much of it and I never but never glaze over when Mr Henry is on screen! I think they’ve got a truly wonderful cast at the moment, we’re very lucky….think series 15 will be great on so many levels.

  2. holbylover819

    I’m surprised Hannsen didn’t tell Jac or Elliot already, given that they’re Tara’s bosses surely they should know? Although if/when Jac finds out I have a feeling Ollie’s going to find out soon after.
    The best line was from Hannsen,
    Jac: For what it’s worth, I agreed with everything you said.
    Hannsen: Would you announce your opinion publicly? Then it is worth nothing.

  3. WaterlooVamps

    It definitely couldn’t compare to last week, and I even felt slightly disappointed when it didn’t switch on to the Luc/Eddi scenes.

  4. Maria

    Eddi was one of my favourite characters who will be sorely missed. I loved the dynamic atmosphere of AAU. The final performance she gave was magnificent and now we leddi shippers are practically traumatised for life with her exit. I never cried for a tv character but Eddi’s scenes in that dodgy basement and final scenes with Luc surely turned on my waterworks, I never used so many tissues in one sitting (unless I have a cold). One could tell that the AAU gang were really saying goodbye forever. How will Luc cope with his broken heart? However, it will be an interesting journey for solo Luc from now on and where his destiny lies.
    The only comic relief I got was from Keller, Malick and Chantelle, I was happy that she got the job, and saw the negative side of Marie Claire. Darwin storyline as abit dull tbh but I have a soft spot for Elliot and Jac.

    I felt we were not prepared for SJP’s departure from the show which I thought was abit unfair by Holby City producers (as they usually let us know if an actor is leaving a couple of months before hand). If you are a couple in Holby City, you are doomed as it will fall apart. All in all a great episode but awful outcome for those leddi fans. Which is the next doomed couple to falter ?

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