Burn Notice (4.8): Kidnap Fi? You’d be safer hugging a cobra…

Sometimes, not often, but just sometimes you almost feel sorry for the bad guys in Burn Notice. This is one of those weeks.

They’re not nice men. They’re the kind of kidnappers who take the ransom and then kill the hostage, but no one should be unlucky enough to accidentally kidnap Fiona Glenanne…

[spoilers below the line…]

If any show requires bulletpoints for best bits, it’s Burn Notice (though perhaps they should be renamed hollow-point bullet points):

  • Michael and Jesse talking Maddie into helping them rob a bank by ‘just’ smoking a cigarette. Then panicking when she faces arrest rather than the ‘small fine’ that Jesse expected. Then their reaction as Maddie materialises, still smoking, to demonstrate how she persuaded the bank not to call the cops. Seriously the CIA missed a trick not recruiting her as well as her son.
  • Bruce Campbell in a tuxedo. That is all.
  • Fi trying to find a gun that will fit in her purse…
  • It would almost be worth getting kidnapped to have Michael, Sam and Jesse riding to your rescue.
  • Maddie showing the loyalty and steely core that she has also passed on to Michael. When he tells her to go home, she snaps “I’ll go home when Fiona does. You go find your girlfriend.”
  • Fi’s response to client Sarah bleating that her husband Christian will save her is so good I want it on a T’-shirt: “Sometimes you have to be your own white knight.”
  • Sam may never have said a truer word than “where there’s smoke, there’s Fi…”
  • There are many excellent jokes based on the lie that Sam (or rather Chuck Finley) is Fi’s husband for the episode, but the best is Fi’s line about ‘not being the average trophy wife’. Also, I wasn’t the only one to swoon when Sam storms into the house, makes a big hole in the wall with a bad guy and delivers the “Hi honey, I’m home” line was I?
  • Michael, master of so many languages, still hasn’t mastered Spanish, the second language of his home town: “In Inglese, por f – please… actually it’s just better if you shut up and put the gun away.”
  • The ‘timer’ duct taped on to the bomb…
  • Houston, we may have a problem with Jesse’s feelings towards Fi. It wasn’t just gooseberryness that drove him out of the room as Mike and Fi ‘reunite’. And Maddie’s spotted it too. That speech about how Michael and Fi love each other and hate other, but it’s always ‘each other’ nails it I’d say.

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  1. inkface

    This was a particularly fine episode, for the women especially. So few shows have genuinely kick ass roles for women, and this does.