Red Dwarf X: The boys from the Dwarf are back!

Sometimes when a show goes off air it’s probably for the best. After Dave (the channel) brought back Red Dwarf with Back To Earth (which wasn’t dreadful, but wasn’t great either), I thought the show had reached the end of the line. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be proved wrong! The Boys from the Dwarf are back and on top smegging form…

I’m told there are people who didn’t watch Red Dwarf first time around (and have contrived to miss the repeats on Dave) – if you need to know more than that this is a comedy about four dysfunctional people trapped in a room (albeit the room is deep space) then check out the BBC’s archived page for the show.

I don’t want to quote the jokes here – the delivery and the context are what make them funny – but the important thing is that they are funny. Not quite Rimmer in a red gingham dress talking to Mr Flibble funny, but funnier than “deader than A-line skirts” funny.

We’re back to basics – the funny comes from the characters again. Lister, the spacebum-last-human-alive trying not to go insane; Rimmer, the cowardly and self-loathing hologram with a Napoleon complex; Cat, the vain and self-absorbed felis sapiens; and Kryten the mechanoid obsessed with cleaning.

So, no serious spoilers, but here are the best smegging bits:

  • It looks gorgeous (as gorgeous as a three million year old mining ship can look). They’ve put the red into the dwarf and so much thought into the designs.
  • “Hey-ho pip and dandy”
  • The thing with the phone…
  • Rimmer sharing the ‘really hard’ lateral thinking question with Lister, Kryten and the Cat. In particular the Cat’s reponse.
  • The Galaxy Quest-style Star Trek pastiche – those uniforms, that leaning…
  • The eventual solution to Lister’s tea-making problem,

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back for the next episode (Thursday, 9pm, Dave).

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One response to “Red Dwarf X: The boys from the Dwarf are back!

  1. Tim

    It was OK, and I’m thankful it’s a bit improvement on Back to Earth (which I really did not enjoy). Definitely enough funny bits to keep me happy, and even if the pastiche of the Galaxy Quest pastiche of Star Trek was hardly original, it still raised a chuckle.

    Like me, I think we have to accept that Red Dwarf is now firmly settled into middle age. It’s not the cutting-edge laugh riot it was in its first 4-5 years and it’s unlikely to surprise us with any new tricks – to be fair, they’ve done most of the good ones already, and done them very well – but it’s still capable of being funny and giving us the characters we all came to love and care about.

    Not bad at all – and for a comedy approaching its 25th birthday that alone is no mean feat.

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