Burn Notice (4.7): Happy BurtDay!

Burn Notice has had some great guest turns in its time (Tyne Daly, Richard Schiff, John Mahoney and Lucy Lawless to name just a few) but this week sees an appearance from a 70s icon. The one and only Burt Reynolds as an ex-spy who has brought himself to the attention of his old enemies in Russia. You wouldn’t think there’s a lot of scope for humour when dealing with a Russian wetwork team – but you’d be wrong. Lots of “My name is Michael Westen. Yes. That one.” and “He’s Michael Westen/There’s only four of us.” kind of dialogue.

We need all the humour we can get, because Past and Future Tense also trawls some very dark emotions. Sam calls Paul the Ghost of Christmas Future, but after sitting through the poignant scene where Paul’s memory is revealed to be failing and he points out to Michael that “stories are all you have left” after a life of spying, I hope these the shadows of the things that may be only, not they shadows of things that will be.

Unfortunately this isn’t the only darkness facing Michael. Fiona is increasingly unhappy that Michael is preventing Jesse from learning the truth about how he got burned and accuses him of caring more about the idea of people than about the actual people who have got his back. This will not end well.

But let’s not leave on a low note, instead let us celebrate Michael speaking lots of Russian (very sexy), Madelaine showing us where Michael got his spy skills from, Sam looking at Michael like he’s an idiot for asking if he knows where the Bananafish Bar is (“Er yeah. It’s a bar. I’ll drive”) and the idea that Michael has no endorsements on his driving license (also is that a headshot from Touching Evil they’ve used on the license or is that what Jeffrey Donovan really looked like in 1984?).

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2 responses to “Burn Notice (4.7): Happy BurtDay!

  1. inkface

    I did think the Russian was extremely sexy (cf unexpected moment in A Fish Called Wanda). But there was something really odd about Burt Reynolds’ left eyebrow. I fear surgery and/or overmuch botox has done him no favours. Sad but true.

    • Yes! I nearly cited A Fish Called Wanda in the post. Even when you know he’s being nasty to poor Alexei, the Russian is very, very sexy.
      And poor Burt did look a little odd – I was transfixed by what looked like heavy coats of dark grey eyeshadow on his lids. Thank the lord Bruce doesn’t seem tempted by the plastic surgeon’s knife – he is a lesson in ageing gracefully. *revisits Lustbox* *goes for lie-down in PLA fridge*