Holby City: The things people keep in their drawers

(Series 14, ep.51)  Have you noticed how people on TV have really tidy desk drawers? Typically the top drawer of any given TV desk will contain a few sheets of paper and One Thing important to the character or plot. If the character is an alcoholic, the One Thing will be a bottle of whisky. If they’re a bit dodgy, it’ll be a gun. If they’re worried they might be pregnant, it will be a pregnancy test in a large pink box. If they’ve recently removed a huge nail from their own abdomen, it’ll be a suture kit. But more of that later.

This episode had been hotly anticipated. The trailers looked tense – Hanssen kidnapped in the back of a van in the hospital car park by the son of the late Nice Mr Mooney, crazed with grief and after retribution. There were bottles of inflammable liquids and a lighter. There was a nasty-looking nail gun. But in the end, that part of the story wasn’t very tense at all, because for tense you need someone who’s looking scared, and Hanssen was as cool as could be. Little George Binns was flying the flag for “tense” and “scared” elsewhere, though.  

This is not to say the episode wasn’t magnificent, because it was, just not in the way the trailers had led me to believe. It was magnificent because Hanssen was magnificent. He has balls of Swedish steel and practically embodies the phrase “grace under pressure.” When he was accidentally shot in the abdomen by the aforementioned nasty nail gun, did he crash to the car park floor gasping, “We need some help here?” No, he did not. He calmly pulled it out with some pliers, pulled his jacket over the blood stain and hijacked a camera crew to film a public apology to Mr Mooney Jr.  And then he calmly opened his desk drawer, took out a suture kit and repaired his own wound. Bravo.

Jac’s elbows were terrifying

Jac’s desk drawer was the one with the pregnancy testing kit. There was relief all round when it proved to be negative. Or was there? I’m sure I saw a trace of regret cross the brow of Holby’s snappiest surgeon. All I can say is, if she’s feeling the tick of the biological clock she should get herself to Penrith. I’ve warmed to Jonny Mac, but Joseph is the only man for her.

Meanwhile, Sacha told Chrissie he thought they should get married quickly to save on tax. It would be prudent and expedient, he told her. “Prudent and expedient,” sniffed Chrissie. “The words a girl longs to hear.” I am with Chrissie on this one. So Sacha went in for the big gesture and got Chantelle to hang a huge banner proclaiming his love out of a high window. This was enough to put a smile back on Chrissie’s face, but she’s told him she doesn’t want a big wedding. She wants low key.  But next week, Sacha’s female relatives get involved. Can the key stay low?

Also next time:  Eddi’s Camoxidan habit is becoming a problem (Zzzzzz…) and Tara and Oli are in love (Ahhhhh…)

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10 responses to “Holby City: The things people keep in their drawers

  1. Mog161

    This is the first time I’ve commented so I’m not entirely sure of what to say but I’ll give it a go! 🙂
    I’m going to miss Little George Binns, I felt he was a somewhat mini Hanssen but just a bit more exciteable 🙂 Sachas attempts with Chrissie where quite amusing as well…. Bless Sacha he could have been a bit more romantic (if thats the word).
    My highlight of this episode was Jonny Mac the “Emotional Retard”.
    Definately think the One Kidneyed Freak and the Emotional Retard could be happy together…. Unless Jac does make her way to Penrith…. 🙂 well I think I’m done 😀 I’ll be reading next week PLA 😀

    • pauseliveaction

      Do you know what, I’m going to miss Little George as well. He and Hanssen looked so funny walking side by side.

  2. Emma

    I have the most god awful sore throat – so thank you for cheering me up – you’re like my online Camoxidan. Except you’re real, not as damaging, but still as highly addictive.

    Sad to see Little George Binns go – I wonder how he will cope without Tall Hanssen at his side. I’m sure he’ll get lost in Waitrose or something. (Good idea for a Hanssen/Binns spin off. I’m copyrighting that.)

    I too have warmed to Jonny Mac – although we all know Joseph and his dreamcoat are just waiting for her.

    I love your One Thing theory. My One Thing is a solitary key. That opens nothing. It always freaks people out to see something without an actual purpose.

    • pauseliveaction

      I’m beyond thrilled to be online Camoxidan. I have a drawer full of IKEA tea lights, but I don’t think that’s as random as your mystery key. Hope your throat is better soon.

      • Emma

        Thanks PLA xxx And those tea lights will come in handy next time Holby has a powercut and those damn generators have mysteriously STOPPED WORKING, and everyone in the hospital feels the need to emphasise this in capitals.

    • Dreamer

      Maybe you should replace the key with a ceremonial dagger. Freak people out, especially if you pretend to be a vampire à la Robin Branagh. 😀

      • Emma

        Vampires are about as real as Camoxidan, but thanks for the tip 🙂 Maybe I should start adding random red herrings to my desk drawer though. The dagger does seem oddly appealing.

  3. holbylover819

    Maybe Jac is pregnant but lied to Jonny because… it’s not his. I mean she and Ollie were away on that conference. 😉 Also, Jac’s 38! I didn’t realize that.
    I felt sorry for Prof. Hope. In the absence of Hannsen surely Sacha could have pitched in instead of chasing Chrissie around or Jac as a former GS could have saved the day Sahira-style.
    I will miss George Binns but I don’t see how his job was necessary.
    Great review.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    This was good, but next episode is going to be A-MAZ-ING!!!

  5. Tara and Liffey .N.

    For like the first time in AGES Eddi wasn’t in an episode! It shocked me, I was just waiting for her to pop up if I’m honest because she seems to always be at work. Well, I guess everyone needs a rest every now and again.

    Anyway, I shall also miss George Binns (I get the feeling that’s the general consensus) because I liked the fighting between him and Michael and I did like him and Hanssen being Little ‘n’ Large!

    Speaking of Hanssen, he was just so calm- he always had a perfectly relaxed façade and spoke in such a measured tone… He’s made me want to go and visit Sweden now, I think I’ll ask my mum if we can go next holiday just to see if all Swedish people are quite as calm!

    You are right about the drawer thing; they all seem to be empty with the exception of the one thing the character happens to need at that very moment. I loved Jac’s line about wasting three minutes as she took the test, it did make me laugh and I love the caption to your picture! Jac’s elbows are indeed very frightening!

    Sacha and Chrissie’s story was funny and really very sweet on Sacha’s part- though Chrissie did have a point about the ‘prudent’ and ‘expedient’ wedding.

    Wow, this review of your review has become a bit of an essay 🙂 I loved the episode and your review and I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode! Eddi doesn’t get two weeks off then… 😛 She must be seriously owed a hell of a lot of leave!

    Tara and Liffey

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