Burn Notice (4.6): The week of slippery characters…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever given enough credit to the Burn Notice writers for coming up with different twists to the ‘help the client’ plots each week. Entry Point is another excellent example as Michael and Fi take on Buddy, a man who makes knock-offs of luxury goods (shoes and handbags mostly) and whose most recent client is now trying to kill him.

It turns out that Buddy was making part of a replica sword that belonged to Alexander the Great, and his client is planning to steal the original from Jim Robinson (sorry, Mr Bocklage). The writers do some neat rug-pulling on Michael (and us) before the thief is finally dumped in the boot of Fi’s car (a small space that has seen so many occupants).

Meanwhile Sam and Jesse are using manipulation rather than intimidation on Kendra (who clearly demonstrates why physical pain isn’t going to get them any answers when she repeatedly slams her own head into a metal table) to find out who paid her to kill Kassar (aka Cobra).

Best bits of Entry Point:

  • Sam apologetically wiping spit off Jesse after bawling him out for Kendra’s benefit.
  • “Tell them Randy, with an R, is here…”
  • Fi scolding Michael: “If you knew you wanted me on perimeter duty, why did you let me wear my new party shoes?”
  • Michael turning Fi’s handbag into a impromptu bomb.
  • Sam’s description of handing Kendra over to the FBI as “making an anonymous collection to their bad guy collection”.

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