Holby City: Is this something else that might require a doughnut?

(Series 14, ep.50)  The main action this week was in AAU and Keller, with Darwin as this week’s comedy relief. I never thought I’d hear myself say that.

To the hurly burly of AAU first, and the hot news is that Luc’s camper van was clamped. The other hot news was that Wolfie had the chance of a nice job in Brighton – now Luc’s back, there’s no job for Wolfie at Holby. This was just as well, because Luc was noticing some troubling things about Wolfie. For one thing, he’s hardly ever seen without having Nurse McKee attached to his face, which has got to be awkward and inconvenient, not least for the patients. For another thing, he had trembly hands. Again, not something to inspire patient confidence, and also a tell-tale sign of Camoxidan addiction. Luc did what any self-respecting maverick doctor would do, and covertly took a sample of Wolfie’s hair – or should we call it pelt – from his jacket while Wolfie wasn’t wearing it, and had it tested. This is not technically legal, but who cares when it came up with the evidence that Wolfie has been full of Camoxidan for at least months. This explains the trembly hands and the fact that he can’t put a pressure bandage on to save his life. Or, more accurately, to save someone else’s life.

There was a big showdown, Wolfie stomped off to Brighton and Eddi failed to stomp with him – but she did try to cheer herself up after his departure by popping one of his dodgy pills herself. Are we now going to have to endure Eddi’s descent into drugs hell? I had enough of that when it was Mark “Jesus” Williams who at one stage was forever nipping off to the gents for a mid-shift enlivener.  

Meanwhile, almost everyone on Keller was tense, awaiting the results of the report into the death of Nice Mr Mooney. Chantelle wasn’t tense, because she’s way too sunny for that type of thing and she also had a box of mini doughnuts as a relaxation aid. I do admire Chantelle’s thinking. Serena didn’t admire it that much, but she did have a sneaky doughnut anyway. Serena’s controversial initiative of the week was to fast track patients by popping tubes up or down them to have a look-see before she’d done any X-rays or boring stuff like that. It saves time, but doesn’t work when you have patients who inconveniently have all their organs the wrong way round. Victory for Ric and his old-fashioned, methodical approach once again, but he assured Serena this didn’t mean he would let her take the blame over Mr Mooney.

As it turned out, no-one is getting the blame for Mr Mooney, as the report came back as “no blame attached.” There were more than strong clues that this is not the last we’re going to hear of this story, though. Not judging by the mass of emails Hanssen received with the subject line, “Blood on your hands.” We do need to be concerned about our favourite super-tall Swede.

Darwin was a bit quiet, because Jac was away at a conference and Oli had gone with her to carry her bag. He’d also left his phone behind, and Jonny Mac saw an opportunity to wind Tara up by sending her racy texts from Oli’s phone. She neatly (and a tad predictably, it must be said) turned the tables on him by sending back texts that seemed to indicate that Jac was having an affair with a millionaire. It was quite sweet, because Jonny kept pretending to Mo that he wasn’t bothered – “This is Naylor we’re talking about” – but he so is.

Next time: Hanssen in deadly danger! Sacha in the doghouse with Chrissie! And a pregnancy scare for Jac!

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7 responses to “Holby City: Is this something else that might require a doughnut?

  1. holbylover819

    I thought this week’s episode was really funny especially Malick saying “scoffing Chantelle’s doughnuts apparently”.

    • sdbubbles95

      The doughnuts thing had me smiling. Just the way Serena blamed it on Malick, then took the tray with her when she knew she was actually going to find out what that report said.

  2. Nikki

    I loved the light relief comedy moments this week, and i dont know about anyone else but I like johnny more when hes with Mo, being mischievous, than when hes with Jac. He kinda cramps her style?! It was about time they brought in a love interest though, and hes fairly likeable. I still miss Irish Dr Greg though 😦

    AAU ans Wolfie business was all pretty heavy but im glad hes gone. Sacha and Luc can set about saving Eddi now!

    Lookinf forward to next week as always PLA, and two quick apologies – firstly for any spelling mistakes; newly acquired iphones take some getting used to on the typing front! And secondly, i tried to “like” the review and do a thumbs up but my clumsy great fingers on this sensitive little iphone and it pressed the thumbs down!! Im sorry! I have now reloaded the page and done a thumbs up aswell!

    • pauseliveaction

      You’re forgiven, Nikki. I also suffer from fat fingers when it comes to trying to write things on an iPhone. Plus there’s the helpful spell-check thing that insists it knows better than you do what you want to say.

      I’m glad Wolfie’s gone. I liked him (visually) the first week he appeared, but after that he got too “mwah hah hah!!” and I didn’t like the effect he had on Eddi. She’s always been able to crawl in with a hangover and still maintain her Best Nurse status, but under Wolfie’s influence she’s been a bit of a mess. I didn’t really go for the idea that the loss of one man and the influence of another would make her so reckless and change her entire attitude to her work. On the plus side, her hair has never looked nicer.

  3. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, Jonny, you care so much. Woo-hoo! Wolfie’s gone and we can live our lives without that sociopath 😀

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