Burn Notice (4.5): Beware flirty women with Japanese knives…

Oh Burn Notice is really back on its game now. I was concerned after the first couple of episodes that it had lost its zing, but Neighbourhood Watch has put me at ease.

This week’s client is David, a doctor who runs a clinic in one of Miami’s poorer districts. He’s also a man who has crossed the local gang selling heroin on the street corner and who refuses to run away from their death threats. He may also be Michael’s most reluctant client yet (it’s his girlfriend Lauren who came to Maddy for help).

In other news, Michael has failed to read the contents of the computer disc Kendra left behind last week – not because it’s got demon encryption, but because there are simply no machines around old enough to be compatible. Plan B is to snatch Kendra and interrogate her – which not only proves trickier than Michael anticipates, but also rubs Fi up the wrong way. (Fi: Someone’s getting a little too flirty for his own good. Michael: Fi, I’m trying to snatch Kendra off the street and tie her to a chair. Fi: You’re not helping your cause. Michael: This is just a harmless game of cat and mouse between me and a professional killer!)

Getting shot of the drug dealers proves a little testing too, but when the straightforward plan (steal the bad guy’s stash so he runs away from the Mexican cartel he owes a big heap of money too) doesn’t work out, it’s Maddy who has the solution. David needs to fight his own battle (albeit with some heavily-armed back-up and a hefty lump of well-placed C4) to make sure the dealers never come back.

This week’s best bits:

  • Sam taking a beating to save Sugar’s life AND unleashing some of those Navy SEAL fighting skills. Then summing the experience up in three words. “Worst. Surveillance. Ever.”
  • Jesse’s getaway after being boxed in by the bad guys.
  • The lessons in making your own homemade drone for aerial recon…
  • Michael (after getting off the phone with Kendra): We got one more shot at Kendra, but you won’t like her conditions. Sam: I don’t like that there are conditions period. Fi (dangerously): I wish our conversations were as flirty… Michael (matter of fact): She threatened to kill me. Fi (flirty): I can do that.

Roll on next week I say…

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