Holby City: “I don’t do slack”

(Series 14, ep.49)  Where to start with last night’s Holby episode? It was Chrissie’s 40th birthday (but don’t make a fuss because she still wants to be showbiz 30-something), but that was the least exciting thing that was going on. Cake, crisps and a signed card might be thrilling enough for Chantelle (“You’ve just described hell,” muttered Chrissie), but we were busy being treated to the return of Luc, a radiation scare, lust and romance all over the place, ninja level surgery and Mo and Jac naked (but only because the part demanded it).

It opened with a pair of awkward threesomes. Who should happen to walk in on Eddi and Wolfie having one of their hair-ruffling encounters but Dr Luc Hemingway, sporting a new super-short haircut (no hair ruffling for him). Not even a gentle roar of a camper van engine to warn Eddi that her former beau was back, either. And who should walk in on Jac and Jonny having a quick snog in the lift than Young Dr Oliver Valentine, who could accurately be described as a former squeeze of the lovely Miss Naylor himself. As PLA Jr would say, “Awkward turtle.”  

To Darwin first, then, and a few weeks ago it looked like Jac and Mo might actually become friends, to whatever extent Jac actually “does” friends (probably about as much as she “does” carbs). A couple of things have put paid to that, one of them being Jac’s relationship with Mo’s bezzy mate Jonny Mac, which has made Mo feel a bit threatened. The other thing is that they’re both successful, career-driven women in a profession that’s as much about competition as it is about co-operation. Both these aspects collided in fine style during this episode, which saw them both having to deal with a man who was actually radioactive. Hanssen forbade them from operating until they had the all clear from the man with the Geiger counter, but it was a life or death situation so they operated anyway, with Hanssen frowning at them through the glass and telling them to watch the clock. Jac, being in possession of only one kidney, was ordered to leave, but she signed a waiver form and returned anyway. When her time was up, Mo took over, with Jac assisting from beyond the glass. It was heroic stuff.

Afterwards, they had to give up all their clothes, in case they were contaminated. Jac looked all sweet and vulnerable in just a sheet and she looked even more sweet and vulnerable when Mo told her that Jonny Mac really likes her. When Jonny came in to give her a post shift-from-hell hug, she tried to push him away. “Shut up, you one-kidneyed freak,” he told her and hugged her anyway. Awww. I never thought I would warm to Jac having Jonny in her life (I still hold out hope that Joseph might get tired of Penrith and come a-calling), but he’s actually really good for her. I suppose it’s because he’s used to dealing with Mo – tough women don’t freak him out at all.

Eddi McKee used to be a tough woman, but it was obviously all a facade, because all it took was for her to be abandoned by Dr Luc Hemingway and then for Wolfie to appear and she’s gone all sloppy and reckless. Sacha thought all it would take would be for Luc to appear back in her life and she’d be all sorted out, but it’s not going to be that easy. “Wherever you’ve been, it certainly hasn’t been on a people skills course,” she snarled at poor Luc. Well pot/kettle to you, missy. She did, however, draw the line at having a couple of Wolfie’s Camoxidan pills. Along with their other fictional qualities, they’re a “kick ass hangover cure,” apparently. Luc obviously didn’t like Wolfie, but he ended up having to bail him out in theatre when things were very much going belly-up with a patient who technically shouldn’t even have been in theatre at all. Was Wolfie grateful? Nope. He just carried on being his usual horrible self and taunting Luc about Eddi now being with him. Frankly, Luc should have decked him. But there may still be time to deck him, as Luc is going to stick around for a while. Hurrah!

Next time: Serena comes up with another way of annoying Ric; will Eddi leave with Wolfie and will they take the drugs cupboard with them? And Jonny and Mo play a trick on Tara.

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6 responses to “Holby City: “I don’t do slack”

  1. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, happy days. Jac and Jonny and Luc and Eddi and oh, the only way that episode could have been better would be if Tara was there to flirt with Ollie, Frieda came back and Luc had kept his hair the way it was before. Well, and if Wolfie left, obviously.

  2. holbylover819

    If Luc had been on a people skills course he would have returned with a smug scottish nurse for sure.

  3. Tara and Liffey .N.

    Your reviews do always put a smile on my face!


    Good episode. Noticed the infamous “Holby Girl” (on left of http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/2990/holbyunknownntan1.jpg) in background at Chrissie’s party – for some reason, fans think she’s pretty.
    She’s spoken a few times, but NEVER gets credited in end credits!!

    Serena’s an enjoyable character – but is a mix of Dr. Jerk (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DrJerk) and http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/JerkWithAHeartOfGold

    pauseliveaction, keep the reviews coming…. and look out for the extras who fans like – apparently, it’s become something of a regular phenomenon with Holby fans! (also, where’s Elliott gone ?)

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