Burn Notice (4.4): Getting hot and sweaty with Michael Westen

It is not often we see Michael Westen break a sweat (I can only presume yoghurt has phenomenal antiperspirant qualities considering his activities in the humidity of Miami), but we are treated to a hot, bothered and down-to-his-vest Michael this week.

What should be lunch with Sam and two friends (to pay Sam for tracking down the address of the man known as Cobra) – and which already sounds like a job to Michael (who recognises a classic scam when he hears one) – rapidly turns into a hostage situation when Sam’s friend Josh takes a gun to the offices of this week’s chief scumbag Nick Madison.

Sam (for whom this is close to home, Madison has ripped off Josh’s charity which helps the widows and children of veterans killed in the line of duty) insists on staying to help Josh as half the Miami PD sets up camp outside the office. Michael, offered the chance to leave before the situation worsens, says the only thing we’d expect of him: “I leave, when you leave.”

This is probably one of my favourite episodes. It’s clever (the final twist to get Madison arrested and everybody else out not just alive but not facing charges is superb) and it’s funny (the panicked look on the face of the sleazebag gaffer-taped in the boot of Fi’s car when she tells him to move because he’s lying on her C4, for example). It has plenty of Michael’s top-notch voiceovers and an excellent Macgyver manoeuvre (I now feel highly qualified to break into a floor safe. I just need a toaster and some bullets…). We get some quality Michael and Sam time (I’ve said it before, and will say it again: you can not have too much Bruce Campbell).

The new four-strong team is also coming together – but not so smoothly you can’t believe it. I wasn’t convinced messing with the power of three was a good idea, but Coby Bell is a great addition to Team Westen. Oh and Jeffrey Donovan gets all hot and sweaty for us: we do appreciate it man.

Next week’s episode has a lot to live up to…

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