Holby City: Bad moon rising

(Series 14, ep.48) There was a moment in an episode a couple of weeks ago, which was repeated in the recap at the start of this episode, when Eddi was feeling a bit deflated and Wolfie said he had “something that would make her feel better.”

“Aha!” I remember thinking at the time. “He’s on drugs! That’s why he keeps going for extended fag breaks.” Only then he and Eddi went off for some store room shenanigans, and I thought I’d got it wrong. But I hadn’t, had I? This week saw him scrabbling round among used needles and bloody swabs (ugh) for some precious Camoxidan tablets that had almost got thrown away. He ended up high as a kite with a scalpel in his hand, trying to perform surgery while Eddi tried to convince him to step away from the table because he was clearly not quite right, and a surgical team of non-speaking extras looked concerned and/or amused. That Camoxidan looks like good stuff, but don’t try getting it either from Boots or from that dodgy bloke at the pub, because it’s completely fictional. But did nobody notice how bizarre Wolfie’s behaviour was getting? He did everything apart from swish his cape, twirl his moustache and cackle manically to signal he was Turning To The Dark Side.

The problem is that Wolfie has dragged Eddi into colluding and covering on his behalf. Sacha had his suspicions, and he was worried for the moral and professional well-being of the former Best Nurse In The Hospital. He took the drastic step of ringing Luc and telling him to get back to Holby ASAP. Hurrah! Expect industrial quantities of face-pulling next week when the Best Nurse finds herself torn between two lovers.

Talking of lovers, Oli and Tara seem to have become a couple in a nice, quiet, low-key way while we weren’t looking. They had a date, anyway, and Tara actually stood up to Jac (“I want a diagnosis and a latte, please”) and put Oli first. It was quite a lovely moment.

Junior doctors, eh? They just don’t know their place any more, as Malick found out when he had a new bunch of Malickites to mentor. Ric attempted to show him how it was done, but he didn’t fare all that better. Chrissie – who actually smiled quite a lot this week – gave Malick some feedback about the feedback the students were giving about him. “They said you were sweet,” she said, “But that could be a young person’s word for terrible.” Fair point, Chrissie. She had valuable advice about how to show them who was boss, though: “Unleash hell!”

Next time: Will Luc rescue Eddi from the evil clutches of Wolfie, and will he find a space in the car park for his camper van? And it’s Chrissie’s birthday. She doesn’t want a big fuss, apparently.

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8 responses to “Holby City: Bad moon rising

  1. Helena

    I’ve never commented before on these blogs before, but I’ve been an avid reader!

    I just had to register my frustration over this whole max leading Eddi astray! I mean, I always knew she couldn’t be tamed ect, but drugs? Nooooo…

    I hope max eventually gets his commupence, and Eddi and Luc live happy ever after in the little campervan

    • pauseliveaction

      Thanks for commenting, Helena. I don’t know if Eddi and Luc will ever end up in campervan bliss, but he’s definitely a far better man than that Wolfie.

  2. Maria

    Another great review, you had me in stitches when I was reading it. The AAU one was pure class ! You got Wolfi spot on, but I sort of knew he was a big bad wolf as soon as he said I need a stethoscope’ to Eddi as he needed look the part.
    I hope he gets his just desserts. I am just wondering what is our weirdo and wonderdul Luc is going to do and how far will he go to get his girl back. Any ideas anyone ?
    In the bbc clip for next week, Luc has this new hard man look with his crew cut army look. Hope he decks Wolfi. Mind you Luc should be fearing fiesty Eddi than devious Wolfi.

    • pauseliveaction

      I wonder if Luc will be the decking people type? The wonderful Joseph Byrne was another of these quiet, quirky men, but he could pack a punch when it was necessary. I do think Wolfie deserves a decking, if only for the “Mwah ha ha ha!” look he had on his face for most of this episode.

  3. Paul

    I’m just annoyed about the script last night making Eddi so STOOPID as to believe in his transparent lies about being on anti-depressants and THAT was the medication that he lost in the bag, so please forgive me for being a bit ratty earlier (did I mentioned that my rattiness includes attempting to rat you out to Hannsen, who himself ought to be a tad better at smelling out a rat)

    When he was collapsed on the toilet floor, I hoped he was dying and Eddi would find him too late – as soon as he tried to blame a patient for his own problems I immediately lost any last smidgin of sympathy I might have had for the loser user.

    Still, I suppose they did have to leave this storyline open for Luc to come back on a white charger and save the day – but did they REALLY have to give her the idiot ball http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/IdiotBall to make this work?

  4. Corumba Love

    “Torn between two lovers.” Guilty pleasure from the mid sevs.

    Thank the gods that a chap has been unchained from that maniac.

    All the best, CL

    ps Malickites: interesting that the writers did not use his well known to all orientation to skewer that student’s manipulations.

  5. I must confess to a feeling that this one of more implausible combined storylines that has appeared during the current series. Why would Max ‘overdose’ so that he becomes as ‘high as a kite’ when there appeared to be no reason for it. Why did the trainee go to so much trouble for the morning after pill when an IUD would have been more effective at preventing pregnancy and would have provided on-going protection; little reasoning was given for her refusal. It seemed that the script editor(s) gave the writers the vaguest of vague ideas of where the plot lines should go and left the writers to get on with it.

    While it is a valid device to have characters in ignorance of an exchange, the conversation between Hanssen and the sickle cell patient would have been understood by at least some of the audience, which rather defeats the object.

    Altogether a very muddled episode which fell short of the standards of this series. Ah well, the price we pay for the cliffhanger coming at series-end, episode 52, which needs to be set up!

  6. WaterlooVamps

    So excited! So EXCITED! Luc is back – hooray hoorah! Max is an evil, plotting, scheming idiot. This is how I feel. Oh, and Tollie was cute 🙂

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