Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Tariq

(Series 8, Ep.3)  I’m getting used to the weird new setting, with its Scottish accents, Toblerone-shaped school and bizarre boarding house. This means I can now concentrate on the everyday madness that is Waterloo Road.

I have to say I’m a little concerned about Tariq. The poor lad only broke his back at the start of the summer holidays, yet a mere couple of months later he seems to have been left to fend for himself. When his wheelchair rolled off out of reach while he was in the bath, the poor lad had to haul himself out of the tub and ended up lying on the bathroom floor waiting for Grantly to break the lock and come and help him.  Added to this indignity the fact that his father isn’t speaking to him, his sister Trudi is in Canada with Finn (awww, bless!), the other sister is too young to understand what he’s going though and the Adorable Josh thinks the way to help is to dish out motivational self-help books, and poor Tariq was feeling like he’d be better off as a memorial tree.  

While taking part in kayaking trials (no lifeguards present and a shocking lack of supervision), he upended the boat and attempted to do away with himself in an icy cold loch. Luckily he was within easy worrying reach of Tom Clarkson and Michael Byrne. While Tom stood on the jetty looking tense and shouting, “Tariq!” at regular intervals, Michael Byrne dashed over on a speedboat to the rescue.  Michael Byrne needed a bit of positive karma, because it had just come out that he’d apparently beaten up his own father in a callous and dreadful crime. Only it wasn’t, it was a boy at the end of his tether after enduring too many years of his father beating up his mother. At least by the end of the episode Tariq had got himself a new role in life, that of Man of Peace. When the warring factions of Waterloo Road and The Rival School went head to head in an after school scrap, Tariq was on hand to separate them.

Pale And Interesting Connor was still struggling with his mother, vodka-swilling Jane Beale. She’s refusing any kind of help and advice from anyone, including her colleague the pointy-faced lady, who attempted to empathise. “It must be hard bringing up a teenager on your own,” she said. “What would you know?” snarled Jane Beale. She actually is Scottish, you know. At least Pale and Interesting Connor had a bit of a diversion when he got himself a girlfriend, Georgia Taylor-lookalike Imogen.

Next time: Imogen’s birthday and she has a secret she wants to share with Connor, apparently. Maybe she’s going to tell him she’s running away to be a Georgia Taylor tribute act.

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6 responses to “Waterloo Road: We need to talk about Tariq

  1. It’s all a lie! Finn isn’t in Canada, he’s in a play at our local theatre! And he’s not really called Finn! And Waterloo Road is all a fiction! Don’t think I can cope with this revelation….

    • pauseliveaction

      Now don’t you go raining on my parade, BBB. I know he’s in Canada. Tariq said so. #PLA puts her fingers in her ears and goes la la la#

      • Thanks for the reassurance, PLA! I won’t be taken in by any more rumoured sightings. Next somebody will try to convince me that the Adorable Josh is heterosexual, has no mental health issues and lives happily with his mum…. Now, that I refuse to accept. Although, realistically, such a transformation could take place between one series and the next in the world of WR, with no explanation required…
        WV, I like Cinogen. It sounds like something you could sprinkle on your ginger latte.

      • pauseliveaction

        Personally I like Congen. Then when they’re together we can say they’re being Congenial.

  2. WaterlooVamps

    Poor Tariq, felt so sorry for him 😦 I really like Conor and Imogen – they’re so cute! (Now what can I call them…Cimogen?)

  3. remotecontrolled

    That’s who she reminds me of!! Thanks PLA – it’s been bugging me over 2 weeks! I couldn’t help but laugh watching the cogs turn at the end of each of Tariq’s plattitudes hinting suicide. I cringed at the bit with Harley who’s defeated glance rivalled one of the end of an action film where the hero has to return to a life of anonymity and is saying his last words to a loved one in a wink, wink, nudge, nudge manner. I think if I was 15 and someone made that kind of a hint to me I’d be a little bit more “Ye wit? Why you talking like that ye walloper?”. Adding a bit of Scottish in there to go with the Glasgow flow.

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