Burn Notice (4.3): Light on C4 but heavy on the Bruce

The trail to the bad guys (specifically a guy codenamed Cobra) leads Team Westen to the Miami docks and this weeks’s client, a guy being bullied by the Mafia.

Made Man is, by Burn Notice’s high standards, a bit of a workaday episode. Although workaday Burn Notice is still better than many other programmes.

It feels very much as if it’s designed just to get all four team members working together and respecting each other’s skills – not to mention bonding Maddie Westen with her lodger through the sad tale of his mother’s death in a grocery store hold-up when he was nine.

The most dramatic moments are the one where Jesse forces Sam to ‘pimp’ a story from his own life (about saving a fellow SEAL in El Salvador) in order to manoeuvre Tony into the stitch-up position, and Sam calls him out on it; and the moments in which Maddie realises the truth about who is responsible for Jesse’s predicament (even as Jessie tells her that Michael is a ‘good man’) and later gives Michael hell for it.

Not every episode can be packed with snark or exploding C4, but a little more of both to leaven the darkness here would have been good. Having learned that Jeffrey Donovan directed the episode makes sense of why we get so much Bruce (never going to complain about that!) and so little Jeffrey. Here’s hoping that next week brings back the snark…

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  1. I’m enjoying reading your reviews of Burn Notice S4 – just hope they don’t make you wait as long for S5 (which I am currently watching on FX)! It nearly killed me not mentioning Jesse in tweets while I was watching S4, but I didn’t want to give away the plot!