Holby City: Something else you didn’t know about me

(Series 14, ep.47)  So the non referral policy is over and everything’s right with the world, yes? Actually, no. The shadow of the death of Nice Mr Mooney hung over everyone in this episode. Little George Binns was keen to lay the blame at the door of Michael Spence, who has a history of being maverick and so on. Michael has responded to adversity the best way he knows how – by letting his beard grow again (hurrah!) and by being ever more maverick, sending referrals up to Keller like it’s going out of style.

All these patients turning up at Keller’s door made Chrissie even more tense and irritable than usual. You’d think living with Sacha would make her all mellow and cuddly and want to make jam and bake sponge cakes (or is that just my reaction to Sacha?), but she’s been quite the bitch recently. She was particularly horrible to the angelic Chantelle this week. We know how Chantelle operates, though. She just pushes through with her niceness agenda – because she genuinely just is nice – and everyone ends up smiling in a twinkly way at her by the end of the episode. Even hard cases like Chrissie and Serena.  

Talking of hard cases, Mo had one to deal with in the form of a girl who needed an operation but didn’t want a blood transfusion because she was a Jehovah’s Witness. There was a way to do the op without a blood transfusion, but Mo wasn’t confident as she’d done one previously that had gone pear-shaped, so she arranged for a top specialist to come from That London to do it. Before the specialist could get round the M25 and get stuck in, the young patient took a turn for the worse and her father persuaded everybody that it was okay to ignore the bloodless part and just crack on with the op in the normal way. Jac thought that was the best way to proceed. But Mo is a contrary and cussed sort (which is why I like her) and she decided she was not going to ignore the girl’s wishes and was going to do the bloodless procedure regardless. There was part of her that wanted to stick it to Jac Naylor as well, I’m sure. Lord help the sister who comes between Mo and Jonny Mac. Jonny and Oli scrubbed in to the op, even though they could potentially get into trouble. Adorably, when Mo had a bit of a confidence wobble mid-procedure (the inevitable moment when there’s a bleed and someone says, “We’ve got a bleed!” although they didn’t this time because they didn’t want to freak Mo out any more than she was freaking out already) Jonny and Oli supported her with a bit of a singalong. It was very cute.

Next time: You know how Wolfie keeps disappearing on extended “fag breaks”? This week drugs go missing. Some connection, perhaps?

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4 responses to “Holby City: Something else you didn’t know about me

  1. holbylover819

    The singing scene was adorable! I wish the best for Chantelle and Fireman Sam.

  2. WaterlooVamps

    So cute! The cat! He crushed it! Check out this link – http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/soaps/s19/holby-city/spoilers/a403959/a-crack-in-the-ice.html – AHHH!!!


    this was a damn good episode. Binns is the Napoleon, so to speak [not a comment about the actor’s stature, only the character’s!]
    Chantelle is annoying, but Mo isn’t bad… and good to see Jac again, wish they’d show her softer side more [well she does have a hidden heart of gold!]
    Wish they’d give Hanssen a few more storylines though, apart from the Sahira ones they had.
    Enjoyed Mo’s storylines… she is great, and her actress is impressive too – first time I’ve seen her.
    Michael Spence – enjoy his character, yes, he’s an American, but still pretty good.

    If only Holby could get Stacie Rippy (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0728136/) as a new character – say maybe an American-British nurse, who Chantelle hates, but Jac likes, who’s fun but also knows when to take things seriously, and isn’t as ditzy as Chantelle. That said, she is a pretty good actress, been in many shows like The Mentalist, True Blood etc. and if the BBC are reading this, hire her!

    Hoping the Binns storyline fleshes out more – sorry, bad pun- but I’m enjoying this new Holby series.