Holby City: Michael Spence. Hell, yeah

(Series 14, ep.46)  Little pen-pushing, calculator-prodding George Binns has been in need of a bit of lesson-learning. You know, the kind of lesson where patients cease to be statistics and you find yourself with your face shoved up against the grim reality of death.

Trust Michael Spence to take that quite literally. If I’d had a tiny American flag to hand, I’d have waved it merrily at the end of this episode, when our favourite tight-trousered surgeon decided he’d had enough nonsense from Little George Binns for one lifetime and frogmarched him through the hospital to show him exactly what the non-referral policy had meant in terms of human suffering, as embodied by guest artiste David Troughton, a nice man who ended up dying despite Michael’s best efforts to find him a bed. George had been getting rather above himself (not difficult, as he’s only about five feet tall) during the episode. When Michael started to leave a pointless managerial seminar early, Little George had a bit of an edge to him when he said, “I wouldn’t miss it… if I were you.” It was only a matter of time before someone punched him. The thought did cross my mind, “Where’s Joseph Byrne when you need him?” but I think that most weeks anyway. As it turned out, Michael rose to the occasion magnificently. I do love Michael when he’s full of righteous indignation.  

On Darwin, meanwhile, Jonny Mac was doing a little bit of matchmaking for Mo. Her former obstetrician (he’s still an obstetrician, but she no longer has need of his services) thinks she’s somewhere north of wonderful. Sadly for him, Mo thinks it’s somewhere south of spooky to go on a date with a man who’s already shone a torch up your private bits. They both have a point, to be fair. Jonny was mainly matchmaking because he felt guilty for not going to a family do with Mo, because he was spending the weekend at a hotel with Jac. For some reason he decided to lie about it rather than just tell Mo why he couldn’t go with her. Not a clever idea.

The non-referral policy wasn’t a clever idea either. Wasn’t it Serena who thought of it in the first place? She’s regretting it now, as she spent the episode in the horns of an ethical dilemma involving one liver and two eager transplant recipients and ended it hearing about the death of Michael’s patient. Not a good day at the office.

Next time: Mo clashes with Jac and Jonny Mac is in the middle. (I just realised, if Jac married him she’d be Jac Mac. That can’t happen). And, not surprisingly, the non-referral scheme is stopped.

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7 responses to “Holby City: Michael Spence. Hell, yeah

  1. sdbubbles95

    I actually really liked this week’s episode. Loved Little George Binns getting a valuable lesson, courtesy of Michael Spence. Also like how Michael did just a tiny bit of squaring-up to Hanssen before storming off of Keller, just so we all know he ain’t taking no bullshit over this 🙂 it’ll be good to see who takes some of the responsibility for what happened. I don’t think Michael would immediately accept he was wrong to move him like he did, and I don’t think Eddi will be best pleased with herself, either.

    I also quite like the way Catherine Russell portrayed Serena – the way she played it struck a chord with me, and she showed very well the dilemma faces when deciding to give an alcoholic or drug addict another chance, and whether or not to trust their word. She actually had me crying, reminding me how that situation felt and panned out for me, and because she reminded me of myself during those scenes. She showed Serena’s soft side (when I say ‘soft,’ I mean the side that isn’t tougher than the car parts I work with), which I sort of enjoyed.

    Mo was brilliant this week too. I was cracking up at Jonny’s sheer stupidity!
    I would’ve thought he would know better than to try get one past her, but clearly not!

    Once again a brilliant review, made me smile today while resisting the urge to rip my braces out of my mouth!

  2. Maria

    Fab review, you always have me laughing by the end. Looking forward to your view on this week’s episode review more than the Holby City show !

  3. holbylover819

    I hope Michael doesn’t get in trouble for the death of his patient but I have a feeling George will point out that if he had transferred the patient to another hospital earlier, he wouldn’t have died.
    Also Jac Valentine does sound much better. 🙂

  4. WaterlooVamps

    I felt so sorry for the poor obstetrician man. I really liked George to start with, but now he’s become a bit…yuck. But, Michael, you are a legend.


    This Spence-centric episode was pretty good, I’ll admit. Also noticed Kate the blonde nurse in the background, when will they give her an episode, she’s become fairly popular!
    Also, the tan-skinned nurse who often appears at the nurses’ desk – think it’s this one:
    http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/2990/holbyunknownntan1.jpg (on the left of image) – made
    Wonder if Rachel will return? Joanna Higson is pretty good.
    One more thing… Lleucu seems to have disappeared.

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