Burn Notice (4.2): In which there is much bitching and stitching (up)

Fast Friends is a cunning episode which combines the long-term plot with the client of the week. It also has more jokes than last week (if I wanted humourless guys and girls with guns running round Florida I could watch CSI Miami) and introduces us to Coby Bell  – the “strapping” (Fi’s description) actor playing Jesse Porter.

Vaughan wants Jesse tracked down and shipped to a secure facility where he can’t make a fuss about being burned. Michael, feeling guilty, argues that Jesse is a resource and gets permission to handle the situation. As it happens Jesse is looking for Michael to help him with a different problem…

Drug trafficker Ming Khan thinks Jesse stole $2m from him and is not a happy bunny. Michael plans to set Khan up with a trunk full of heavy artillery and get him arrested. Cue the usual shenanigans…

Best bits of Fast Friends:

  • Scenes with Sharon Gless are always great. I defy you not to enjoy the scene in which Mike and Sam enter her house, guns drawn, expecting the worse (she had texted them both “Need help now”) only to frighten the bejaysus out of her because she just wanted them to help her convert the garage so she can get a tenant in.
  • Sam bitching about projectile sweating into his poly-silk blend Hawaiian shirt.
  • Fi bitching about lending Jesse bedding: “Another one of your strays ruins my linens … and I will kill you.”
  • The masterful manipulation Michael uses to stitch up the bad guys and get them to load their car full of guns.
  • The promise of an interesting new dynamic as Team Westen takes on a new member – one that Fi clearly fancies and who has sworn to Michael he’ll kill the man responsible for burning him… I foresee all sorts of interesting tension coming our way.

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