Burn Notice (4.1): It *is* nice seeing you guys again

Gather round Michael Westen fans, for at long last Burn Notice is back on our screens (Wednesdays, 9pm, 5*). Never has a “Previously…” section been more useful. Regular Pauseliveactionites will know of my deep affection for this show, but even I couldn’t instantly recall where the hell the story had been left nearly a year ago.

(Spoilers below the line…)

We pick up, exactly where we left off, with Michael taking in his rather salubrious surroundings. We meet a new face, Vaughan – Michael’s new handler who works for the same organisation as Management – and learn that said organization is keen to track down the person responsible for letting Simon loose at the end of Season 3. Welcome to Season 4’s big story arc…

Some shenanigans in the jungle with Michael Ironside (yes, Top Gun’s Jester, the voice of Sam Fisher, that Michael Ironside) out of the way, our Michael returns to Miami and the bosom of his friends and family. This is Burn Notice though, so Fi’s welcome home consists of getting Michael to load some heavy weaponry and ride along to help save a lawyer from being murdered by a biker gang. Not to mention a hefty punch in the face for our favourite ex-spy.

Things that made me glad Burn Notice is back on our screens:

  • Fi and Sam bickering in the car as they drive furiously to save the lawyer, Winston, from the biker gang.
  • The deadpan humour. Michael on heading out to save Winston five minutes after being reunited with his friends: “Hang back. Don’t make a move unless things go bad.” Sam: “And if things go bad?” Michael: “Well, it was nice seeing you guys again.”
  • The insistence on showing that fights hurt, even if you win them.
  • Fi’s method for getting the entire biker gang where Michael needs them.
  • Michael opening up to his mother – a zillion women wanting to be in Sharon Gless’s shoes when he starts to cry.
  • The final twist… in his quest to find the next level boss, Michael has inadvertently burned a spy. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of former counter-intelligence agent Jesse Porter…

Friends and Enemies isn’t the most dramatic, emotional or funny episode of Burn Notice, but it does its job in setting up the new terrain for Team Westen and has me hooked all over again. Line up those mojitos…

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