Casualty: Dr Zoe Hanna steps up

(Series 27, Ep. 1)  Dr Zoe Hanna’s first day as Clinical Lead (Nick Jordan is taking time off to come to terms with the death of Pat Butcher… or am I getting confused?) was, predictably, not easy.

When are the city councillors of Holby going to realise that it’s the most dangerous place on earth and outlaw any public gatherings such as football matches, political demonstrations and queues at the chip shop? They recklessly permitted a rock festival on Holby soil this week, and naturally it ended in tears and quite an amount of gore. Even Dr Tom Kent managed to get slightly injured when heroically rescuing paramedic Tamzin from a hideous crush situation (crush as in trampled underfoot, as opposed to crush on Dr Tom Kent, though she does have one on him now and I can’t say I blame her).

Back at the ED, Dr Zoe Hanna had no sooner received the news from Hanssen (sadly unseen) that she was now in charge, than she was outside inhaling the life out of a poor defenceless cigarette. Charlie told her she’d have to give up on the frequent fag breaks now everyone was depending on her, which made her look a tiny bit like she was regretting taking the job already. And then her patient died as well, which is never good on your first day in a new job.

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9 responses to “Casualty: Dr Zoe Hanna steps up

  1. Martin Rosen

    Do we know how long Michael French (Nick) is off for, and what is the actor’s reason for not being around (presuming he asked for time off rather than been written out)?

    I like Dr Hannah, but do hope that she doesn’t need to wear those thick black glasses and she gets some nicer skirts to wear!

  2. Mr Donnelly

    It’s not the first time Zoe has been clinical lead – she did it before, as Charlie pointed out near the end of the episode. Nick is taking time off to be with his partner who is recovering from her injuries. The actor who plays him is probably due a break after having come back to Eastenders for a brief spell, filming that as well as Casualty.

  3. Emma

    Am I the only one noticing a chemistry between Tom and Sam, or is my fangirling brain just imagining it?
    And I’ve said it repeatedly: the amount of chaos in Holby is ridiculously high. How that hospital achieved FT status I will never know.

    • pauseliveaction

      I noticed that too! Not having seen part 2 of the Holby riot episode, I wondered if something had happened between them. Sam definitely looked a bit jealous of Tamzin.

  4. Oli

    Thanks PLA !!
    I do like Sam not with Tom so much I think she belongs with Dylan

  5. WaterlooVamps

    Thanks for this – unfortunately didn’t have time to watch so very useful.

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