Holby City: Liquid hormones

(Series 14, Ep.44) Oh, Mo. Hardly any time at all since she gave birth to someone else’s baby, and she was back at work. Ignoring the fact that she had puerperal mastitis, was in pain and her hormones were in shreds, she battled in to work with her very best “I’m a tough cookie, me” head on to look after a cheese enthusiast who’d had a heart attack. Because the cheese enthusiast had blood that wasn’t suitable to use a bypass machine with (must’ve been all the cheese), Mo had to operate on him while his heart was still beating.

This would be pressure enough for the average person, without also knowing that the baby they gave birth to and haven’t seen since is now called William and is currently in the very same hospital. Mo went to pieces slightly in the operating theatre, and had a heart to heart with Jonny afterwards. “They’re not tears,” she told him, “They’re liquid hormones.” It really works that Jonny is around. Because he’s known Mo a long time he sort of puts her into context, because he understands her like no-one else in the hospital does.

Inevitably, Mo went to visit the baby. Inevitably, it was heartbreaking, but like the birth scenes a few weeks ago it was subtle and not overdone. She held the baby and said hello and told him he was beautiful. Then the baby sneezed and it was a genius piece of acting from Chizzy Akudolu. She said, “Bless you!” while she was smiling and crying at the same time. It was tender and spontaneous and absolutely, heartbreakingly real. 

Comic relief meanwhile was supplied by a little man who’d been brought in as Business Manager for Surgery. His remit was to identify potential savings. Wasn’t that Hanssen’s remit when he first arrived? I suppose that was before his looming career really took off – he’s too busy popping up and startling people now to really knuckle down with a spreadsheet. Anyway, young George Binns didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. “You must be Henrik Hanssen,” he said. “I was expecting you to be shorter.” To emphasise their difference in height, George Binns was always filmed from a height, so we had a Hanssen’s eye view of him. “What’s he going to be when he grows up?” wondered Ric.

In AAU, Chrissie had a patient who was a farmer about to lose her farm and her leg. It (the leg) had to come off, declared Max Schneider, in between fag breaks and looking at Eddi with wolfish lust. Chrissie didn’t think so, because she’s idealistic and that, so she insisted that Serena come and have a look at the limb in question. Serena wasn’t keen at first, what with the non-referral policy and so on, but Chrissie had a rant at her. “Every time I hear you speak all I hear is policy, never patients!” she told her. “Oh, that’s really good!” replied Serena, with her best razor blade dipped in honey voice. “I might steal that for a paper I’m writing.” Nonetheless, she was impressed by Chrissie’s passion and agreed to do the surgery. She also asked Chrissie to scrub in and afterwards asked her to apply for a job on Keller. Chrissie wasn’t going to, but after one sarcastic comment too many from Eddi she changed her mind.

Previously it would all have ended with a musical montage, with George Binns staring at his calculator, Chrissie staring in a satisfied manner at the two young farmers with four good legs between them that she’d managed to organise during her shift, Mo looking wistfully at baby William and Eddi gazing out of the Window of Regret at the space where Luc’s camper van used to be parked, before going off with Wolfie for some rebound hanky panky. But they don’t do musical montages any more, according to producer Justin Young. I used to quite like those montages, not least because whoever picked the music had excellent taste and some of the songs used (‘Scale it Back’ by Little Dragon and ‘Till Your Ship Comes In’ by Alexander Wolfe) I now love to bits. But it’s probably just as well there wasn’t one this time. I can remember when they used ‘Fields of Gold’ by Eva Cassidy when Chrissie and Owen’s baby died, and I don’t think I could have coped with sad music and Mo. There’d have been liquid hormones all over the place.

Next time: Michael tries to impress George Binns; Tara tries to impress Jac; and someone tries to undermine Chantelle’s confidence.

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12 responses to “Holby City: Liquid hormones

  1. inkface

    Mo was great. Henrik was on magnificent form. And I couldn’t help but feel that Chrissie and Serena are a perfect match – and if they’re paired off, in a work sense I mean, it might save others from their hideousness. Especially Chrissie. I can’t see her without wanting to slap her.

    • Emma

      Couldn’t agree more there. About Chrissie, that is. Everytime I see her with Sacha, I feel an overwhelming sense of pity for him. Although with Eddi still moping over Luc, and pretty unconcerned about her patients, I will give Chrissie some credit – very admirable to fight for her patient 🙂

    • pauseliveaction

      “Henrik”? You’re daringly familiar there, Inkface.

    • holbylover819

      Although I agree that Serena and Chrissie would make a good team, I think Chantelle deserves the permanent position more.

  2. blink

    “he’s too busy popping up and startling people now to really knuckle down with a spreadsheet” – lol, perfect description of Henrik. Am I the only one that gets a Snape vibe from him? No? Just me? Ok.

    Can’t stand Serena, but agree with inkface. Mo was wonderful as always. And ‘liquid hormones’ is a perfect example of how much the humour of the writers has improved over the years (I’m nearly caught up on the last few series), and it was already great to start with. Particularly when it comes to Jac.

    I missed the end – did Wolfie and Cranky really get it on? Imagine the clawmarks…

  3. WaterlooVamps

    Funny because I was just listening to ‘Till your ship comes in’. Does Max really have to be quite so arrogant?! I thought Chizzy Akudolu was absolutely brilliant in this episode, well done. Didn’t really like George to start with, but he’s definitely grown on me. I will leave you with my line of the week: “Lord Sugar’s 5 foot 6.” ~ George Binns

  4. holbylover819

    I loved Serena being all manipulative again. I’m sure Eddi won’t mind that Chrissie got the job Serena had promised her for implementing the non-referral scheme (which sounds stupid in my opinion btw). After all last time she worked on Keller Chantelle’s niceness and Keller’s non-hecticness sent her swiftly back to AAU and Luc.

  5. Tara and Liffey .N.

    I do NOT like Max… the actor is good enough but the character is just… uggh! I feel reviled every time I see him! (Ok, perhaps I’m going a little too far..)
    I though the small guy was funny and Hanssen’s face wt his office was priceless! Henrik Hanssen + Messy office= MAD SWEDE! I was worried he was actually going to loose his temper for a minute…
    Another awesome review (you do review so well)
    Tara (And Liffey but I’m only adding her name because she told me to)

  6. Oli

    I miss your Casualty reviews 😦
    The new series starts tonight
    In my opinion Casualty is the best it has been for years and I think you’ll like it. Nick is on a brief break as his girlfriend has been stabbed and Dr. Hanna is the new clinical lead!

    I hope you give it a go…

    Holby was rather good considering the lack of Jac, Michael & Malick

    I loved when Chrissie asked Eddi who is working with them today and in walks Max ‘Perfect’! I like Max I think he’s very funny and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of arrogance.
    Personally I don’t like Chrissie so I’m sure Eddi will be happy on her own with Luc, Michael & Sacha.

    The actress who plays Mo was awesome, she ranged from heartbroken to actually quite agressive and it was shown really well.

    • pauseliveaction

      I do always mean to blog about Casualty, but it’s finding the time to watch the episodes. Mr PLA and PLA Jr refuse to watch Casualty (though they both like Holby), so I end up watching it on iPlayer really, really late. I must make more of an effort. And with Waterloo Road coming back, I’ll have to get my blogging head properly on. I do love the idea of Dr Zoe Hanna being in charge of the ED, though.

  7. Maria

    A nice episode mixed with emotion and humour. Mo’s scene with little William ( I know what she means with the name) was heartbreaking and she had me starting my waterworks in the process. I thought Serena was abit of a double dealer, first offering the post to Eddi and then Chrissie. Was impressed with Chrissie fighting for her patient and not so much with Eddi. Little (George) and Large (Henrik) were pretty good in their comic banter.
    Every time I see Wolfi slowly make his devious moves to devour our mardy Eddi, I want to throw something at the tv, I can’t stand him. Is he a real doctor, I feel sorry for his patients? Also, is our Luc going to come to the rescue and confuse Eddi even more ?

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