Holby City: Let’s hear it for the skinny rude girl

(Series 14, Ep.43)  Is there any finer thing in the whole world than Jac Naylor in full, glorious, bitchy flight? All the more delicious when she’s up against a worthy adversary, as she was this week when she came across Amanda Barrie (Alma from Corrie)’s washed-up actress Annabel Casey. You know, Annabel Casey – she was in that film with the bomb. Anyway, Annabel may not have had many parts since the film with the bomb, but she was under no illusions about her own importance in the world – we’re talking hashtag-diva here. And she only wanted to be operated on by the Best. We know this is Jac, but in Annabel Casey’s world, surgeons look properly learned, wise and, well, male – somewhat like Elliott Hope, in fact. “You look like you sell beauty products,” she told Jac.  You can imagine how well that went down with The TermiNaylor, and she gave as good as she got, with interest. “I am not having that skinny rude girl anywhere near me!” was Annabel Casey’s reaction, which was a shame, as Jac had the skills necessary to save her life.

Every so often the Holby scriptwriters decide it’s time Jac learned some lessons about humility and being a team player. Luckily for us, she forgets all about it by the following week. This time she had an additional reason to try to be a team player – basically wily old Elliott Hope had to sign off a research project she’d done, and he’d only manage to find the time to do that if Jac could find the time to help him save Annabel Casey’s life. Which she duly did, but not until she’d amply displayed how, if there was an award for Most Expressive Eyes While Wearing a Surgical Mask, she would win every time. “Why can’t you be this charming all the time?” Elliott asked her. Because she’s Jac, and if she was charming all the time, we wouldn’t love her so much.

On AAU a locum, Max Schneider, arrived. He was a stand in for the recently departed Dr Luc Hemingway. He proved to be the perfect replacement, in the sense that he not only had the doctorly skills (though he mysteriously went missing for an extended period mid-shift) but he also found Best Nurse Eddi McKee utterly irresistible. He was played by John Light, who I last saw in The Lion In Winter, and he has a certain lupine charm about him that I like. Our Eddi needs to watch herself, I reckon.

On Keller, Malick had to look after a man who was a murderer, only he turned out to have only been acting in self defence. Malick had been warned to “just stay professional and uninvolved,” but this is Malick we’re talking about and he got about as involved as he could, in the interests of his patient. It was the usual Holby thing of “maverick surgeon breaks the rules/does something slightly unethical/ignores advice in the interest of his/her patient,” (operating without proper consent in this case), but Malick does this sort of stuff with a manic intensity that’s rather fun to watch and it was nice to see him stick it to the old guard of Ric and Serena. “Was that a tantrum?” Serena muttered to Ric. “Actually,” said Ric, “I think you’ll find that’s us told.” And it was.

Next time: Mo’s back! But has she come back to work too soon? Chrissie gets a job offer. And Eddi gets closer to Max.

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8 responses to “Holby City: Let’s hear it for the skinny rude girl

  1. You may think new AAU consultant Max Schneider has ‘lupine charm’, but his looks are about all he has going for him as he’s clearly been written as a snide (the clue’s in the name) and slippery character. His mendacity over Eddi’s discharge-that-went-tits-up to make her seem the guilty party paints him in a very different light from lovely Luc, who would never have done such a thing, and I predict a storyline that sees Luc reappearing in the nick of time to save Eddi from certain disaster of some sort at the hands of Mr Snide. OK, Luc has his faults, but he’s not the villain I suspect his replacement is. Looking forward to the development of this storyline.

  2. WaterlooVamps

    Can’t decide wether I hate Max because he’s arrogant or because he’s not Luc.

  3. El

    Aw i loved luc! Hope he comes back. And i know this is random, but arnt oli and Tara mean to be together!!

    • WaterlooVamps

      Lol, this is really funny for me, because you have the same opinions as me, and on almost everything my username is El, because that’s my short name 😛

  4. Jerry

    Can’t stand Max , hope Eddie does not fall for the lying sack o …Hope Luc shows up again , hate when characters just leave , no explanation . What is it , has some rare blood disease and did not want to burden Eddie ? It would explain a lot .

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