Holby City: Adorable

(Series 14, Ep.42)  Just how damn cute were Oli and Tara in last night’s Holby? I swear they’re the sweetest thing since Joseph Byrne’s smile. There’s a proper on-screen chemistry between them – the looks they were exchanging while Jac was approving of Tara’s ninja-level diagnostic work (“Nice work, St Trinian’s. Not so useless after all”) were so funny. Beautiful work from Jing Lusi and James Anderson, who is excellent at delivering comic lines. I still fondly remember his line about Mr Geddes: “Is he really that small, or is he just far away?” Last night’s classic was, “I haven’t seen Naylor that excited since…” with his voice dwindling away in some embarrassment as he no doubt recollected a certain locker room encounter.

It’s just a shame the passage of true love is not running smoothly for these two. Some work-related Thing always gets in the way when things are going well – last night it was Tara having to stay back so Jac would help her with a study project, when she’d promised to meet Oli for a drink. I couldn’t help thinking if she’d phoned him and explained, or sent a more explanatory text rather than “Got 2 bail,” (Ugh! Txt spk!) he’d have understood. But that’s not how romance works in telly land.  Aside from that, there’s always the spectre of her brain tumour to worry about. She had a CT scan this week and Hanssen assured her there’d been no change, but I can’t help but be concerned.

Meanwhile, Serena was annoying all and sundry with some mad scheme whereby AAU wasn’t allowed to refer patients up to Keller. No idea how this was meant to achieve anything positive, but Hanssen was convinced. Another person who’s convinced is Mr PLA, who has happily accepted Serena as The New Connie Beauchamp. I tried telling him that Connie had passed the ceremonial kick-ass shoes to Jac, but he likes Miss Campbell’s style. This is more than we can say for Michael Spence and Ric Griffin, whose feathers have been well and truly ruffled since Serena appeared. Ric was upset to see that Serena’s “Bish bash bosh” approach to getting patients fixed up fast and sent on their way was rubbing off on Malick.  “When did you become so blasé about patient care?” he sorrowfully asked him. Ric showed the young ‘uns how it was done by sorting out an elderly man whose problems weren’t so much medical as social (he couldn’t read and had relied on his late wife to look after him). Ric can be so soothing when he’s in this mode, but it’s not that long since his zero tolerance policy was every bit as annoying and controversial as anything Serena has managed to devise.

Devastating loss of the episode: Michael’s beard has gone AWOL. I’m going to start a petition to get it to grow back.

Hanssen Highlight of the Week: The sight of the World’s Tallest Surgeon singing to a baby in Swedish. Förtjusande!

Next time: A standard range of ethical dilemmas for Malick, Eddi and Jac.

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19 responses to “Holby City: Adorable

  1. Dreamer

    That kiss was the most awkward kiss in the history of awkward. I liked it. 😛 The actress who portrayed Jade is really pretty (even though she was caked in crappy make-up, fake eyelashes and nails). Anyway, I really hope they get Tara/Ollie together because I’m sick and tired of seeing all of my OTPs being shafted for other crappy pairings (Abed/Annie for Jeff/Annie in Community). Being a shipper is depressing work. 😦

    BTW, will you be reviewing the Casualty two-parter finale? Please say yes!

    • pauseliveaction

      Yes, I will be reviewing Casualty as soon as I manage to see it. Have been thwarted by Internet problems keeping me off iPlayer and PLA Jr and Mr PLA’s new obsession with watching Family Guy at all hours on the communal telly.

  2. Sarah

    I agree with Mr. PLA – Serena’s more manipulative and clever than she lets on. It’s actually quite fun to watch her out-smart all the cocky surgeons. She knows exactly how to get what she wants, and she isn’t afraid to hack others off.

    Tara and Ollie were so cute! I hope they properly get together soon.

    And Hanssen singing to the baby was brilliant! My mum was eating apple pie and almost choked when she realised what he was doing!

    Brilliant review of Holby, as usual!

  3. Tara .N.

    I’ve read most of your reviews of casualty and holby city but never commented in case of saying something everyone disagreed with and getting virtually attacked! Anyway, you write the episodes as they are with amusing opinions and many interesting views which gives the review a personal edge, rather than just telling us what happened.
    I also despise text speak and agree with many of the views you give! Thank you for managing to amuse me and my sister week in week out!
    Tara (yes, like the holby city character! I like to think they named her after me 😉

    • pauseliveaction

      Glad to have you with us and commenting, Tara. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Powers That Be at Holby had to pay you a fee for the use of your name? I’m going to start that petition as soon as my Bring Back Michael’s Beard petition has been successful. (And my Give Joseph Byrne His Own Spin Off Show petition. It’d be like Doc Martin but better looking, with more mountains and more hand washing).

  4. blink

    I’m kind of disappointed with the Ollie/Tara developments. When I started watching Holby only recently, Ollie was only in the background, and he seemed like more of a grumpy, semi-Mr Darcy type of handsome, blue-laser-eyed young man, so I got quite a shock when I went back and watched his first eps and he was actually an immature (though loveable) brat. But then after his sister’s death he DID become more reserved and sarcastic. So I was excited that he had a new love interest in Tara because she’s so peppy and I love when grumpy/sarky men reluctantly love St Trinian’s types (oh Jac, nailing it as usual – see what I did there?). When he started giving her the cold shoulder, I was all “Ooh, he’s going to ignore her friendship and his feelings, but then one day he’s just gonna SNAP and kiss her against a wall.” But it’s not going that way after all because now they’re basically acting like two beagle puppies in a ball pit, and the way all their ‘moments’ are written and directed feels quite contrived and American high school movie-ish. And although I like the character of Tara, I’m hating the way the actress plays her. All that staccato talking and widening of the eyes is a bit Emma Watson for my tastes.

    But my appreciation of Hanssen grows with each episode. And Jac… oh Jac, how I love to hate loving thee.

    Wow, long comment, sorry – just discovered this blog and love it.

    • Dreamer

      Oh, dear mother of God, Emma Watson. Jesus. She just ruined Hermione for me. Gah. She is just bloody terrible. Just be thankful that Jing Lusi doesn’t over-enunciate, smirk, waggle her eyebrows or open that damn maw of hers in every other scene.

      • blink

        Don’t start me on EW or I’ll never stop! Yes, Jing is a much better actress, but I’m just not a big fan of her style of acting.

      • WaterlooVamps

        How is it possible to hate Emma Watson? She’s so lovely…:'(

      • Tara .N.

        Emma Watson was a good actress age 10/ 11 but by 15 she’d lost any acting talent she had

      • blink

        (Can’t seem to reply specifically to waterloo vamps, so sorry to reply through you again dreamer!)
        I wouldn’t go so far as to say I ‘hate’ her, but I just find her extremely disingenuous (as much as you can have an opinion of someone you don’t personally know anyway), especially compared to her reputation as basically perfect. No offense meant to you as a fan of her though!
        Also, totally agree with you about “You are quite weird.” ~ Oliver Valentine 😀

  5. Moo moo

    Another one here that likes Tara! I don’t get the flak the character and actress gets *shrugs shoulders

    • Tara .N.

      I like her too! I think the actress is actually quite good and the character is interesting. Then again, I may be biased because of her name…

  6. WaterlooVamps

    Line of the week:
    “You are quite weird.” ~ Oliver Valentine (it’s just the way he said it)

  7. Brie

    I have nothing else to say except: Hanssen. Singing. To. A. Baby.
    There isn’t enough love in the world to match the love I have for that scene.

  8. Nikki

    Yay Olli and Tara! Finally a kiss! A proper kiss! In a suitably adorable and socially awkward way. I do like them, and although its annoying that telly-land romance always has The Thing get in the way eachweek, its fairly representative of reality too. Like, when you like someone, and they kinda like you, or you think they do, and youre trying your best to flirt without making it obvious just in case you guessed wrong, you know? I like that.

    Jacs witty one-liners were amazing as always, and I think shes lightened up a little on her insults, which is practically unrestrained affection in the Jac stakes, and the pet names like St Trinians were so cute! I think she sees something of herself in Tara, not that we saw Jac as an F1 but I bet she recognises how eager Tara is, those attempts to muscle in on operations and diagnoses well above her pay grade, you know?

    Serena is NOT A PATCH on Connie. Ahem. Would Connie wear those awful baggy drapey clothes? No! And Connie always put the patient first, she was passioante about patient care and the NHS and all that. But yes, Serena is shaping up to be quite capable of holding her own amongst the guys.

    PS – Bit of info for you PLA, it was an MRI, not a CT. Not that it was a very accurate MRI, cos she wouldve had earplugs in and a plastic cage thing clamped over her head with board things shoved inside so she cant move her head. But then again, thats not a good look for telly!

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you for being our Mistress of Medical Factuality, Nikki. And I agree with you about Serena’s dress sense. She does have a cheeky glint in her eyes, though.

  9. Collins1965

    I don’t think anything could be sweeter than Joseph Byrne’s smile!!

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