Holby City: Labour pains for Mo – and Jac

(Series 14, Ep.41)  This week we found out why Mo wasn’t planning to be taking much maternity leave. It’s because she wasn’t planning to keep the baby, on account of the baby not being biologically hers.

When she went into labour, she tried at first to ignore it and then dispatched Jonny Mac to track down one Sorcha – who turned out to be Jonny and Mo’s former teacher, and the mother of the baby Mo was carrying as a surrogate. So cue Jonny rushing around old hospital buildings and Mo trying to ignore contractions (no easy task). When Jac noticed that Mo kept screwing her face up, grabbing at counter edges and going “Oof!” every few minutes, she tipped off Hanssen who, rather unfairly I thought, assumed Jac was just trying to get Mo out of the way so she could grab her patient, who somewhat tiresomely was supposed to be involved in the Olympics opening ceremony. As if Jac would be that calculating and ruthless. Oh, wait…

The upshot was that when things got critical for Mo there was no one around to help apart from Jac. This meant the birth scenes were absolutely blissful from an audience point of view. Jac doesn’t fit easily into a nurturer role: “Please can we get some help? She’s going Gollum on me!” but she went into bat for Mo anyway, blagging a bed in an over full maternity ward by pretending to be matey with Hanssen (her phone call disturbing him in the middle of his sushi), commandeering a wheelchair  (“Leave that!”) and dealing with a bossy midwife. Watching Mo completely ignoring Jac’s discomfort because her own was far, far greater was a beautiful thing and their scenes were full of brilliant lines, my favourite being Jac’s “Excellent hand crushing, Maureen. Not like I’m a surgeon or anything.”

Birth scenes can easily be either overly dramatic or overly sentimental or both, but because of the feisty characters of Mo and Jac this one was perfect. I don’t know whether Chizzy Akudolu has ever given birth, but she acted it brilliantly and there  was just enough doubt in her face after the baby was born and she was faced with giving him away to Sorcha. It brought up some of Jac’s feelings about her past and her mother, and she was keen for Mo to hold the baby and bond. Babies, she claimed, knew when they were being rejected. The bossy midwife didn’t make the process easier, but Mo still didn’t give in to tears and hysterics. She just went quiet and contemplative, which for a character like Mo said more about how she was feeling than a lot of weeping and wringing of hands would have done.

Talking of weeping etc, Eddi  was in a “frankly horrific mood” according to Sacha and anyone else watching her. Still having trouble getting over Dr Luc Hemingway. That man must have been hot stuff beneath the camper van covers. This week she deleted him from her phone contacts, the modern equivalent of going to Nevada for a quickie divorce.

Serena, meanwhile, was once again trying to take on too much and this time Hanssen had to mark her card when she failed to spot a potentially serious Condition. She was doing twice the work, to be fair, as Ric Griffin was having a check up. Please don’t say his cancer has come back.

Next time:  Oli and Tara try to keep things professional. Again. And Michael is unimpressed by Serena’s latest initiative.

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7 responses to “Holby City: Labour pains for Mo – and Jac

  1. Corumba Love

    Hey hey PLA (so much not to be doing today).

    Me and Old Girl were hating the first 20 minutes or so, to the extent that we were thinking of giving up on HC for a while. Specifically the patronising and shoehorned story about Olympic Porter Bloke; that and Mo with her tediously predictable ‘oofing’ (as you put it with such economy). A more general frustration of late is that there are too many new characters carrying major storylines – it’s not their fault that I don’t care about them (yet) but a goodly chunk of the cast needs to put in some serious game time before I’ll dare to make any emotional investment. I do wonder if there is some issue behind the scenes that explains the steady exodus of much/lesser loved in recent months.

    BUT THEN … but then it all kicked off with Mo and Jac (labour and labourer). Probably the only birth scene that has kept me watching with anything other than mild jaundice, little baby Jesus excepted. My sock drawer, both figuratively and geographically a long way from the telly, enjoyed some seriously creative sorting during The Midwife run recently). Brilliant writing as you say, and I do love a deliberately underplayed scene of a night.

    We’ll give it another week then.

  2. Maria

    One of the best episodes in this series so far. The Jac and Mo double act was hilarious during the labour scene. Also, your view on Eddi and Luc saga is too funny ! Cheers for the top form review.

  3. WaterlooVamps

    Hilarious Jac/Mo scenes and more of Annoying Serena, but less annoying this week. Am I the only person who saved Luc as contact? OK, yes, I am officially obsessed.
    P.S. Not to fear, PLA, Joseph Millson is on a 10-week break for another project *jumps around with joy*. Yes, my case of obsessive-ness is much worse than Sahira/Greg (or Gregira)

  4. holbylover819

    Upside for Jac: she got to hold another baby. Downside: Mo not going on maternity leave has stopped her quest for ward domination in it’s tracks. And it’s Grahira surely?

    • pauseliveaction

      Gregira, Grahira – what about going ladies first and calling them Sag? It also describes what they did to the storylines.

  5. Collins1965

    Jac and Mo – what a team, I would love to see a genuine friendship develop there.
    Hanssen’s face when Jac called him “Henrick” will stay will me for many a long year!
    I have been lukewarm about Mo but I loved her in this episode and was so sad for her at the end – she looked so lonely. I also hope that we see the bossy midwife again – loved her!!