Holby City: My personal life has never affected my work

(Series 14, Ep.40)  A word here about the title to this week’s blog post. If it applies to me, it’s a fib. My personal life has affected my work this week to the extent that it’s Sunday already and I’m just getting around to blogging about Tuesday’s episode. Profoundest apologies.

In the world of Holby, the phrase “My personal life has never affected my work” was uttered by Serena and we knew that was a fib, too, because she’d just mentioned that she was being sued by the parents of her daughter’s friend (the ectopic pregnancy one from a few weeks ago) and she was being all ultra-efficient and barking, “Have him/her prepped for theatre,” every five minutes, much to Ric’s professional dismay. Serena has a tendency to think of patients as statistics to be crossed off her list, whereas Our Ric likes to stare at them soulfully for at least a few minutes before operating.  He decided to take his concerns about Serena’s working methods to Hanssen. Oh, Ric, no-one likes a snitch.

Oli’s personal life was also affecting his work, because he absolutely *hearts* Dr Tara Lo, but isn’t admitting it to her – or himself – yet. This has made him go all grumpy and bossy around her. Heaven only knows how he’ll react when he finds out about her brain tumour, but I’m betting it’ll involve close-up shots of his lovely eyes brimming with tears, like something in a Japanese cartoon.  

Being grumpy and bossy is Best Nurse Eddi McKee’s default setting, but there was still no sign of Luc or his camper van this week, so she was even grumpier than usual. She did soften a bit when she had to deal with a patient (played by legend Ron Moody) who was even grumpier than she was. She’s quite sweet when she wants to be. I’m still optimistic that Luc will be back. Even though his face has gone AWOL from the opening title sequence, they mention him all the time to make sure we don’t forget him.  As if.

Next time: Mo goes into labour! Jac’s there to hold her hand! In other words, a doubly terrifying episode for Mo.

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10 responses to “Holby City: My personal life has never affected my work

  1. inkface

    But didn’t we see Eddi open a little brown envelope which contained her key, sent by Luc presumably?

    • Pauseliveaction

      Oh yes, the key. I’d forgotten that. This is what happens when I wait nearly a week to write the blog.

  2. Dreamer

    Um…actually, it’s anime not ‘Japanese cartoon’. Not that I care for anime really.

    • Pauseliveaction

      Anime or manga, the big eyes with brimming tears is the same. “Japanese cartoon” covered both, I felt.

  3. Corumba Love

    Yes, yes … this stuff about your personal life is all jolly interesting, PLA, but I need to tell you about Olga Petrenko. Turns out she’s been bunking up with James Bond on the Orient Express and getting up to all sorts of mischief in and out of his trousers.

    In a riot of comedy Russian accents, our favourite goth nurse stood out with her serious one, not that I pretend to know the diff. Turning on the radio half way through “From Russia With Love” I suspended normal operations all the way to the end credits to confirm her Bond bothering presence. And it wasn’t just Petrenko either, blimey it was a star studded affair.

    Anyway, it’s on iPlayer and good fun. It’s closer in style to the book than the film, which is not always for the best: Rosa Klebb (Eileen Atkins for gawd sake!) as an old lady wielding venom tipped knitting needles? It don’t seem right. That particular soviet bloc will always be in comfortable shoes for me.

    Sorry for hijacking your usual, if tardy excellence, Pause, just thought the assembled might like to know.


  4. WaterlooVamps

    The key! Oh, the key. The McKee key and everything! He is not gone, I still remain hopeful that Joseph Millson (aka Luc) is on a 10-week break from Holby for filming something else. He IS.

  5. Nikki

    Olli and Tara need to like, srsly, grab a coffee, discuss their lives for a bit while looking anxious and adorable. And kiss already. SRSLY! Bless them. I do like Little Lo and Olli together.

    Jac and Mo look like theyre hotting up to be the new Dream Team! I mean who isnt excited by next weeks episode! (If the spoiler specifically says “Mo’s birthing partner is late …” does that mean there is no, Mr Effanga? Are we going to get some reveals about whose the baby is?)

    • Emma

      If you read the spoilers for tonight’s ep, you’ll see everything isn’t as it seems with Mo’s baby. That’s all I’m saying.
      Or if you’d prefer, wait 10 hours and you’ll see what I mean:)

      PS/ PLA, you didn’t mention that Ollie’s soon-to-be brimming eyes are blue. The blue is the most epic part. That is all.

  6. Maria

    Brilliant review once again, once again, ‘the grumpiest nurse in th hospital’ is abit like a chocolate in box, hard on the outisde but a softie on the inside. I thought Ron Moody was superb as Vincent.

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