Casualty: The army’s loss is Holby’s gain

(Series 26, Ep. 39)  I haven’t watched Casualty for a couple of months, not for any particular reason, I just didn’t get round to watching it. I was tempted to bob back into it this week when my good Twitter friend @JamesSuttonFANS reminded me Alex Walkinshaw off of Waterloo Road was going to be joining the cast.

He was playing Adrian Fletcher, AKA Fletch, who is a nurse with such a sunny disposition and affable temperament that everybody loves him. He’s so likeable and seems to have such a pleasant home life (“I want to get home and bath the kids” etc) that I can’t help but feel his domestic situation will become unravelled for our entertainment in the not too distant future. For now, he was content to spread joy throughout the ED and add to the totty factor already ably represented by Dr Tom Kent.

If you prefer your totty in a dynamic and female sort of guise, Army Dr Sam is your woman. This week she was about to go back into the army again, but got into hot water when Charlie Stubbs from Corrie, who was also about to go back into the army, tried to get her to pretend he wasn’t having seizures and he wouldn’t be a total liability. Sam’s superior officer had an inkling that Sam’s judgement may not be as cool and clinical as you’d hope and told her she wouldn’t be requiring her services in Afghanistan. Which leaves Sam to grace the corridors of Holby ED for a while longer.

And I shall be watching the next episode, now I’ve been reacquainted with the pleasures of Dr Zoe Hanna, Nick Jordan and particularly Dr Tom Kent. But can anyone tell me – what happened to Lennie? Is Lush Linda still around? And what’s Charlie doing these days?

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5 responses to “Casualty: The army’s loss is Holby’s gain

  1. Martin Rosen

    Lennie went off to another department / hospital (?!). Linda appears when there are problems with her kids. Charlie is around (when he is not gazing into space) and Tess is not available !

  2. Mr Donnelly

    Lennie got another job elsewhere. As far as I know Linda’s still around. Charlie isn’t in every episode like he used to be.

  3. pauseliveaction

    Thank you, Martin and Mr D. I’m glad Charlie is still vaguely around somewhere. It’s nice to know there are still some things you can rely on.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    I now watch Casualty and Lenny left!!! 😦 He was the best character, so it’s pretty upsetting. Linda’s got to be depressed because she obviously loved him. Casualty is nice and everything, but it’s nothing compared to Holby. Nothing I say!

  5. Dreamer

    Lenny went off to another hospital ’cause he applied for his dream job in forensic pathology and got it. Linda will probably be back again sometime to bore/annoy us to death with that obnoxious niece of hers. Charlie flits about sometimes with Tess to give advice to and to ooh and ahh about Scarlett and Lloyd.