Holby City: Mr 100%

(Series 14, Ep.39) Didn’t we learn last week that we mustn’t make promises of good outcomes to our patients? We’ve also learned over the months we’ve known him that Dan Hamilton and “good outcomes” aren’t often to be found in the same operating theatre. Hence it would seem reckless for the man we know as Dull Dan to promise 100% success to a man with a broken neck who needs ever such delicate surgery, when Dan is the man who’s going to be wielding the scalpel.

It was surgery of such a delicate nature that Serena wanted nothing to do with it in case everything went pear-shaped and she could remain all smug. The pressure was intensified by being under the watchful, worried gaze of the patient’s best mate and Serena herself. No pressure at all, then, but it was only about two seconds before an artery was nicked and there was blood everywhere. What does a man need under such trying circumstances? He needs the love of a good man, that’s what. And Dan had Simon, a very good man indeed.

Sadly, Simon was a man who was heading north (or north east if we’re still pretending Holby’s actually Bristol, but I think they gave that up ages ago, about the time Jac starting nipping to and fro St Pancras in five minutes flat). Simon had been offered a job in Leeds and was planning to take it. Dan was understandably upset. He didn’t want his Mr Right being a Right Long Way Off. There was only one thing to do – he would relocate to Leeds as well. “Throwing his career away for a hot nurse,” said Serena with something like a twinkle in her eye. I had a twinkle in my eye and a lump in my throat as Dan and Simon headed off for the wuthering heights of Yorkshire, I must admit. Dan and I haven’t always seen eye to eye and I’m not completely sorry for calling him Dull Dan and worrying that he might be a bit of a danger to Chrissie with his barely repressed violent self-loathing, but he’s been a bit of a sweetheart since Simon arrived.

On the subject of Chrissie, she spent most of the episode tutting and meddling and treating Sacha like he’s about seven years old. Dan definitely upgraded by swapping her for Simon. Can you imagine what kind of helicopter parent Chrissie must be to Young Daniel? She’s a helicopter girlfriend to Sacha. Only she was feeling too old to be called a “girlfriend.” They tried various other descriptions during the episode: partner, lover, significant other, blah blah. You just knew the one they’d end up with. Wife. Yup, blow the cobwebs off your fascinator, dear reader, there’s a wedding on the way.

Meanwhile, Tara’s future hung in the balance, according to Hanssen. While she was officially declared fit for work despite her brain tumour, Hanssen remained to be convinced. Tara managed to convince him by a cunning mixture of being all sparky and cute and taking the credit for a clever bit of diagnosing which had actually been Oliver’s work. The aforementioned Oli, who doesn’t know that she has a brain tumour and just knows she’s helluva cute, was happily going for a post-work coffee with her, until Hanssen happened to mentioned her marvellous diagnostic work. Oli got all hissy and decided he would rather drink his coffee alone. Before he gets all self-righteous, he should remember all the times he took the credit for something Penny did.

Next time: Oli tries to shut Tara out; Ric gets Serena into trouble with Hanssen; and Eddi is still moody about Luc.

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12 responses to “Holby City: Mr 100%

  1. inkface

    Well done PLA, for getting it up, as it were, despite the good old BBC website having a nervous breakdown tonight.

    I’ve love someone to actually compile some stats on the Holby surgeons’ mortality rates, successful outcomes etc. I suspect Dan should have been struck off quite some time ago.

  2. Dreamer

    I wanted to slap Chrissie and Dan at times – why do people have to try and control others? Sheesh. But Tara… Gah. She and Ollie are so cute together.

    I thought this episode was rather good; so glad that they’ve finally improved their stories. *throws confetti and glitter*

  3. WaterlooVamps

    Quite worried, as they took Luc off the starting credits and am starting to wonder… :/ Loved the Dan/Simon – it was absolutely adorable! I really don’t like Chrissie very much at all, but it’s all nice that they’re getting married and everything. The clip for next week shows Ollie almost about to kiss Tara…ooh.

    • pauseliveaction

      No calling them Tollie, WV. I know how you like your couply nicknames.

      • WaterlooVamps

        Yeah, I did actually come up with that, and Janny, and Cracha, and Dimon…and Frichael. *Embarrassed*

  4. Glanbraint

    Love your reviews as usual. Just a small point wasn’t it Serena (who couldn’t be there for the risky procedure!) looming in the window and not Hanssen? I now think Dull Dan should be eternally renamed as Dashing Dan LOL

  5. Mr Donnelly

    Moving to Leeds from anywhere in the south or the midlands isn’t considered moving north east – that would mean moving to Newcastle.

    • pauseliveaction

      Looking at the map, and if I was being pedantic, I’d say Leeds from Bristol was NNE. As someone who used to live in the north and now lives in the south, I would describe Bristol as “west.”

  6. Brie

    I watched it with a friend and after Tara did her whole ‘other people are sick too!’ speech, my friend went ” quite childish for a doctor isn’t she?’ and I couldn’t really argue. It really did sound like when you get in trouble at school and you grass other people up to take the heat off yourself.
    Dan and Simon ❤ I really like Dan now, so sad to see him go.
    Serena just stands around being panto villainy. Even though Sacha deserves happiness, I really hope that he doesn't marry Chrissie. He sees the light because Chrissie will eventually get bored or cheat and then it'll be yet another storyline of Chrissie putting it about.
    Also Henrik Hanssen MOMENT KILLER! hah!
    (Scrubs fans know what I'm talking about!)

  7. Maria

    Once again delightful, and I was in full of stitches read. Can’t wait until next week for the next review. Loving it. Thank you.

  8. Jerry

    Sorry to see Dan leave , just as he’s getting interesting . And Olie , really ever taken credit for exams and work others have done ? He couldn’t tie shoes never mind surgery , where did all the skill and knowledge come from all of a sudden ?