Holby City: H.A.P.P.Y.

(Series 14, Ep.38) I worry about Chantelle’s eyelashes. They look like they might fall off and end up in open wounds. They need their own little set of scrubs, really, for hygiene purposes. But if we lay that worry carefully to one side and pull a curtain round it, everything else about Chantelle is pure joy and radiance. She has a smile that would keep Keller lit up even if the back-up emergency generator failed. She has a ready supply of snacks. And she keeps the patients happy.

This became a problem this week, when in an effort to keep the patients’ relatives happy she promised a man that his wife was going to be ok. Only then she wasn’t ok and he was appropriately aggrieved and Ric and Serena (especially Serena) got all frowny and disapproving. But wait! The not-ok woman was pregnant and Chantelle took it upon herself to go into bat for the chance for the unborn child to be a born child. Then it looked like the child, who was born, wouldn’t survive for long and the husband was aggrieved again and Ric and Serena were even more frowny. But then the child was ok and everyone smiled and Chantelle smiled even more and the sun came out and baby lambs frolicked through the corridors of Holby. Only not that last bit. Not outside of Chantelle’s imagination, anyway.  

She really is a joy-spreader. Not a term we can apply to Best Nurse Eddi McKee, who tends more towards the snappy sarcasm side of humour at the best of times. This was not the best of times for her, as Dr Luc Hemingway was AWOL and he’d taken his camper van, too, which gave his absence a worryingly permanent air. Poor Eddi was left to contemplate what might have been if she and Luc had only got to the IKEA stage of their relationship, and left to cope with Michael Spence being rather less understanding than he could have been, given that he was missing his son’s birthday to cover AAU in Luc’s absence. In the end Michael decided to go and visit his kids. But who will look after AAU? Could it be that we haven’t seen the last of Luc? I hope so, because, as Michael said, “I kind of miss his bizarre charm.”

Elliott, meanwhile – or Professor Hope, as we must now style him – was again trying to mentor comedian Andi Osho. It turns out he’s a very good mentor (Hanssen said he would be, and Hanssen Knows Everything) and all of his students passed their exams – apart from comedian Andi Osho, who in theory was the very best of them, but lacked confidence, or something. Anyway, Elliott now plans to give her more intense mentoring. That isn’t a euphemism, though her husband thinks it might be.

And finally, how marvellous that Jac and Mo kind of get on and are partners in bitching. They’re perfect together, because Mo loves her snacks and being mates with Jac means never having to share your crisps. Jac, as we know, Doesn’t Do Carbs.

Next time:  Can Dan cope without Simon? Can Sacha cope with Chrissie? And can Oli cope with Tara having secretive meetings with Hanssen?

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9 responses to “Holby City: H.A.P.P.Y.

  1. WaterlooVamps

    Oh, Eddi. You don’t know how sorry I felt for the poor girl. She was just blankly staring at the computer screen (obviously thinking about Luc), and Michael was all “If Dr. Hemingway hadn’t gone…” and I was just thinking ‘STOP MENTIONING IT!!!’ Anyway he will be back, they’re not just going to leave it like that. Oh, and Chantelle was very…nice.

    • Maria

      The AAU crew were definitely rubbing it in for Eddi. I felt so sorry for her but she didn’t give anything away that whether she was in contact with Luc or not. I wish he’d hurry up and come back, its alittle dull in AAU now.

  2. Dreamer

    After a week’s worth of work experience in a hospital, my understanding of Holby City and Casualty has gone up to 90% from 75%. Yay!

    And I finally like Chantelle (the actress is so pretty). As for Eddi/Luc – I still don’t see the point. Can’t wait for next week’s episode – sounds interesting. I’m off to murder a couple of noisy children now – toodles!

  3. Corumba Love

    Wotcher PLs

    Love that Chantelle groove thang you’ve got going there – effortless. And isn’t it wonderful that there’s one tiny pocket in the BBC’s drama output for a character who has no apparent purpose other than to spread joy & chocolate? She reminds me of Poppy, the main character in “Happy go Lucky” (a lovely film for those that haven’t seen it).

    Meantime, here’s the first in CL’s occasional series, Holby by Numbers: 3.435

    This is the average number of episodes that pass before a member of staff is badgered, distraughted, begged or bullied into ‘promising’ that everything is going to be just jim dandy. Bonus number – 7.3 – the minutes that elapse before badger/distraughter/bully/beggar levels accusation of heartless cruelty or worse at staff member in front of unsympathetic superior (who will have forgotten that he or she will have been badgered (etc) into same promise exactly 3.435 episodes before}.

    Example: “This became a problem this week, when in an effort to keep the patients’ relatives happy [Chantelle] promised a man that his wife was going to be ok.”

    Other than that it only remains for me to follow up on your observation that Mo loves snacks and Chantelle gives good snacks. One day this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. We could even be treated to a munchage-à trois if Prof. Ellliitott rolls up in his donut cart.

    Happy Holby days.

  4. pauseliveaction

    WV, there’s nothing wrong with Luc and Eddi. Adorable couple. But you’re not going to get me calling them “Leddi.” I have to draw the line somewhere.

    • Maria

      I really like your reviews on Holby City, its a delightful and witty read. I really like the cast. AAU crew has to be my favourite though with Keller ( adore Chantelle, Ric and Malick) and Darwin tying for close second.
      At the moment, my current favourite people are Luc and Eddi, I just love their banter and their angst ridden, sometimes hilarious and inept attempts at romance. They are such quircky and eccentric but endearing couple.They sort of remind me of a medical version of ElizabethTaylor and Richard Burton relationship, can’t live with you but can’t live without you style. Brilliant duo in Medicine but as couple its like a see saw.
      Is Luc coming back or not ?
      Also, would Luce do as nickname?

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