Holby City: Happily ever after

(Series 14, Ep.37)  He’s not confused. He’s not experimenting. He’s not bisexual. He’s not even Dull. He’s gay! And he’s proud of it! Hurrah! It’s been a long time coming, but finally Holby’s most incompetent orthopaedic surgeon got the backbone to admit to his father, a small crowd of onlookers and, most importantly, himself, that he’s finally out of that closet and he’s not going back in. Poor old Smouldering Simon had to suffer first, though, as we discovered just what a homophobic old bigot Papa Hamilton was and just what kind of conditioning Dan has been struggling against for all these years. Simon almost lost his job over Papa Hamilton’s behaviour, but managed to keep it because he’s a fab nurse, as did Chantelle because she’s a fab nurse too, and Ric reckons her smile really ought to be available on the NHS. Which it is, obviously. So Dan is out and proud, and Simon is proud that he’s out, even if he did it with n’er a hint of a show tune. I do like Simon.

I do like Tara, too, which is why it was a bit of a shock to discover the poor girl has a brain tumour. It wasn’t a shock to her, as she already knew but had been keeping it quiet so it didn’t ruin her chances of a medical career. One wonders, then, why  she was quite so keen to jump into a CT scanner.  It was supposed to be to allay the fears of a patient who was supposed to be having a scan herself, but would the radiographer really just allow staff members to pop themselves in for high doses of radiation willy nilly? Call me cynical, but it looked like a fairly lame way to get Tara’s brain tumour out in the open. Well, it got as far as the wide open spaces of Hanssen’s luxurious office at least, and Sweet & Lo soon found herself being suspended pending medical reports. All I could think about was how gutted poor Oliver is going to be when he finds out. I’m going to do a sponsored something or other immediately and get her sent for the very best treatment money can buy, because Oli can’t take any more suffering in his young life. He’ll start to get frown lines and that.

Two people who were practically born with frown lines are Dr Luc Hemingway and Best Nurse Eddi McKee.  They were getting serious this week – Eddi even gave Luc the key to her house, so they didn’t have to spend every night in the bunk bed in his camper van, with Chrissie peering through the window. Bad luck, though – Luc’s contract was up. Yet, good luck – Hanssen offered him a permanent contract. Hurrah! Time to bust out some champagne and a few more show tunes!

And yet… when Eddi skipped merrily to the Camper Van of Dreams after work, it had vanished. Has Luc taken fright and fled? Maybe being in possession of the McKee key was too much for his gypsy soul to bear.

Next time: In the absence of Luc, Michael Spence (yay!) has to sort AAU out. Elliott is busy mentoring comedian Andi Osho again. And Chantelle is still out to prove she’s more than just a sunny smile.

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27 responses to “Holby City: Happily ever after

  1. Dreamer

    I wasn’t going to watch this episode as the synopsis sounded rather dull but I think I’ll watch it right after Lie to Me.

    Hilarious review, BTW. 🙂 And poor Tara, I like her character.

  2. I love it when Hanssen goes all literary – this week we had the Bard with a nod towards the Scandinavian connection, and Kafka. He’s such a wag.

  3. holbylover819

    I actually shouted out “Go Dan!” after his speech. That was great, and also Chantelle has finally got a proper storyline! Ish.
    I had a bad feeling when Tara got in the CT scanner, the last time this happened it was when Tricia discovered she had liver cancer. It can’t be the last we’ve heard of her though,not just for Ollie’s sake but because she’s in the title sequence and Marie-Claire’s had more lines!

  4. Mr Donnelly

    Chantelle is an excellent nurse – I had quite overlooked that she was still an agency nurse. Isn’t it time she was offere a permanent contract?

    • pauseliveaction

      I agree. She’s a far better nurse than the Best Nurse.

      • Nikki

        We need to leave room for the Prettiest Nurse in all of holby dont forget … *coughs* Mary-Claire *coughs* Shes awesome too and works on all wards! Even paeds!

      • WaterlooVamps

        Oh, no. Chantelle’s nice and everything, but she is not overtaking TBNITH (aka Eddi). We can have The Best Nurse in the Hospital – Eddi, The Prittiest Nurse in the Hospital – Marie-Claire, and The Smiliest Nurse in the Hospital – Chantelle, OK?

  5. WaterlooVamps

    He is NOT gone, he has gone to sell his campervan. I belive it well within my soul (and because I checked Joseph Millson’s Twitter).

  6. HolbyNut

    Really, Luc hasn’t scarpered on Eddi? Phew – cos that would be too cruel and would give her even more of a chip on her shoulder and may send her back to the bottle – remember she was a bit of a wino when she first arrived….

  7. Denise Hewson

    Did anyone else think that Malik had a funny look on his face when he saw Dan and Simon together having their tender moment?? Hope he doesn’t have feelings for one of them, Dan being the most likely candidate.

    Didn’t Jac look gorgeous??

  8. Julie H

    Good episode; enjoyed seeing Hanssen and particularly, Victoria Atken [is that how your spell her name] as the foreign-accent girl!

    As for Chantelle, well, she’s OK, but a little bit like the now-gone Alice from Casualty if you see where I’m coming from.

  9. Corumba Love

    Have had the time to do some deep research over this last week (high land & hard rain have their compensations) and have been testing my theory that, when not in scrubs, Vital Dan likes to sport a checked shirt. And, by george, he does! Now I know it’s not the done thing to quote Monty Python but a few lines are in order I think:

    I like to press wild flowers.
    And hang around in bars.
    I wish I’d been a girlie,
    Just like my dear Papa.

    I’ve left out the bits about high heels and suspenders because that, a friend tells me, is another issue entirely. Point is: from the start of his Holby career Dan has been coming over all lumberjacky.

    Holby’s writing team might have the attention span of a gnat on speed but the wardrobe department are clearly masters of the subliminal universe. Dan gay? So much so obvious – but his dad over-compensating as well? Genius unchained. All of which brings me to the recurring question of Jac in leathers …

    May I have a research grant please PLA?

  10. Nikki

    Put your hands up who knew Tara had some ailing health condition unyet benknownst to the viewers and her colleagues? *puts hand up* I’m not trying to blow my Holby trumpet 9or any musical isntrument) but I SO guessed that. Not the exact diagnosis, but that there was something funny going on. She was making comments about making the most of your life while you can, and rescued that patient in the rain with ridiculous levels of dedication, becasue she could see something of herself in the patient. Or so goes my character analysis. I too PLA, love Little Lo. I hope Jac made some contacts in San Fran that can help, or that Connie has taken up Neurosurgery in her spare time or something.

    Hurrah for Dull Dans outing! That storyline really needed to resolve itself already. I hope he can be happy now with Simon and start a reltionship he relly wants and with a man he really wants. You know? He might be a useless surgeon but he deserves a break already.

    I know friends of mine might hit me for saying this, but I quite like Luc and Eddi. They … have a funny sort of spark that seems to work. Like you wouldnt have put them together, (like you would Chrissie and Sacha and yet now theyre the Perfect Couple of Cuteness) and now were seeing them sharing a bunkbed and whatnot, and it sort of works you know? I dont think Luc’s legged it. I think were just being made to think that. And he’ll have gone and bought a terrace or soemthing in suburbia. You’ll see.


    • Corumba Love

      “Hurrah for Dull Dans outing!”

      Gosh, that sounds like fun & frocks – sorry frolics – and I bet I’m not alone in being up for the trip. I’d happily chip in for a PLA themed funbus to travel the land, Priscilla Queen of the Desert style. ABBA and the parping of assorted showtunes would play at full vol with Dan enthroned on the roof. In full regalia, naturally.

      A happy throng (note the ‘r’) could we be.

      • pauseliveaction

        No ABBA. Not on my watch.

      • WaterlooVamps

        Ooooh terrace in suburbia – love it! And no-one would hit you for that, they are the best couple since peanut butter and jam (which I’ve never actually tried, but I hear it’s nice…)

  11. Hannah

    Definitely, and maybe to test Eddi’s love for him?!

  12. Go Dan! PS – I hope Tara and Oliver become a proper couple and kiss so that they can be declared a Holby couple.

  13. Sorry this comment was posted in 2014 only just started reading Pauseliveaction and not been able to stop! Its amazing

    • Sue Haasler

      Thank you, GTBFTD! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and hope you’ll keep commenting. I don’t think here’s much chance of Tara coming back from the dead, unfortunately, but maybe she’ll appear as a ghost like Linden Cullen’s wife.

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