Holby City: He’s a big boy. He can handle it

(Series 14, Ep.35, 36) Bit of a fail on the blogging front last week, which was a shame because it was a cracking episode. There was an equal dose of romance and coughing. Dan and Simon were making eyes at each other and so were Oli and Tara (and what beautiful eyes they both have) and Luc and Eddi. The episode ended with Luc and Eddi kissing in his caravan. So far so squeee, but there was that coughing to worry about. It turned out it was Legionnaire’s Disease, and it was coming from Somewhere in the Hospital.

This week, the situation turned out to be so drastic that they even had to get some cast members from Casualty involved. Big Mac and Dr Dylan Keogh were drafted in for no particular reason apart from they probably fancied a trip to Borehamwood to see The Hollywood of Hertfordshire at first hand, because they didn’t actually do very much. I was hoping to see Dr Tom Kent, particularly when a little paediatric case turned up in AAU, but sadly it didn’t happen. The little paediatric case was called Noah, and his presence caused all sorts of problems for Dr Luc Hemingway. This was because young Noah not only had Legionnaire’s, but he also had emotional problems. Our Luc doesn’t really do emotional, not even when he’s woken up to find the Best Nurse in the Hospital adorning the bunk bed of his camper van.   It really exasperated Eddi, to the point where she declared she would just have to apply for a transfer. Again. At which point Luc asked her to remind him what comes between sleeping together and IKEA. Apparently the answer is “a date,” according to Eddi. It’s lovely to know that good old-fashioned romance isn’t dead, isn’t it? Oh, and Luc even had time to sort out where the Legionnaire’s disease was coming from and sort out little Noah’s various issues along the way, thus proving that he’s not only a top doctor, but he’s also emotionally worthy of the love of The Best Nurse In The Hospital.

Luc wasn’t the only one who woke up with an attractive nurse in his bed. Dull Dan and Smouldering Simon had apparently also taken their relationship to the next level (it’s only a short step after this to IKEA and some of their famous meatballs). It was rather lovely to see Dull Dan out of the closet. He actually looked happy for the first time in forever – certainly a lot happier than when he was pretending to be smitten by Chrissie – and he didn’t even seem all that Dull anymore.

It was a shame it couldn’t last. All it took was for Daddy Hamilton to rock up with a neurological complaint and an annoying line in “nudge, wink” comments vis a vis Dan and various (female) nurses, and Dan’s new-found gay pride was disintegrating before our eyes. I actually felt sorry for Dan, but possibly even more sorry for Simon, who got the brush off despite being adorable.

While all this was going on, Elliott was mentoring comedian Andi Osho. And there was no sign of Oli or Tara at all.

Next time: Dan is still hovering on the threshold of that closet; Luc is hovering on the threshold of making a commitment; and Chantelle is hovering about trying to impress Hanssen. And I will be doing my best to try to write a blog within a sensible time.

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15 responses to “Holby City: He’s a big boy. He can handle it

  1. WaterlooVamps

    Wowowowowow! Those were two pretty amazing episodes! Obviosly I am absolutely over the moon with Eddi and Luc (Weren’t his desperate kisses just adorable?!) and I thing Dan and Simon woyld be really happy together. Love the Sleeping together > Date > IKEA thing. I watch Casualty pretty religiously now and loved it when Dylan and Big Mac came in too (And seriously, Lenny’s gone???). It was son sweet to see Luc come out of his shell and t learn more about him and his past (And his caravan – we’ve seen the bathroom now!)

  2. Corumba Love

    Ah … good to have you back.

    Too did think* that Dan had ceased to be dull – being alive for a rare while does that to a chap, I guess. Not usually taken with Holby romances (other than Jac’s smackdowns with my locker) but have to agree all that pairing off was quite fun.

    Channeling inner Yoda via travel Scrabble as currently Loch Ness bound – need meat for the dogs.


    • pauseliveaction

      Ignoring the last sentence because it’s just too bizarre for words, your phrase “being alive for a rare while does that to a chap” is very much hitting the nail on the head.

      • Corumba Love

        It might have helped had I inserted the referral asterisk before that last sentence as intended. Well, it would have explained the first part (Yoda etc). As for the rest, made it to Loch Ness – turns out it’s in Scotland, 11 hour drive, who knew? – but, what with all the fighting in the streets over the independence issue, no one has the time to hold the monster down long enough to carve some tasty off-cuts. I might ask Alex Salmond for a pound of flesh instead as he has plenty to go around; I know this because a tour of the First Minister takes at least 15 minutes from navel to navel.

        All of which, of course, is of significantly less interest than Holby City – to which I now return you.

      • pauseliveaction

        It’s not right feeding your dogs on mythical beasts anyway.

      • Corumba Love

        Well that’s nice, isn’t it? Anyway, not sure that Figs & Del Boy (Figment & Delusion) would agree with you.

  3. Mr Donnelly

    I don’t know what the point of having Dylan there was. He wouldn’t have been using that entrance on arrival at work but the ED entrance.

  4. “Channeling inner Yoda via travel Scrabble as currently Loch Ness bound – need meat for the dogs.” As random an assembly of unassociated words as one might find on a completed Scrabble board indeed. But never mind about that, Caramba. Am I the only person irritated by Dan’s predictability the the narrow parameters of his role? Poor bloke: if he’s getting shirty/hurty in one exchange, you can bet your bottom he’s then apologising in the next, then hurty/shirty in the next, and then apologising again in the next. I wish the script writers would give the character a new dimension so that he can do something different with his face.

    • pauseliveaction

      That’s what I liked about Dan in this episode – for a wee while at the beginning he wasn’t hurty or shirty, but actually flirty.

  5. holbylover819

    Legionnaires Disease. That’s freaky topical, on the beat, life imitating art etc. And finally we have a love storyline without a love octagon in it. I am assuming Dan will come out of the closer at some point once he’s overcome the many obstacles.
    Talking of various obstacles, Luc and Eddi have a very rocky road ahead of them methinks.
    I miss Jac.

    • pauseliveaction

      The Divine Rosie is in the cast list for next week, so we can expect at least a glimpse of Jac goodness.

  6. Glanbraint

    Never commented before but love your blogs. You sooooo hit the nail on the head every time. Keep up the good work.

  7. Denise Hewson

    Dan and Simon are so lovely together, I hope they get their happy ever after. Eddi and Luc are destined to be star crossed lovers, I think – just can’t see them together longterm.
    Ollie loves Tara – sweet! Still don’t like Jonny and can’t wait for Jac to reappear!!

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