Holby City: A rainy day in old Holby town

(Series 14, Ep.34)  There was ever such a lot of hurtling about in this episode. They used to send Jac on her motorbike to fetch emergency organs, but now they’ve got Jonny and Mo to do it and Mo’s so heavily pregnant she probably can’t fit on a motorbike at the moment, so they go by car. On this occasion they were sent to collect a heart, but arrived to find the father of the current owner of the heart wasn’t emotionally ready to let it (or his son) go. Against his better judgement and protocol, Jonny found himself taken into the confidence of this poor man and eventually the heart got the thumbs up, as it were. I found I liked Jonny more when he was being kind and sensitive and nurse-ish than I do when he’s back at Holby being a leery old Jac-magnet.

While all this was going on, the intended recipient of the heart had gone AWOL, as patients on Holby tend to do all too frequently. Tara Lo had taken rather a personal interest in this patient, and she took it upon herself to go and get her back. Young Dr Oliver Valentine took it upon himself to go with her. So off they went in the biggest downpour Holby has seen since that time there was a flood and Mark “Jesus” Williams had to deploy sandbags and his best sorrowful expression to keep the floodwaters at bay.

Someone at Holby HQ had clearly been having a think. “What could be more photogenic than Oli and Tara?” they pondered. “Gosh, I know, we’ll get them wet.” Bravo for coming up with that idea, because it really worked.

In Tara, Oli has found someone who can sort of fill the void left by The Radiantly Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine. Like Penny, Tara is intelligent, caring, a bit reckless, a little bit naive and very beautiful. And unlike Penny, she isn’t his sister, which comes in handy during those “Oops, I just fell face down on you while you were lying face up” -type moments.  

Tara is obviously harbouring A Secret Past. We’ve had a lot of secret pasts in the past (I have this way with words), what with Irish Dr Greg, Jac, FLNT and Oliver himself. Dr Luc Hemingway’s secret past is still a secret. So I’ve no idea what Tara’s is going to turn out to be, but I don’t think it’s that she used to be a man. I think we can safely rule that out. I think we can also rule out that she’s secretly married to Hanssen as well.

While all this heart stuff was going on, guest artiste James Dreyfus was playing a man who was convinced it was the end of the world. Chantelle was pragmatic. “We can’t face the end of the world without a cup  of tea in our hands,” she reasoned. “It wouldn’t be British.” Quite right, too.

It wasn’t tea that Serena’s daughter had been drinking, and she turned up at Holby somewhat the worse for wear, towing a friend who was even more worse for wear, given that she’d taken ecstasy and also had an ectopic pregnancy. It’s been ages since we had an ectopic pregnancy on Holby. There was a time when there was at least one a week. Anyway, all this gave Serena the chance to bond just a weeny bit with Ric, when he told her he’d had a problem child of his own in the form of the late lamented Leo.

There was no Hanssen at all this week, but now he’s had a week off I’m expecting an absolute mega-loom next week to compensate.

Speaking of next week: Luc and Eddi; Oli and Tara; and Dan “finds the courage to be true to himself.” Hurrah!

PS – I’m having a crisis. Am I spelling Oli right? The BBC Holby site spells it Ollie. Opinions, please.

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14 responses to “Holby City: A rainy day in old Holby town

  1. Tea

    Oli, looks wrong Ollie or Olly looks better.

  2. holbylover819

    My admiration of Chantelle is gradually increasing. She may be naïve but she’s quietly BRILLIANT. She’s friendly to everyone and never makes mistakes…unlike Malick. 

    And when did Sacha turn into Yoda? “The small bowel, it must be.”

    Jac was fawning over babies in Paeds. At least in my mind. 

    Elliot and Mary-Claire made a dynamic duo I thought. 

    Hmm not sure about that new GS consultant. Clever but conniving. But she got Malick out of trouble so she’s neutral at the mo. 

    I’ve always spelt it Ollie but Oli looks cooler. 
    Ah the cliché beginnings of a love story! Running in the rain, wet clothes, landing on top of each other… never happens in real life. He’ll be pushing Tara up against a locker next week. 
    On the contrary, WHY?! Jac and Ollie are surely meant to be together! Well I’m all up for a Holby affair if anyone else is. No?
    Chantelle was so sweet with that patient. Such a good nurse. I can only imagine what Jac would have told him. 
    I loved how Serena knew where the bar keys where. To use Gabby’s words, she’s “cool”. I thought it would have been more interesting if she and Ric had remained enemies. But Hannsen would have just sent them on a people skills course and we know how those end (!)
    The Jonny storyline was a bit meh in my opinion. I felt it was only there to show us both sides of the transplant situation as the Holby writers like to do. Still, anything’s better that watching Chrissie give Sacha’s daughter the evil eyes all episode. 
    This was the best episode in a while which I expected after last week. 
    As always I loved reading your blog. Turned a bad day into a good one.

    Ps Why rule out Tara and Hannsen secret marriage? I’d send a letter to the Holby writers if I were you.

    • holbylover819

      Whoops the first part of that message was a comment on a different episode!

    • pauseliveaction

      I so agree with you about Chantelle. She’s fab. Lleucu hasn’t been seen much recently, though. I had hoped for a Donna/ Maria sort of thing with the two of them.

  3. Oli

    Long time reader of the blog first time commenter
    As an Oliver it just has to be Oli not Ollie or Olly, Oli is far more distinguished

  4. Bethany

    I have always spelt it like “Ollie,” but I’m not that sure because there are many different variations of “Sacha” as well. 

    I like Jonny, and, I believe, if everyone gave him a chance, then he will turn out to be a decent, caring human being. (Plus, it’s about time Jac got some loving) 😉 

    I do not like Tara and Ollie as yet because of, well, I’m still hoping for the return of Jollie at some point in the future. 

    I am convinced that Tara’s “secret” past is that she is Hanssen’s love child. However, I sometimes fear that she will become an “Elizabeth Tate,” which I dread to think of. 

  5. BQueen

    For Tara’s backstory I vote ‘near death experience’. Being saved, she developed a burning urge to save others.

    I liked this ep, and as always the write ups are masterful

  6. WaterlooVamps

    I wasn’t sure about the whole Tara/Oli thing, but I am now – they are SUCH a fated couple! I thought maybe she had a heart transplant…hmmm…we’ll find out. I think Jonny’s about the nicest person ever, so give him a bit of credit 🙂 I can’t wait for next week, but there is no clip on the Holby website!!

  7. I’d go with whichever spelling the BBC website are using, given that they invented his character and all 🙂 Loving this blog btw x

  8. Alice

    I’ve always spelt it ‘Ollie’. I think there’s a few different variations but I’m fairly sure they do use the spelling ‘Ollie’ for this character

  9. Wow. I actually have a soft spot for Tara and Ollie

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