Holby City: Could do better

(Series 14, Ep.33)  It’s not like your humble correspondent to be lost for Holby words, but I find myself in that position this week. To be honest, my attention wandered onto such topics as whether to try shampooing the cat (she’s a tad elderly and has given up on grooming) and whether the Queen is looking forward to her jubilee or just wishes everyone would shut up about how old she is (she’s a tad elderly, but unlike the cat has not yet given up on grooming).

These “meh” Holby episodes do happen along once in a while and I don’t particularly worry about them (I’m sure there’ll be another good one along in a week or so). What I do worry about is Jonny “Smug Face” Maconie, who I see has been installed in the opening title sequence and must therefore be considered a permanent fixture (or as permanent as cast members get on Holby these days). There’s something about him that makes me want to slap him with a nice, fat wad of patient files – if only Holby hadn’t gone paperless. I suspect slapping him with an iPad wouldn’t feel so satisfying.  

Following last week’s unseemly behaviour in the store room, both Jac and Jonny seemed keen for a repeat. Some poor cleaner or other had worked hard to get those bedpans neatly piled up, as well. It didn’t happen, though, due to timing issues caused by patients (they are so inconvenient). I can only assume Jonny has some amazing woman-pleasing tricks up his sleeve (ok, they’re maybe not actually up his sleeve), because I see no other reason for his appeal at all.

Malick got slightly run over at the start of the episode and this might have accounted for his subsequent mad behaviour when he brought a child with  a back injury into Keller without any spinal precautions and without contemplating for long that A&E was really the best place to take him, what with them having an adorable paediatric trauma specialist and all (ah, the lovely Dr Tom Kent. Now there’s a man worth Jac’s attention). It was the usual case of surgeons (Malick and Serena) disagreeing over how to treat a patient, and Malick did a spot of ninja-level surgery after first doing some rather Sahira Shah-like emoting. What’s happened to his Clinical Skills Tsar job? Where are the Malickites these days? They’re probably wandering around the basement lost. They won’t be seen again until Oliver Valentine has his next emotional crisis and has to go down there to sit in the Penny Valentine Memorial Pondering Position. His pondering will be cut short when a troupe of hollow-eyed, emaciated medical students staggers past, in search of their beloved mentor.

Meanwhile, on AAU, Sacha was back at work. His powers of recovery are quite fabulous. That’s what quiche does for you. His daughter Rachel turned up with a sore tummy. Was it appendicitis? Was it psychological trauma because her dad had recently been stabbed? Or was it an attempt to avoid an exam? Not too sure, to be honest. I totally lost interest in that storyline, which seemed to involve Chrissie looming over the poor girl’s bed giving her a death stare every five minutes.

Next time: Serena’s daughter turns up drunk and on drugs. And Tara puts her career – and Oliver’s – at risk for a patient.

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14 responses to “Holby City: Could do better

  1. jen

    Oh but it was dull though – I kept thinking something interesting was going to happen, but it was only Malick being unprofessional again, which happens so often it’s actually boring… Your review was about 300% more entertaining than the actual episode methinks :o)

    Also, I’m convinced the only reason Sasha was forced to return to work so soon is because Luc is apparently MIA again… it seems he’s hanging around somewhere waiting to be paged for any extra surgery that pops up, as that’s what’s happened two episodes running now?! I’m guessing he’s supposed to be in the lab but it’s really very dull when he’s not around on AAU being sarky and winding Eddi up :o(

    • pauseliveaction

      I’m glad you thought it was dull, too, because I always worry people will be thinking, “What’s PLA on about? That was a corker of an episode.” Maybe Luc is trapped in the lab with the Malickites. If no-one finds them soon they’ll go feral, like ‘Lord of the Flies.’

  2. Dreamer

    Seriously, someone page Joseph Byrne – he’s needed in Holby!

    BTW, what does ‘bully for you’ actually mean? It just doesn’t make sense.

  3. Brie

    I bought this episode was odd. Just odd.
    First Jac and nurse bloke: meh. I thought all the ‘SHE GOT IT WRONG, OOH’ stuff was silly. Admittedly I wasn’t paying much attention but I thought the patient came in with symptoms and Jac said it was one thing but then looked again an it was another. Now I know the whole point was so that nursey prove what a good nurse he is and make Jac be a better sweeter person but it was a bit OTT. when the patient said she was sock of being messed around sooooo much, I was like huh? They had no diagnosis before then had ONE before she got to the final one. It’s not like they cut her open 47 times! It seemed like a standard case to me, have they ever seen House?!! If he were there she’d have nearly died 4 times before he got his epiphany in the 37th minute! I think if the writers wanted the reaction they were obviously going for, they should’ve made Jac obviously wrong like the scan was Blatently showing whatever it was but the scan was inconclusive and the whole thing just served to make Jac look bad for no reason, Nursey to look saint like and for him and transplant girl to have a giggle (didn’t appreciate that, you’ve got to make me like you before you start criticising characters I like!).
    Thing two: Serena and Malick: Snooze. I love Malick as always but this was tiresome. If I was Malick I’d have said to that Serena ‘you’re obviously making me do the op, in the hope that I mess up and paralyse the kid, thereby teaching me a lesson to always listen to you!’ She’s supposed to be tough yet awesome and connie -like but Im not seeing that yet, just cartoon villainous. Like she stalks the hospital going ‘mwhahaha, we’re going to make the whole ward efficient! I’m sooo evils!’
    Thing three: I like Dan now. They’re writing a lot better for him. I like him and Malick as friend more than that dislike thing they had before. If I had my way, I’d want them to either get together and be happy or at the least be Bestie friends.
    Thing four: Sacha and Chrissie: Meh is giving that storyline too much credit. He shouldn’t even be back at work but ok. But this thing with his kid who dislikes Chrissie is just boring. So the sooner she inevitably cheats or dumps him and he’s back to being with Michael,the happier!
    Bonus: though it was only for a few brief minutes, my Swedish tv husband graced our screens whilst ordering his photos chronologically and smirking in the most adorable way ever during the meeting.
    Made this whole episode worth it.

  4. Barry

    I must be alone in enjoying this episode. I really enjoy Serena’s scenes but it feels like everyone compares her negatively to Connie and as we all know, only Jac could have filled those shoes, and so far she hasn’t. I liked the little nod with Hanssen over ‘Troy Cain/ Toy Crane’ – they might be on a similar wavelength and I look forward to seeing more of her manipulation. Malick does need to be seen teaching more though.

    And of course “he’s not Joseph so how could she?”, is the general fandom response to Johnny, and again that’s not fair. He’s an interesting character and just because he’s not as attractive as Luke Roberts I hope we get to see Marie Claire interact with him soon – maybe they’ll do a bit of interacting when Jac is away and she’ll come back to that…

    The Sacha storyline was the weak link – it’s funny how Dan has become a better written character when freed of Chrissie, and Sacha, in my opinion, is gone in reverse (his best scene in ages was the one with Jac last week). She is one character I would not miss if written out but as Rachel was in the ‘recurring guest stars’ list on the credits, I fear we’re going to have step mum from hell story to contend with/ bore us.

    On a totally unrelated topic, fans of Penny Valentine should check out Revenge on E4 (started this week) as Joshua Bowman, who played ‘hunky fireman with the dodgy heart’ Scott is in it as a rich playboy with a mother who would make Connie seem like Elliot. It’s great fun!

    • Brie

      I think the comparisons between Serena and Connirme are made all the worse because it seems the writers WANT us to compare the two e.g Ric’s list of past consultants. If they hadn’t mentioned that then it might have been different. I don’t dislike Serena because she’s not Connie, I think she has potential to be a good character, I think the writers haven’t done anything yet, to warrant the ‘wow she’s cool’ reaction they seem to want. I say give it time, try to avoid trying to make her like Connie and stop being generically slightly mean for not being saintly like Ric and she could be great.
      Writers, youre pushing a tad to hard to early, let us get to like Serena, don’t tell us we like her.
      Thats Just what I’ve thought from watching 🙂
      It’s nowhere near as bad as Sahira though. *Shudders at the memory*

    • Collins1965

      I don’t dislike Jac with Jonny because he is not Joseph, but because he is smug, ugly and quite frankly, just not good enough for her. Like PLA I would have loved to see her in a similar storyline with Sean, the paediatrician – they had great chemistry, AND he appreciated Jac for the twisted yet vunerable magnificent being that she is!!

  5. WaterlooVamps

    I have to disagree, I thought it WAS a corker (?) of an episode, well, the Darwin part anyway. I really love the Jac/Jonny parts (But you know me), and think he could really put her in her place. If it does work out then it will be very, VERY hard for Jonny, but I think he’ll get there eventually. I found the Rachel/Sacha/Chrissie bit extremely dull and on Keller only enjoyed the bit when Serena walked in on Malick in the…ahem…bathromm. I really am starting to hate Serena, how about you?

  6. pauseliveaction

    I like Serena and I’m looking forward to seeing her character develop. I agree with Barry that there might be some interesting interaction with Hanssen to come.

    But as for Jonny… I’m just not getting it. I don’t even see any chemistry between him and Jac. There was more chemistry between her and the paediatrician who was around in the baby Freya episodes. That relationship could have gone further, I think.

    • WaterlooVamps

      Nah, I think Jonny’s way better (because he is AWESOME!!!), but that’s just my opinion. I think Serena is thoroughly irritating and mean to everyone else on the ward 😦

  7. Mrs HH

    Ummm I was bored also…even me Holby Husband had nowt better to do than fiddle with his holiday snaps!

    Best moment for me was HH saying “What do you say?” and Jac’s “Thank you”

    Alas Ms Campbell is now annoying me as she is strangling Malick and as for the new two…the jury is so far out that they may not be returning.

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