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Holby City: Could do better

(Series 14, Ep.33)  It’s not like your humble correspondent to be lost for Holby words, but I find myself in that position this week. To be honest, my attention wandered onto such topics as whether to try shampooing the cat (she’s a tad elderly and has given up on grooming) and whether the Queen is looking forward to her jubilee or just wishes everyone would shut up about how old she is (she’s a tad elderly, but unlike the cat has not yet given up on grooming).

These “meh” Holby episodes do happen along once in a while and I don’t particularly worry about them (I’m sure there’ll be another good one along in a week or so). What I do worry about is Jonny “Smug Face” Maconie, who I see has been installed in the opening title sequence and must therefore be considered a permanent fixture (or as permanent as cast members get on Holby these days). There’s something about him that makes me want to slap him with a nice, fat wad of patient files – if only Holby hadn’t gone paperless. I suspect slapping him with an iPad wouldn’t feel so satisfying.   Continue reading


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