Holby City: You know I can tell when someone’s hiding something

(Series 14, Ep.32)  The most important thing is, Sacha’s not dead. He survived being stabbed last week and he survived an hour of Chrissie fussing over him and trying to force-feed him quiche this week. Oh, and a nasty infection which Michael Spence sorted out for him. By the end of the episode he was looking considerably perkier and I dare say the quiche was beginning to look appetising. Sacha looks like a man who enjoys his food.

The new transplant team arrived this week. The “team” consists of the wonderfully forthright and heavily pregnant Mo Effanga and the less pregnant and less forthright nurse Jonny Maconie. This is the Jonny Maconie Jac thought was a neurosurgeon when she shagged him last week. Although you can most certainly accuse Jac of being a snob generally (“I’m only jealous of thin people!” she said to Mo), she’s an equal opportunities shagger and when we last glimpsed her she was helping Jonny get the store cupboard into a shocking state of disarray with some passionate shenanigans. I fail to see the allure of Jonny, myself. He has a smug face. I can’t help thinking after sampling the delights of Joseph Byrne and Young Dr Oliver Valentine, Jac has rather downgraded this time.  

I’m loving Mo, though, and I can only hope she makes good on her promise to take just two weeks maternity leave (and only that much if she really, really needs it), because I don’t want her disappearing for long. Like any good new Holby surgeon, she got stuck straight in with a Terribly Risky Procedure – whipping out the heart from a patient who was receiving a new heart and lungs and sticking it into another patient, after patching it up a bit first. We were treated to the sight of a chest cavity with no heart in it and everyone went “Wow.” Even Tara Lo, who was watching through the window. This is Tara Lo who couldn’t so much as look at a bloodshot eye without fainting a few short weeks ago. The girl has come a long way.

It was a week for newbies, because we were also introduced to nurse Simon Marshall, played by Paul Nicholls off of EastEnders. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before I can look at him and not hear the phrase, “I’m worried about Joe!” in my head, but it’s possible he’ll have gone again before that happens. He seems to be mainly a plot device to finally get Dull Dan to leap from the cupboard marked Closet and declare he is what he is and what he is needs no excuses. Simon’s not only gay, but he’s cute (not as cute as when he was Joe) and he and Dan go waaaay back. And Simon reckons he can always tell when someone’s hiding something.  You can imagine Dan’s reaction to that news. He’ll be laughing heartily and trying to look all heterosexual next.

Next time: Jac is offered a job in America (someone burn her passport – now); and is Sacha’s daughter pretending to be ill to get out of doing an exam? The very idea!

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7 responses to “Holby City: You know I can tell when someone’s hiding something

  1. Collins1965

    Great review as always. Agree about Jonnie being no Joseph Byrne in the looks department, and I find him annoying. Mo at the moment is giving me horrible flashbacks of Sahira coming in to Darwin and taking over!! Jac better only be gone for a short while!!! (Or in Penrith)

  2. Corumba Love

    Sun still below the yardarm – check.
    Clean & sober – checkity check
    Cleared to post? No, but …

    Couple of things noticed in this house: the beautiful comic timing of Henrik’s knowing grin as Elliot potters off screen for 1.342 seconds (“No there’s nothing bothering me”) before his indulgent one when Eliott shuffles back on again (“It’s just that …”). Note to self: must go to source material to bone up on correct number and distribution of letters in Elllloitttt.

    On the question of Jac’s slumming, Old Girl observed: “what we have here, see, is your actual f*** hate relationship”. Wise words, I nodded, whilst wishing I could be the locker that Naylor keeps pinning herself against in various throes of passion and undress. I’d probably forget my own combination were I that locker.

    As for Jonny Mac, well I’m a little concerned about that pouty chin of his, it’s got more hills and valleys than a ridge cut kettle chip. Valleys anyway – hills would imply that it’s anything other than a bit weak. Still, I bet he’s fearless with soup and a pot noodle, using those drainage channels to avoid embarrassing stains. Should he ever grow a beard (he should) it’ll come with natural fire-breaks; safety tested for a crafty fag or crisping up a crème brûlée. So, I suppose I’m not really concerned about Jonny Mac’s chin at all. I just don’t like his squinchy-eyed, pouty ways with the truth, Jac Naylor’s nothing-at-alls and, most of all – MOST OF ALL – me & my poor locker.

    In planning news, I’m rather taken with the idea of applying to put a swimming pool into that gaping chest cavity. Too late for London 2012 ® ©℗™, of course but I have big ideas for a Holby theme park. Elloititit Hope Donut carts will feature.

    Best. Stop. There.

  3. holbylover819

    I can imagine the next day a nurse opens the cupboard and goes “Wha…?”
    Why Jac O why would you choose Jonny over the adoring (not to be confused with odoring) and available and cute Dr Valentine? WHY!?!
    Ahem. Ah well Chantelle/Tara deserves a look in/chance at least.

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Really liked the Jac/Jonny in this week’s episode, and I can see some kind of (very difficult and painful for Jonny) relationship coming on here! Other then that meh, OK.

  5. Merseyuser1

    Liked the episode this week. But Jac seemed to have an out-of-character moment this week, I thought she was the “ice queen” there…

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