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Holby City: You know I can tell when someone’s hiding something

(Series 14, Ep.32)  The most important thing is, Sacha’s not dead. He survived being stabbed last week and he survived an hour of Chrissie fussing over him and trying to force-feed him quiche this week. Oh, and a nasty infection which Michael Spence sorted out for him. By the end of the episode he was looking considerably perkier and I dare say the quiche was beginning to look appetising. Sacha looks like a man who enjoys his food.

The new transplant team arrived this week. The “team” consists of the wonderfully forthright and heavily pregnant Mo Effanga and the less pregnant and less forthright nurse Jonny Maconie. This is the Jonny Maconie Jac thought was a neurosurgeon when she shagged him last week. Although you can most certainly accuse Jac of being a snob generally (“I’m only jealous of thin people!” she said to Mo), she’s an equal opportunities shagger and when we last glimpsed her she was helping Jonny get the store cupboard into a shocking state of disarray with some passionate shenanigans. I fail to see the allure of Jonny, myself. He has a smug face. I can’t help thinking after sampling the delights of Joseph Byrne and Young Dr Oliver Valentine, Jac has rather downgraded this time.   Continue reading


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