Holby City: Just make sure she doesn’t kill anyone

(Series 14, Ep.31)  Regular readers of this blog will know I usually lift the title of the post from a bit of the dialogue in the show that strikes me as particularly apt. Near the beginning of last night’s episode, I jotted down, “Just make sure she doesn’t kill anyone,” which Michael Spence said regarding the new junior doctor, Ella Barnes. Michael was talking to Sacha, who had faith in Ella even if no-one else did. He’s like that, Sacha – he sees the best in everyone, he wants to do right by people, he’s kind and he’s just all-round lovely.

So what kind of a shock was it when the person Ella possibly ended up killing was Sacha himself? Not directly, but via a chain of events that ended with Sacha being accidentally stabbed by a scalpel wielded by an angry boy. Ella rewarded Sacha for all his kindness by freaking out and leaving him to bleed on the floor in AAU, where thankfully he was soon found by Chrissie. I did find it hard to believe that, in a hospital where at least three consultants are only a paper aeroplane’s throw away from any given incident, Chrissie was practically all alone and had no better idea than to ring Michael (who was in theatre) for advice. What about the A&E department downstairs, stuffed full of experts in stabbings etc? But let’s fling that aside – I’m just too worried about Sacha to nitpick right now. Particularly as the last words of the episode were these ominous utterings from Michael Spence: “I’ve done my best, but I gotta be honest – the next few hours are critical.”  

Was this all arranged by cunning scriptwriters just to deflect our grief about the loss of Goth Dr Frieda? It’s true. One of the most original, quirky and marvellous characters to ever grace the wards of Holby has left for pastures new, following a dispute with Serena Campbell over the care of an old lady with Alzheimer’s. Frieda got to make a stand for what she believes in and delivered a passionate speech to some money-types who’d come to watch Serena in theatre, but it was a low-key exit. I’m hoping this means the door is open for her to come back at some point. I did love the outfit she wore as she was leaving, though.

Jac went on her People Skills course and ended up sleeping with a Scottish neurosurgeon. Is it true romance for our favourite snappy redhead? Not judging by the speed with which she was out of the door afterwards, no.

Elliott Hope was offered the post of Professor of Darwin’s new Transplant Centre. First, he was required to master the concept of paperless working, which essentially meant iPads all round. There was a bit of a cock up (not his fault – Ella Barnes again) which almost resulted in someone dying, and Elliott lost faith in his ability to deal with new technology. He resorted to good old fashioned textbooks to discover that his patient suffered from a very rare illness. “It’s CIPA,” I told him, five minutes before he discovered it himself. This is because I googled it on the iPad I was using to make notes on. Technology 1, Textbooks 0. Elliott told Hanssen he couldn’t possibly take up the new post, because he was a dinosaur who couldn’t get to grips with the modern world. We’ve learned time and time again that you don’t say no to Hanssen, though, so it was no surprise when the world’s scariest Swede told Elliott he had every confidence and was sure he’d get the hang of it all, with a bit of training.

Hanssen Loom of the Week came quite early on in the episode, when Jac was briefing the staff about the paperless workplace. “When was this decided? Does Hanssen know?” Elliott asked her. “I should think so,” said Jac. “Since he’s standing behind you.” People, when will you learn? Hanssen is always standing behind you.

Next time: Chrissie is “not coping” (nooooo!), but Sacha’s name is still in the cast list (a cautious “Phew”).

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18 responses to “Holby City: Just make sure she doesn’t kill anyone

  1. Sophia

    HAHAHAHAHA!! I happened to stumble across this blog today. You’re so funny 🙂 “Hanssen Loom of the Week” is amazing because it’s so true!!

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you Sophia! I hope you’ll come back next week. I can’t guarantee to be funny again, though – it all depends how things go with Sacha *chews fingernails*

  2. Corumba Love

    Putting my cheesy wotsits to one side (in a bid to disguise the essential nerdalism of self) the übergeek inside has nevertheless been tickled by the emerging rash of iPads on Holby. It’s as though they’ve been breeding between episodes in the manner of wire coathangers at the back of a wardrobe. Now they’ve infitrated in sufficient numbers to warrant their own storyline and, ooh, I’m so excited. Excited enough to overlook Tara telling Elliott to “double click” when any fule kno that it’s a tap or a jabby-pressy thing that he should have been doing. Or perhaps a lingering-pressy thing. Anyway I overlooked it.

    Sad to see Frieda go even if I did enjoy her propaganda speech to the Shaun-of-the-Dead extras gathered at the window. Serious note: I did not disagree with the propaganda but it’s unsubtle and right-on message is the kind of thing that gives the BBC’s critics so much ammunition.

    And Ella. Oh Ella … how did you manage to get so far in your medical career before realising that it wasn’t for you? I would have said “not cut out for it” but since you couldn’t even stick a needle in (it’s a stabby-pressy motion you idiot) I would have been too kind. This on top of Tara’s issues with the sight of blood suggests that HR need to send themselves on a course or two – one that doesn’t involve sipping tea (nudge) with potential cast members.

    Now you may have already coined this one PLA, but may a chap suggest an addition to your HC lexicon: the Office of Infinite Chaos, as populated by Elliott, assorted foodstuffs and featuring a skyline of of sun-starved shrubbery and Borehamwood rooftops (NYC it ain’t).

    • pauseliveaction

      Before the Dawn of the iPads on Holby there was a vanguard action by the iPad’s little brother when every cast member suddenly had an iPhone. Before that, I distinctly remember Joseph Byrne had a Sony Ericsson phone. Yes, I know, I should get out more.

      Loving your work, CL. Nobody else could get “jabby-pressy” and “stabby-pressy” into such a small space. It’s poetry.

      • Corumba Love

        Mild rejoinders poke through but the shame of that “it’s a” render a chap well, um, stuffed. Yet another example of CL being not one of life’s natural proof readers.

        At least on grounds of taste, I didn’t go for the obvious “stabby-pressy thingy” in the case of Sacha, whose sacred loneliness I can only ascribe to the Chrissieness of the Long Distance Nice Guy. The usual Holbymergissimoes indisposed on account of being in remorseless combat with the Dawn of the Shaun of the Dead. Instead.

        Time for Bed.


      • Corumba Love

        Oh God – it’s worse than I feared.

        I’d just like to apologise for delivering such a tottering heap of impenetrable cobblers late on a beery Friday night. I think I might also have posted something on the Al Quaeda Attacks blog. Gulp.

  3. Dreamer

    Frieda and Michael don’t get a goodbye?! Why???

    And meh, Sacha’s going to be alright. BB said so.

  4. Mrs H

    Why is it when you say “Hanssen’s loom of the week” I start singing it in the stylee of Harry Hill’s TV Burp?

    Anyhoo…yes his Royal Loomingness loomed in a rather boyish way last night I feel and then looked like he was posing for a portrait in Elliot’s office…you know the portrait of him that will be hung up in the foyer when he leaves (which he better not do any time soon) next to the one of Anton Meyer!

    Enough of me husband then and onto more pressing matters. Now since when did Jac outrank Uncle Elliot? Have I missed something?

    Sasha…my cuddly one…what did they do to you? In all seriousness I thought the scene was brilliantly handled. A client of mine even commented upon it today. Chrissie actually got some sympathy from me as well…which was nice!

    Frieda’s departure was so low key it could not be heard by human ears…shame!

    Overall I really enjoyed this episode.There may not be any major love squares going on at the moment but I think the episodes have improved because of it. I hope it continues and if there is to be another long drawn out emotional train wreck I hope they do it better than the whole Sahira thing!

    As ever fab review!

  5. WaterlooVamps

    If Freida’s not metioned by Michael next week then I will be seriously buuged. I was crumpling my cusion at the Sacha bit – I thought he was dead, but I was reassured by my trusty Holby friend :). And I think there really might be something for Jac here, as Simon is to return next week…

  6. HolbyNut

    Oh my goodness, I was not prepared for the Sacha stabbing and think I actually cried out loud ‘Noooo, Sacha!’ with shock and, I believe, geniune concern – that adorable teletubby (as I think he was referred to last night) feels like my favourite uncle. The shock was followed by a tear as Sacha turned pale and fell to his knees – I could hardly watch!
    From reading the comments, hopefully he’ll pull though OK and I can sleep easy tonight!

  7. Nikki

    Didnt want Goth Dr Frieda to leave. Shes quirky and awesome and says it how it is, stands up for her beleifs and doesnt let the political crap get in her way you know? When weve had reams of young F1’s and F2’s bending to their consultants whims, but not she. She was strong. *sniffs*

    Secondly, I agree about the not-beleiving-ppl-wouldnt-help Sacha. A bunch of nurses and extras just stood there! Watching Chrissie struggle! Wouldnt they you know, ring the crash team, fetch her packs and stuff, run to A+E for help, generally be forwqard thinking and pro-active while panicking at the same time? The moment you put a crash call out, or even pull the emergency bell, everyone from everywhere appears out of their sleeping places and legs it to the scene! Even in holby you can get a crash trolley out the front doors for gods sake. *grumbles*

    And omg, PLA, how could you not mention about Jac? …. She … bedded a nobody? And … and … thats just not allowed! Shes only got eyes for Connie! *whines*

  8. Merseyuser1

    Good episode! Holby is picking up lately… enjoyed the Elliott scenes, would be good if Nick Jordan returned for an episode or two, and maybe Ania Sowinski as some new nurse character (I think she played a cop called Alison in “She’s Electric” and someone called Marina Duca [sic] [?] if I’m correct) – underrated but good actress.
    Heck, Holby could do with some new actors in, now that I heard that Adam Astill and Olga Fedori are going… but who?

  9. maleman

    I was really afraid Sacha would die. It’s usually the nice ones to make you really feel bad. Too bad we lost Frieda, her deadpan delivery was always hilarious.

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