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Holby City: A touch of the Beauchamps

(Series 14, Ep.30)  What do we think of Serena Campbell, then? It’s clear what we’re supposed to think of her. The hallowed names of Anton Meyer, Dan Clifford and, particularly, the goddess Connie Beauchamp were invoked enough times for us to realise that the new consultant on Darwin was being lined up as a legend in the making. Whether she’ll actually live up to her billing remains to be seen, of course, but for now I have to say I rather like her. She’s well named, being in possession of an assured serenity that infuriates everyone around her. Such fun.

It was an amusing episode, what with Serena and her 3D stack (it’s some kind of camera thing that turns surgery into a video game. Malick loves it) locking horns with Ric Griffin and his traditional way of doing things (ie not with a 3D stack). And we also had the fun of Jac Naylor being horrible to an F1 (Tara Lo – or, as Jac calls her, “F1”). I know a lot of people say Jac goes too far in her horribleness, but I’m endlessly amused by it. “Why do you always have to be so unpleasant?” Elliott asked her at one point. “I like to be consistent,” she replied. She certainly does.   Continue reading


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