Holby City: Goodbye, Irish Dr Greg

(Series 14, Ep.29)  Irish Dr Greg, eh? He’s been in Holby for over two years, and unfortunately for a large chunk of that time he’s been forced to run up and down corridors moaning, “Sahira! Sahira!” What a waste. It all started out so promisingly, as well. We first encountered him as Connie Beauchamp’s bit of Hot Irish Totty when she temporarily relocated to a posh private hospital in London. Subsequently he enjoyed a flirtation with the magnificent Mary Claire and the predictably flirtatious Chrissie and even a bit of a bromance with Joseph Byrne. He was a bit cheeky, a bit funny and – it was occasionally hinted – he might have Hidden Depths.

The depths got seriously hidden during the Sahira saga, when he became not much more than a sighing, hankering love-lorn loon. Then Sahira goes, and for his exit storyline Edward MacLiam is finally – finally – given a storyline to get his teeth into. Picking up from last week’s sexual abuse plot, Greg found himself in all kinds of trouble this week when the abused girl, Lucy, stabbed her father with a pair of scissors. Mary-Claire got the wrong end of the stick and thought Greg was being “inappropriate” with Lucy. Greg almost let the evil abusive father die in theatre. And it was left to Elliott (kindly) and Hanssen (cunning) to sort everything out. Meanwhile, Greg was spilling out his heart about his own past abuse to Lucy: “I’ve never had a life, not a proper one,” he told her. “I’ve never been close to people.” Not for want of trying, we might say, but the point was that he didn’t want Lucy to carry the shame and secrets in her life that he’d carried in his. It was touching and, like last week, beautifully written and played.  Lucy was persuaded to tell all and get help, but it was all a bit of a scandal, nonetheless, and it was better for Greg’s career for him to relocate to somewhere that wasn’t Holby. “A few phone calls from me and a reference overestimating your ability will probably help,” Hanssen told him.

The saddest scene was when Greg had to say goodbye to Mary-Claire. Niamh McGrady is another good actor who isn’t given all that much to do, but when she does she’s fantastic. Her poor wee face when Greg kissed her on the cheek was so sad.

And Malick was bailed out of a tricky spot by cunning, scary and rather magnificent new consultant Serena Campbell.

Next time: Tara tries to impress Jac (uh-oh!), Ric clashes with Serena  Campbell and Eddi tries to pretend her kiss with Luc didn’t mean anything. Good luck to all of them.

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20 responses to “Holby City: Goodbye, Irish Dr Greg

  1. Jeffiner

    Hmm, when I first heard Irish Dr Greg would be leaving our screens given that he’d have nowhere really for his character to go when Sahira left and sadly I was right. That said, I’m happy that we got to see that he actually IS a very talented actor just before he left and hopefully it won’t be too long before Ed reappears on our screens.
    Fantastic performances from all involved in the storyline, particularly again from the wonderful Antonia Clarke as the very distressed Lucy. Also was great to see Mary Claire (as it always is) and Elliot involved in the story and some classic looming from the Swedish scalpel. Possibly will argue that the saddest scene wasn’t Greg saying goodbye to Mary Claire but hearing his voice wobble like a lost child asking “what happens now?” after telling Elliot of his abuse, the screen certainly became very blurry at that point. Interesting to hear him telling Lucy he’d never been close to anyone, it explains his past reputation of being a morning after deserter until Sahira (and to a lesser extent, Mary Claire) got under his skin and past those barriers. But fare thee well, Irish Dr Greg, I’ll miss your beautiful nose (and eyes for that matter).
    Really liked the storyline on Keller, and I agree Serena well and truly WAS magnificent, looking forward to seeing more of her, should be interesting to see her clash with Ric.
    AAU, meh, Jasmine was a bit of a spoiled brat and the med student just irritated me, can’t wait to see the gorgeous Luc back there next week.

    Another fantastic review PLA

    • holbylover819

      Spoilt brat indeed. I would have been ECSTATIC if my dad just gave me an iPad. Plus she said she needed a laptop to stay in touch. There is a Skype app you know.

  2. holbylover819

    Phew I was worrying there was going to be no blog this week!

    My admiration of Chantelle is gradually increasing. She may be naïve but she’s quietly BRILLIANT. She’s friendly to everyone and never makes mistakes…unlike Malick. 

    And when did Sacha turn into Yoda? “The small bowel, it must be.”

    Jac was fawning over babies in Paeds. At least in my mind. 

    Elliot and Mary-Claire made a dynamic duo I thought. 

    Hmm not sure about that new GS consultant. Clever but conniving. But she got Malick out of trouble so she’s neutral at the mo. 

  3. Mrs H

    Bye Greg…I actually think I will miss you. You were another Sahira victim and I am very sorry we did not see you in your full glory very often but this episode was one of those occasions.

    I loved Uncle Elliot and his teary eyes.

    Wonderful looming by me lovely husband…having said that I might have strange fantasies about waking up with his Royal Swedishness but dear lord I’d have been scared if I came round to him looking at me like that! But beautifully cunning in taking evil dad down.

    New consultant…she shares my passion for bargains so I approve.

    Lovely review as always PLA…

  4. WaterlooVamps

    Yeah, it was good – it wasn’t amazing – but it was good. Too much Malick, not enough Jac, who was hopefully learning to be softer with all those babies! I really hated Jasmine through the whole of this until I, along with Michael, discovered she really just missed her Daddy. Can’t wait for Eddi and Luc tomorrow!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I reckon after the flirting with the patient's brother she'll get sent to Luc's office and he'll be like "What's up with you?" and she'll be like "It's you, Luc, you're so relaxed about all this and I love you, etc, etc" Sorry – my romantic brain went into overload there…

    • Corumba Love

      ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ???


      I really got the wrong end of the pineapple with this and was looking forward to pre-watershed suffocation under a pile of low-slung boobs.

      But then I turned them round.

      Ah well.

      • pauseliveaction

        It’s always educational to get these glimpses into the Corumba Love mind. Slightly scary, but always educational.

      • WaterlooVamps

        Yes, I know, sorry. As I said it was just my romantic brain going mental as it does every so often…

      • Corumba Love

        Indeed. ’tis a brave thought that crosses the CL mind.

  5. Mr Donnelly

    Isn’t it time Marie-Clare featured in the credits at the beginning of the programme – she appears often enough in the programme to be considered a main character.

    • pauseliveaction

      I agree. She should also get some storylines of her own.

    • Jeffiner

      Tuesday was her first appearance in nearly 3 months, and her last one before that (barring a brief appearance in Butterflies) was nearly 3 months before that, don’t think she’s regular enough to be considered a main character yet, much as I would love (and I gather so would Niamh herself) for her to be a regular. Definitely would prefer her to Lleucu (and I don’t mind Lleucu.

  6. HolbyNut

    I thought Greg was amazing in this episode – the touching scenes between Greg and Elliot made me blub out loud. I’m sorry to see him go too.
    All other storylines this week just paled in comparison – beautiful writing and acting and like the Hanssen/Sahira exit, the amount that was left unspoken was just so powerful and moving.

  7. Brie

    Oh Hanssen. You clever thing. I was almost taken in by his speech about to the bad dad about Greg being a perv! I love the way he just goes along with it and then BAM just drops it there and the dad was just…. I have no other words to describe it only: O_O
    And he was lovely to Greg. He knew what was up and made sure to give Greg helping hand. Aww.

    • pauseliveaction

      That speech from Hanssen was genius, wasn’t it? If he wasn’t a top surgeon he could be a lawyer with those skills. In fact I think he should have his own spin- off show, ‘Hanssen Is As Hanssen Does,’ in which he showcases a different talent every week by taking on another profession. I’d watch it.

      • WaterlooVamps

        So would I.

      • holbylover819

        Me too. We should start a petition.

      • Brie

        Next week on ‘Hanssen Is As Hanssen Does,’: Inspector Hanssen solves the mystery of the serial murderer known only as the ‘Holby Horror’.
        Then he bakes a cake. Because he also has mad cooking skills.

  8. Dreamer

    Holby City should have at least two Irish-accented people every series. It was a very good episode and I finally warmed up to Greg; shame it was Ed’s last episode. 😦