Holby City: The passion of the lonely Swede

(Series 14, Ep.27) Finally we waved goodbye to Sahira Shah the Registrah. She was looking anguished to the very last, emoting left, right and centre and getting inappropriately “passionate” (not in that way) about a patient. No clinical detachment, that’s her problem. Someone who has no problem with clinical detachment is Henrik Hanssen. His problem is more of the attachment than detachment type, and the person he was attached to was the aforementioned Shah. Once he knew she was leaving, he got ever so slightly tetchy, in a buttoned-up sort of way, telling her she could “drive her self-esteem from the fawning attentions of our finest beta males.” It’s a beautiful description of Greg Douglas, but it gave Sahira the clue that Hanssen didn’t just like her because of the quality of her parachute stitching. Duh. “Are you in love with me?” she asked him, and he responded by shooing her out of his office. Literally. “Shoo! Shoo!” he said.

We’re used to patients speaking the brains of the staff on Holby, but Hanssen found he could only speak his own heart about Sahira via the medium of trying to console a patient whose son was dying. In one of the most desperately sad scenes ever, all the more so for its restraint and calm, Hanssen finally told us how he was feeling. “The time of separation has come,” he told the father, as Sahira looked on. “The acute anguish will diminish, to be replaced by a dull ache which will not go. That much I know.” Lovely work by Guy Henry and a lovely piece of writing.

Elsewhere, Luc wanted to take a blood sample from Eddi for some reason, and to distract her he kissed her. This service is not offered by my local hospital and I want to know why.  And Malick let the power of being Clinical Skills Tsar go to his head and got all arrogant and, well, Sahira-ish about a patient.

Next time: Annalese turns up with some news for Michael. Maybe she wants him back, now she’s seen how lovely he looks with facial hair. Not that she’s shallow or anything.

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34 responses to “Holby City: The passion of the lonely Swede

  1. WaterlooVamps

    I’m just going to go a little crazy here – OMG LUC AND EDDI OMG LUC AND EDDI OMG LUC AND EDDI!!! Right, I think I’m just about done. Oh, wait – OMG!!! – yep, that’s it. So happy…ladidadida! They are such a perfect couple. A bit irritating that after all this build-up we never raelly found out what happened between Sahira and Hanssen. Hmmm… I also loved the severed hand. I’m one for gore.

    • pauseliveaction

      I thought you’d be happy! They are rather an adorable couple. I think we did find out what happened between Sahira and Hanssen. Nothing. He loved her, she didn’t realise, he never said anything. And he had a depth of feeling that Sahira, with all her supposed “passion,” could never, ever imagine.

      • WaterlooVamps

        Yes, I am not just ‘happy’, I am ‘watching that 20sec clip about 10 times on iPlayer every DAY ecstatic!’ Well, not quite. Yes, that was probably it. Was still wondering about that father/daughter thing but…no.

  2. To the Right, To the Left

    I thought this was a lovely episode. And why are all the awesome people 30+ years older than me??? 😦

    But now that we’ve said goodbye to Laila, we’ll next have to bid adieu to Olga Fedori in May. No more Frieda/Spence. Oy vey, my heart is definitely going to be crushed with all my favourite characters exiting all my favourite programmes, in the same month, no less.

    • pauseliveaction

      Olga Fedori is leaving? Say it ain’t so! That’s almost as upsetting as when I first heard Luke Roberts was leaving. I’m now officially traumatised.

  3. jencat

    Just delurking to go a bit crazy over Luc and Eddi as well… I spent the entire episode squeeing every time they popped up being adorable, and then the ending was just the icing on the cake :o) Love your reviews!!

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you jencat. Luc and Eddi are going to be interesting, I think. I wonder if they’ll be avoiding each other next week, Greg/Sahira, Dan/Malick style?

      • WaterlooVamps

        I don’t think they’ll avoid each other, but I think it will be a pretty tricky relationship as they are both stubborn and irritating (In the most adorable way possible!!!)

      • jencat

        I think half the fun of watching those two is that it’s never quite predictable – they keep switching between the adorable banter in public (my second favourite scene was Sacha cracking up over Eddi leaving the voicemail) and then the end of the week before was an odd scene in complete silence when Eddi turned up to tidy up the caravan… So I have no clue how they’ll react this week basically! But I will be recording it just in case there’s any more scenes I need to rewatch 20 times like last time…

        I have an inkling Eddi’s going to get her heart stomped on at some point, purely because we’re still not being let in on Luc’s big mystery – and neither is she 😉 Did I hear somewhere he’s about to take a ten week sabbatical from Holby as well (the actor rather than the character)?!

  4. VickyO

    Thanks for the review, PLA.

    For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, I’m just gonna write down all the statements that I strongly agree with:

    “Elsewhere, Luc wanted to take a blood sample from Eddi for some reason, and to distract her he kissed her. This service is not offered by my local hospital and I want to know why.”

    “And he had a depth of feeling that Sahira, with all her supposed “passion,” could never, ever imagine.”

    “And why are all the awesome people 30+ years older than me???” (different numbers, very much the same sentiment)

    “Olga Fedori is leaving? Say it ain’t so!”

    Many thanks to the respective authors.

    Also, I believe there’s just a sort of a general wailing sound coming from the direction of Henrik Hanssen’s fandom.

    • pauseliveaction

      “And why are all the awesome people 30+ years older than me???”

      This implies that Justin Bieber is not “awesome.” Can this really be true?

      • WaterlooVamps

        Yes, i <3ed the: This service is not offered by my local hospital and I want to know why.” bit!!

      • To the Right, To the Left

        I’m nearly 21 and I find Justin Beiber RUBBISH, along with a lot of modern singers/actors (who are mostly American). And let’s not forget Twilight. Ugh.

        Re Olga Fedori; she really is leaving – it says so on digital spy. 😦

  5. Mrs H

    I have just about managed to stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    I am not ashamed to say that a tear or two appeared in my eyes and a few well chosen rants occurred during this episode. Whatever me Holby husband felt for her – and I do believe he was in love with her – there was some beautiful acting from Mr Henry. His speech was just….without words!

    I know there are those out there who believe he wasn’t in love with her but duh! You don’t look at someone like that just because you think they’re good at holding scalpel!

    I think he just realised it was hopeless now and what swung it for me was he denied it (because he’s not great with emotion bless him) and then when she said she knew he wasn’t in love with her that was when he flipped in the most Hanssen like way!

    I do think that Sahira was shown up for what she was in the end but I am glad she managed to perhaps grasp at least what she meant to him.

    I actually warmed to Rafi…can we keep him please?

    But now I can officially sing ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ and I look forward to the return Henrik in full BAMF mode.

    Olga leaving is a shocker.

    This episode was hard for me of course but not only did I have to endure me husband being a bit emotional, me Holby lover goes and snogs Eddi. I was practically catatonic at this point!

    Lovely review once again! Off to see my counsellor!

    • pauseliveaction

      It must have been an emotional rollercoaster with no brakes for you, Mrs H. I do sympathise. I was watching Hanssen’s car park speech again to get the photo for the blog, and I found it even more moving the second time. Brilliant acting.

  6. Corumba Love

    Late to the party as usual. Ah well.

    First of all: curses; I was entirely wrong about HH and his connection with SS … right up to the very end I believed that he was making good on an in-loco-parentis promise when all the time he was simply loco for the girl. But then I’m a chap and so have cloth ears when it comes to matters romance.

    In the service of another cheap gag I’ve just spent the last ten minutes trying to remember which piece of classical music/opera that self-centred Sahira “doesn’t like” and which weekend conference she did or did not attend with him. I failed. No matter, she’s just another former infatuation junket after all.

    Ooh, one other thing. Do you think that the Holby Imps were playing with us when the Shah Cah reversed slowly back into the Cah Pahk when we all thought she’d gone for good?

    Bad news on Olga. Perhaps a bit of courage in signing actors/characters who make a dent in the Holby universe onto contracts longer than 12 months might be an idea.

    Thanks again PLA, by the way.

    • pauseliveaction

      The music was the Flying Dutchman, wasn’t it? And wasn’t the weekend conference in Stockholm, because I remember she found the opera house “breathtaking.”

      That scene where the cah reversed back into the cah pahk was almost hilarious, but of course was eclipsed by the Swedish anguish that followed.

      Better late to the party than not at all, CL.

  7. HolbyNut

    Yes, thought it was brilliant writing and acting by HH last week. He was soooo on the brink of caving and declaring his feelings but the restraint made it all the better. You see, it just takes us back to Mr Darcy / Joseph Byrne – we gals just love a bit of repressed emotion. OK, Guy Henry is a slightly elongated version of Colin Firth or Luke Roberts but you know what I mean…

  8. Jeffiner

    Hmm not sure I WOULD want my local hospital to offer that service, the doctors there are nowhere near as good looking as the Holby ones.

    So the registrah finally drove off in the cah. I’ll miss her more than some people here will but it’ll be nice to see other characters get more screen time. Now to steel myself for lovely Ed’s exit soon, not so much Olga’s, I’m gutted she’s leaving but I have a feeling Frieda will get a happier exit than Greg. Was well and truly in tears at the end of this ep, my heart was definitely breaking for Hanssen (and some top class acting by Guy in that ep!) and really felt for that patient’s father, although he was out of order with what he said to Sahira, no matter how angry you are you shouldn’t wish death from cancer on someone. Didn’t understand why Rafi was still there, wasn’t his resignation with immediate effect? And also how has Sahira got consultant in Nottingham ALREADY? But I tend to overlook those things when an ep is as good as this.

    Really enjoyed the story on AAU and thought Eddi and Luc were adorable, story provided light relief to the events on Darwin, particularly Sacha’s line about being needed on Keller as they were “tied up with a hand job” (the immature child in me laughed a lot). Quite enjoyed the Keller storyline too, nice to see Ric getting a little more screentime and not playing dad to Elizabeth/Chantelle/Lleucu (delete as appropriate).

    Another great review from you PLA, as always hitting the nail bang on the head

  9. teacherlady

    She’s gone, she’s gone! *does happy dance*
    Guy Henry is brilliant! Brilliant actor. Wasted really on budget soaps…
    Cue more happy dancing!!!!!!!! She’s gone. Just tell me she ain’t comin’ back!

    • I responce to Waterloo vamps comment and your reply, we did find out if you really listened carefully and watched all the way through their relationship. It was a purely platonic working relationship and if you listened to the conversation Henrik had with the Dad outside at the end, regarding losing a child – he looked at Sahira – the clue? She wasn’t his actual daughter but there was certainly paternal feelings there. End of story.

      I will miss Sahira/Laila as she was great and the character had the qualities a Dr etc should have, empathy and caring.

      • pauseliveaction

        You seem to be in a minority with the “paternalistic” theory, Sharon. I was thinking the storyline was like ‘The Remains of the Day,’ where the butler loves the housekeeper but his formal, repressed persona won’t let him do anything about it until it’s too late.

      • Can only tell you what I see!! And alot of people do seem to agree with me, even if they are not on here. Haha too many romantics around on your replies ;-)! The answer did lay in that conversation in the car park with the lads dad, and his responce to her ‘Do you love’ me spoke volumes that he didnt in that way.

      • Sophia

        How would he know what losing a child feels like or emotions akin to that? He is dedicated to his work. He was BLATENTLY madly in love with her and I think PLA sums it up perfectly with the butler analogy. His professionalism and repressed emotions stopped him from ever being true to himself. The “daddy issues” just doesn’t fly.

      • Thats your opinion, and thats ok 😀 He was referring to his paternal feelings to her..not the fact he had had a child.

        Thats ok, you dont agree, I dont agree with yours either 😀 Alot of people were seeing the same thing as myself by the end 😀

  10. Hanssen's object of desire

    Platonic? no way. Would you act like that about someone you had a platonic relationship with? He was explaining to the father how you feel when you lose someone you love, and then he looked at her.

    • pauseliveaction

      Maybe we can put this down to the subtlety of Guy’s acting, eh?

    • I think Sharon Hayes is right, and ok, it’s only a soap, but sticking HH’s feelings into a box marked “repressed man in love” (ahhh….he loves her really….) trivialises what the actor and scripties have tried to create with this character. ‘Paternal’ perhaps comes closest, but I’m not sure even that does it real justice. She represents for him an attachment built on nurturing her professionally, trying to make something brilliant of her natural talent. She was a kind of Trilby to his Svengali – mentoring gone mad, if you like (or maybe the Frankenstein metaphor would be more apt).

      And the point is (and this is why it shouldn’t be reduced to a cliched love relationship), that HH is not a person who is ever going to be driven by (or even ‘do’) ‘erotic love’ – everything about him, his motivations, satisfactions, are more complex than that. What he really needs is a creature he can feel he has moulded and created to achieve his own vision of perfection, and fulfil all the values he holds about what is important in life. And that specifically doesn’t include putting personal relationships at the centre of ones priorities, or personal ambition (like Jac does, which is why he’d never take her up as he did Shahira), but putting all ones drive towards excellence for it’s own sake. He wants someone who has integrity and is passionate about doing ‘good’ in a way that is analytical and effective, not being at the whim of messy ol’ emotions and feelings.

      Finding and refining that person is what would justify his existence, and exalt his soul. But finally he has had to acknowledge that Ms Registrah was not her. How ever much she thrilled to the work she would never be prepared to give up her family to live up to his vision of splendid emotional isolation and professional dedication, and he had to give project Shahira up. And he had invested so much of his identity and self worth in that, become so attached to her as the embodiment of that project, that doing so was a bitter, bitter, blow. ‘Heartbroken’ in fact seems a good enough word.

  11. TheDivineBebe

    *whispers* You guys know it’s not real don’t you? And also, that excessive use of smiley icons can make people look a wee bit barking?

  12. FlyingDutchman

    Lovely theory, but Guy Henry was under the impression it was “a hint of unrequited love… Probably on my side.” (2:35 ish)

    He also said the same thing on Daybreak.

  13. I am inclined to think that Charla is right; there are definitely shades of a sad, obsessed and slightly twisted Svengali in HH. A sublimination of repressed sexual conquest, paternal domination and obsessive possession. I thought the box files of papers, photographs, Swedish Dictionaries and (nice touch) the ticket stub to ‘Der Fliegende Hollaender’ were a sad indication of his obsession. And what is HH carrying clutched to his chest as he climbs the stairs after refusing Tara Lo permission to view one of his operations? The one Swedish dictionary that had escaped the rubbish sacks. However old you are, there is always ONE reminder for each of the people that you have loved and I should know!

    And did I detect strains of DFH playing in the background to scenes in HH’s office? The overture?

  14. maleman

    Holby got sidelined during the Brazil Olympics in Finland but now it’s obviously been back for a while.

    I wish Sahira got to be around for longer. I read it was the decision of actress Laila Rouass to spend more time with her daughter (good for her, bad for us!)

    Such a gorgeous women and her character never went anywhere with either Henrik or Greg. I guess time ran out. I’m surprised Henrik didn’t bolt the hospital after the fact given the current episode I’m on where he does decide to leave.

    What a way to burn bridges with the character of Sahira though. They went all in with that one.