Casualty: Dylan and Sam spend episode in cave

(Series 26, Ep.30)  I haven’t watched Casualty for a few weeks, but I was glad I bobbed back into it last night. The relationship between Army Dr Sam and Curmudgeonly Dr Dylan was thrown into the spotlight – or rather, into the head lights and the glow sticks, as they spent much of the episode trapped in a small cave.

Who knew the Forest of Holby was so extensive that it contained a warren of underground tunnels which unsuspecting dog walkers could find themselves tumbling down at a moment’s notice? Not one but two unsuspecting dog walkers found themselves at the bottom of a deep hole. On the plus side, they’d both fancied each other for ages but had been too shy to do anything about it, so it gave them a bit of bonding time. On the minus side, they were rather badly injured.

Dr Sam took the call when an abseiling doctor was needed, and as she is a doctor who can abseil, off she went. When she got to the bottom of the hole she decided she needed another abseiling doctor alongside, and Dylan was summoned. It turned out the only abseiling he’d done had been for charity, and it was more a way of impressing Sam at the beginning of their relationship. I still wasn’t entirely convinced that such a marvellous woman as Sam could have been impressed by Dylan, whether he abseiled or not, but there you go. Meanwhile, the two casualties would have fallen in love nicely, if only the man hadn’t gone and died. He did it after managing to help Sam insert a chest drain in the woman and therefore save her life. What a heartwarmingly tragic story. If that woman ever goes on Britain’s Got Talent (maybe with her performing dog) that will be the sob story to top all sob stories. The tabloids will be all over it the next day. (Note to self: It’s not real).

Meanwhile, Lush Linda was still trying to convince her niece that living with her would be preferable to being in care. The niece, who seems to have no redeeming features apart from a Scouse accent, eventually plumped for Linda after observing a malnourished teen’s attachment to his own mother. Teenagers, eh? Who knows how their minds work?

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3 responses to “Casualty: Dylan and Sam spend episode in cave

  1. HolbyLover819

    I’ve missed the casualty reviews recently especially with all the shooting that’s been going on in recent weeks.
    I cannot imagine Dykan and Sam as a couple. No way. He must have done some pretty impressive abseiling. And the best quote “I’m only scared of being in the dark with you”. It seems getting trapped in a cave or treating somebody trapped in said cave is the only way to talk to your spouse or admit your feelings. Maybe Paddy McGuiness planted them there to bring people closer together. Not that it worked but then none of the Take Me Out couples stay together so I’m guessing Take Me Down A Cave won’t be airing anytime soon.

  2. To the Right, To the Left

    Oh, praise the Lord – your Casualty reviews are back!
    Yay Zoe/Dylan, nay Sam/Dylan.

    BTW, have you read how the WR people are going to make their move to Scotland? It’s so damn ridiculous, it’s unreal.

  3. teacherlady

    Good thing about teenagers is that they do eventually grow up. I like Dylan (ish) but Sam???? NOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t get her at all.