Holby City: The passenger seat

(Series 14, Ep.25) Henrik Hanssen’s favourite game of People Chess continued this week, as he drove a further wedge into the Shah/Raza marriage by telling Sahira he was going to take her off CTU duties. She was horrified. She’s put passion into that CTU – oh lord, don’t we just know how much passion she’s put into it? We’ve suffered along with her as she’s filled entire chest cavities with her tears. And now she’s being told she’s in the passenger seat. Jac had a little gloat, Irish Dr Greg felt Sahira’s pain and Hanssen smiled enigmatically and waited for her to find out he’d done what he did because Rafi had a word with him last week. Hanssen just knew that this wouldn’t go down well with Sahira.

Meanwhile, Rafi was in Poirot mode (he is actually a bit of a David Suchet lookey-likey in a certain light) and was keeping an eye on Irish Dr Greg, following Hanssen’s tip-off last week. He just winds them up, and away they go… It all ended up with patients dying, Sahira getting all angsty in theatre (as per usual) and Irish Dr Greg being punched by Rafi. A satisfactory day’s work for the hyper-tall Swede, apart from the dead patients bit. 

He was also successful in getting his choice of candidate appointed as Clinical Skills Lead. Actually, The Malick didn’t need a lot of help on this one, as he produced an absolute corker of an interview. Dull Dan tried to scupper his efforts by letting the lady from the university know about Malick’s previous form as far as punching consultants was concerned, but Malick turned it round with a bit of neat “what you see is what you get” interview technique and the post was his. Dull Dan showed a bit of contrition afterwards by going for a drink with Malick instead of with the university lady (who wanted to discuss his job prospects). If I’d have been Malick, I’d have wanted to smack him one, the spineless lump.

I also wanted to smack Alex Broadhurst (Mad Maya). Michael Spence was happily intent on carrying on last week’s flirtation, little realising that she was busy compiling reports about him “resembling a hyperactive child” for Hanssen.  Then he did find out, and she suddenly seemed marginally less attractive than she had moments earlier. Michael also continued in his quest to replace Joseph Byrne in my affections by looking even foxier than he did last week and by being super marvellous with a patient. Alex greeted all of this magnificence with a bit of a sneer every time she passed by. Anyway, by the end of the episode Michael had won her over with his doctorly skills, if not with his charm. Even as she was inserting herself into a taxi (she was leaving Holby), poor Michael was still asking her out for a drink. He’s a trier, that man.

Next time: Will Sahira put her Holby career before her marriage? (Choose the marriage, Sahira!) Will Luc take his responsibilities as Liam’s mentor seriously? And will Sweet & Lo get through a whole episode without fainting?

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16 responses to “Holby City: The passenger seat

  1. HolbyLover819

    If only it had been Jac that had come through the door to comfort Sahira. They could have had a heart to heart conversation about Indy’s brother’s name and how Jac always smiles when Ollie leaves the room and speculate about Dan and Malick…
    Elsewhere in Holby the only woman slightly immune from the Michael Spence charm was seen carrying in pot plant in a cardboard box. Now this might just be me but I have no recollection of that plant being anywhere in her office. And speaking of her office if she was only going to be there for 2 months why did they bother putting a plaque on the door?
    Oh and of course Malick was going to get the job. Though him inviting Dan for a drink seemed completely out of place. Malick probably felt bad and was hoping Dan wouldn’t take him up on the offer.
    Great review as always it gives me somewhere to have my holby rant.

  2. To the Right, To the Left

    Not to mention, Dan repeated, ad verbatim, what Malick said about the new curriculum in reference to his Med student days. I liked Rafi’s punching Greg, but I’ve no idea why Sahira walked away like a zombie in the end.

    I hate story-lines about cheating; why don’t they just walk away from their spouse and do whatever the hell they want to do then? Anyway, excellent review as always.

  3. HolbyNut

    PLA’s observation re Rafi / David Suchet made me smile and absolutely hit the nail on the head

  4. TTR,TTL, storylines about cheating make effective drama. If people on Holby acted as they would/ought to in real life, blimey that would be boring, wouldn’t it? Nice to see Guy Henry’s mate Zubin Varla (they were both in Michael Grandage’s ‘Twelfth Night’ in 2008) doing something a bit more than just standing around occupying a space, even if he’ll soon be lost on the horizon.

    • To the Right, To the Left

      Yeah, I know. But couldn’t they take the interesting approach with Sahira/Henrik? After all, we were promised that instead of the usual bore-fest every other programme (read EastEnders) seems to be following.

  5. WaterlooVamps

    No, DON’T choose the marriage, Sahira! Choose Greg!!!!!! Hate Alex because she may or may not be ruining the prospects of a Michael/Freida situation. 😦 Serves you darned right, Hamilton. Why do ALL the male doctors on Holby have to be so good – looking? I mean: Greg, Ollie, Luc, Michael, Hanssen (not too sure?), and even Malick and Dan!

    • pauseliveaction

      She’s welcome to choose Greg, as long as she doesn’t choose staying at Holby. I know she’s leaving, but I won’t relax till she’s gone.

      • HolbyLover819

        Greg, Rafi who knows? But will we find out Sahira’s other son’s name before she leaves, that’s what I want to know. I have a feeling the writers will leave it as a mystery forevermore just to annoy the fans.

  6. Mrs H

    Right well….rolls up sleeves to defend the honour of me Holby Husband.

    I have one thing to say (apart from lovely review as always PLA!)…Sahira leave and leave now please and take ones husband with you. Or better still leave your husband (preferably by the side of the road) and take off with Greg but whatever you do please stop making Henrik turn into a lovestruck idiot who would actually do anything for her…for whatever reason. He hasn’t lied to you…he was checking up to make sure you were ok…he was the only one who called after you when your psycho mumbler husband punched poor Greg. I am so looking forward to when she goes so that Henrik can get back to being Henrik. On April 17th I will be drinking champagne!

    Did you see the look Jac gave Henrik? Sorry just a pet theory of mine!

    Alex (AKA Nanny McPhee)..good riddance. You got under the skin of bearded one by doing absolutely nothing…so begone.

    Dull Dan…begone and take the poison dwarf with you.
    Long live The Malick

  7. VickyO

    PLA, your first screen cap is immaculate. Summarises the character in a single frame.

    Alex is such a shameless tease!! I genuinely felt sorry for Michael towards the end – come on, woman! After all the sexual tension and the textbook “you’re the LAST man I’d want a relationship with but I yearn for your gorgeous American body ( = implied)” routine to just leave? For shame.

    The university lady was genuinely disturbing. Malick kicks ass.

    I know they have the oh-so-dark history and all that, but I was still astonished when Sahira flew into Hanssen’s office and yelled at him like that! I mean, I know, special treatment, yadda yadda, but still – have SOME respect! Especially when he’s giving you exactly what you wanted! But nono, Princess Sahira just HAS to have the top job with her own unit, and a husband, and a family, and an Irish loverboy fawning over her and God help everyone if she has to make a compromise! Urgh. Just go.

    I was pretty sad recently – someone posted a Youtube video of all the Hanssen moments from his first ever episode (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2zjUUR3L_E , should anyone care), and I remembered what a BAMF he was meant to be and what Sahira turned him into. Really, really hope that there’ll be some decent storylines for him once she’s gone.

  8. Jeffiner

    Hmm, I quite like the scary prof, if only because it’s fun to watch her get bitchslapped by Hanssen time and time again. Speaking of bitchslaps, that had to be the worst punch I’d ever seen, even the old lady who slapped Greg a while back hit him harder than that! It was quite interesting to see that Ed MacLiam said in an interview though that they had to use a stunt double for the scene as he couldn’t do it due to his injury. Anyway, Sahira my dear you have got me rightly annoyed with all this hmm-ing and hah-ing over the various men in your life, can you make up your mind please soon? And not your rather dim husband (seriously, married 7 years before he even begins to wonder about Hanssen controlling your career? Not to mention him not even questioning how the guy you’ve never mentioned to him knows everything about you, oh and also him trying to have a private conversation with your possible lover within earshot!). I actually liked Sahira for longer than most other people but she is beginning to annoy me now, and hope she apologised to Greg for shouting at him for no reason.
    Really enjoyed the stuff on Keller and the uni interviews, although that patient was rather overly cheery for my liking, the group hug at the end was hilarious though. Glad Malick beat Dan out for Clinical Skills teacher and didn’t have to resort to dirty tricks to doing it. Scary image of the week goes to Keller as well for making me have rather disturbing thoughts of Hanssen in a polka dot bikini, thanks Chantelle!
    Onto AAU and I have to admit PLA, rather a bone to pick with you here, I found it rather hard to concentrate on scenes here as I was focussing too much on Alex’s scary upper lip. But overall didn’t really see the point of her being brought in, though liked her while she was here.
    Henrik was on top form as always, particularly liked the scene between him and Rafi, looming is what he does best. And slightly concerned about the very high amount of patient deaths recently, I make that 5 in 5 weeks, that’s high even for Holby. Also they now have a university to go with their international airport I noticed.
    Great review PLA as always, nearly look forward to them now more than the show itself.

    • HolbyLover819

      The punch does not rival the time Connie slapped Sam and it didn’t even make a sound!

  9. lanabaxter

    Is it just me or does Sahira get more and more annoying every week. Do us all a favour, forget about Greg, fuck off and take ya pig ugly and blatently boring bastard of a husband with you. But could Jac Naylor please give her that long overdue slap before she goes?