Holby City: You are not the only surgeon at Holby

(Series 14, Ep.24) Poor old Rafi. He spent years being the invisible househusband of Sahira Shah the Registrah. He gave up the chance of a job in Nottingham (where they have miles of cycle paths, and he just loves cycle paths) to stay at Holby, and now he is completely unable to persuade his wife to leave work on time so he can spend quality (and quantity) time with her. The kids hardly know who she is any more, and she’s forgotten the name of the one who isn’t My Adorable Son Indy altogether. What’s an anaesthetist to do? Well, he could drug her and prop her up in an armchair at home so the family could all admire her, but that would be unethical and more than a little weird. So what he did this week was put his foot down and tell her she simply must leave work on time so they could go for a posh meal, with wine and everything, and put their heads together to try and remember the name of their second child.

She agreed to this plan and even put some of the red lipstick on that she wears when she’s trying to do posh, the one that doesn’t really suit her. But of course Sahira may be a wife and mother, but foremost she is a Deeply Caring and Committed Surgeon. Henrik Hanssen, who loves her in a spooky, unrequited way, knows this about her and threw the tempting morsel of a girl with a thyroid cancer called Raymond (that was the cancer’s name, not the girl’s. Don’t ask) in her way.  Sahira made a huge effort to resist this gambit, by roping in Young Dr Oliver Valentine to do the surgery instead of her. I felt completely sorry for Boy Valentine. He knew he was out of his depth and so did Sahira and it was a shocking way to treat a junior colleague and a patient. Boringly, it meant that yet again Sahira could swoop in at the last minute and leave everyone marvelling at her supernaturally brilliant surgical skills.  

For Rafi, it meant once again watching his wife put her job before him. He’d had enough, and he knew who to blame. Rather bravely, he confronted Hanssen. The Swedish Scalpel proved he was not above a bit of playing dirty, though. If Rafi wondered why Miss Shah was so keen on staying at Holby, he might ask Mr Douglas, who was similarly keen. Oh, Henrik. With one smooth sentence you have deflected attention away from yourself and possibly exploded both the Raza/Shah and Douglas/Shah relationships apart. Bravo.

Meanwhile, Michael Spence continues to look more gorgeous by the week, still rocking the grizzled look and teaming it with a rather nice suit. And Alex was being really horrible to him, pulling rank and being really rude to him in front of colleagues and patients. I wanted to slap her.  They spent most of the episode disagreeing about a patient. Sacha and Chrissie were rather amused and Sacha said he’d spotted a bit of a frisson between them.  “Oh big deal, she’s attracted to me,” said Michael, with his trademark modesty. “Who said it was that way round?” Chrissie said. So Michael went off and amusingly talked to Alex about their mutual frisson and she said it was a completely unethical thing to be talking about – but if he felt like inviting her for a drink, she’d probably say yes.

And Chantelle and Lleucu fell out again and then made friends again. Ric Griffin was once again relegated to the role of being a father figure for junior staff.  It’s time that man had a storyline of his own that didn’t involve dishing out avuncular advice to nurses.

Next time:  What will Rafi say to Sahira about Greg? What will Alex’s report about Michael say? And who will win the Clinical Skills job, Malick or Dull Dan?

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7 responses to “Holby City: You are not the only surgeon at Holby

  1. Jeffiner

    I wasn’t aware that Nottingham had 120 miles of cycleways. Nor that there was an international airport in Holbyville. (Further research tells me it’s been mentioned in Casualty but I don’t watch that).
    Quite enjoyed most of this ep, thought it was quite poignant that the girl had named her cancer (and for the first time ever I had to look away during CT surgery, normally I can handle anything not GS or AAU but last night no) and felt quite sorry for Rafi, somehow I think this storyline is going to end with nobody happy. Wouldn’t like to be in Greg’s shoes when he finds out Rafi knows, after Hanssen dropping him right in it. In fact if he’s still on crutches he’s not going to be able to escape very quickly is he? It does beg the question, why has Rafi not confronted Hanssen about Sahira’s working hours before now?
    Most of the AAU stuff passed me by in all honesty, probably because I can’t shake off Sasha Behar as Mad Maya I think. But liked the way they worked together to save the patient, and she didn’t turn in the air doctor either.
    Bit unsure about the Lleucu/Chantelle friendship as well, they seem to fall out in every episode and I partly feel they’ve only put them together as they’re sort of similar ages. I just don’t find them convincing as mates, bit like the Greg/Dan supposedly best mates thing. (On the other hand I do find Greg and Sahira’s FRIENDSHIP genuinely believable, even if the relationship stuff might not be.) Did like the patient they were involved with though and smiled at his big rugby mates turning up at the end with KFC and beer.
    Not enough of Malick in it for my liking, and liked Dr Valentine’s scenes (and thoroughly agreed with the patient’s view of him, “Yum” indeed!)
    Can’t wait to see things heat up on Darwin next week and hope Malick beats out Dull Dan who really annoys me with the consultancy chip on shoulder that he has.
    Great review as always PLA.

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you, Jeffiner. You’d probably find that Holby International Airport looks a lot like Stansted – that was where Sacha had to hurtle to on the back of Jac’s motorbike to stop Chrissie going to Australia without him.

      I was quite distracted by Mad Maya’s upper lip. It has a life of its own. When I pointed this out to PLA Jr, she said she’d been too busy being distracted by Mad Maya’s earlobes to notice her lip. That made me notice the earlobes too – very round – and, uncannily, Hari Dhillon’s earlobes are very similar. You can tell how much fun it is living in this house.

  2. HolbyLover819

    This episode was interesting. Is the Chantelle/Lleucu breakup/makeup thing going to become a running gag?
    When Rafi was still invisible I admit I thought of him as a bit nasty to Sahira but now he has materialised I like he more than Sahira! Though you can’t blame her falling in love with Greg(‘s Irish accent).
    Great review.

  3. Mrs H

    Dear PLA, please do not use the phrase ‘The Swedish Scalpel proved he was not above a bit of playing dirty’ for I am now all of a flutter…oh you don’t mean it like that do you? Apologies!

    Oh how the love square finally got interesting.

    Bearing in mind Sahira has known Henrik for 17 years and she has only been married to Rafi for 7 years you would have thought that he would have realised what he was getting himself into with the Henrik/Sahira deal (whatever it is…damm you writers for leaving this so unresolved!). Why is he suddenly moaning? And she is a surgeon and if she is paged she can’t say “actually I’m off for a pint of chablis ta-rah”

    I know the haters are going to hate him for what he did last night but I heartily applaud me Holby Husband. Yes he neatly swerved his way out of saying ‘actually you don’t deserve her and I so would in a heart beat’ but he actually told the truth. Hhe was going to let her go and liked how he got the dig in about him being happy that she was giving up her career to Rafi the creepy psycho mumbler. And it was Greg who wanted him to get her to stay. In fact everything Henrik has said to Sahira recently has been the truth – not his fault she can’t handle the truth! I guess though that’s what happens when you are master manipulator…he seems to think far further ahead than everyone else! But it is sad how it has gone from the heartbreakingly moving “I simply can’t let you go” where we were all screaming ‘snog her, snog her now’ at the telly (or was that just me?) to “I was entirely ready to let her go” *sniff*

    Poor Greg though…he’ll have to face the Mumbling Psycho now…really that woman is not worth the hassle is she?

    Flakey Cakey and Chantelle – so when are they getting married?

    And Michael and Alex? Please for the love of all that is holy no! But it was funny!

    I have a soft spot for this episode I confess.

    Next week will be a bit like Nov 5th I feel…many fireworks!

  4. Kat

    I think maybe Cakey has a crush on Chantelle……..

  5. Sparkss

    ‘Flakey Cakey’ is rather clingy, is she not?

  6. I love Sahira and Greg, it is 1 of the best story lines! Im looking back now in 2014 of what I watched in 2011 and 2012. OMG! Wish Grahira were still on Holby City! Please come back!