Holby City: With a little help from Faith

Behind the scenes photo: James Anderson @jimeroo

(Series 14, Ep.23) He’s a funny old soul, Elliott Hope. His heart is very much in the right place, but his methods are sometimes a tad batty. Thus, we found him squirreling away disused items of CT machinery in the basement (that basement must have vast numbers of unused rooms – there’s always a spare one when you need it), pending being shipped off to the Ukraine to save loads of Ukrainian lives. But one man’s life saving machinery is another man’s scrap metal, and Elliott discovered someone moving the stuff out for scrap. An altercation ensued, during which Elliott sustained what my dad would call “a thick ear” and the other bloke had a heart monitor dropped on his toe. Double ouch. Some of the other staff found this rather amusing. “You really are a museum piece, aren’t you?” Slinky Dr Alex purred when she discovered his altruistic plans.  Jac took to calling him “Sir Bob.” 

So he had to go legit and take it to the board, whereupon he was helped by a patient he’d known for a long time. Faith was one of those feisty types who Gets Things Done – you know the sort, school governor, magistrate, volunteering at a Citizens Advice Bureau. She also had an aneurysm and wasn’t well at all. Whenever a lovely woman like this appears in Elliott’s life, you know it’s going to go wrong in some way – she’ll either die (Gina), have to be dumped for not being Gina (Lady Byrne) or rip him off (the woman with the laser), so it didn’t bode well for Faith. She had one last bit of old-school activism left in her, though, and occupied the skip holding the disputed machinery. After a bit of persuasion, Elliott joined her and chained himself to it, throwing away the key, on the condition that Faith let Young Dr Oliver Valentine escort her back to her bed. Unfortunately she collapsed, and there was a frantic search for the key to unchain Elliott (I never thought I’d see Henrik Hanssen rooting about in bin bags), while Jac struggled to save Faith’s life. Poor Elliott’s face as he arrived at the operating theatre too late. Sniff. But she didn’t die in vain – Hanssen came good and pledged the stuff to the Ukraine.

Malick handed Frieda the task of mentoring Tara Lo. This didn’t go down well, particularly when Tara started out-diagnosing the Top F2 in Holbyshire. I did enjoy Malick taking bets on how long “Sweet and Lo” could last before fainting in an operation (12 minutes).

No such fainting problems with Eddi McKee’s brother Liam, who appears to have quite a high gore tolerance threshold. Indeed, by the end of the episode he was happily dissecting a rat. Eddi had got him a job on AAU, serving meals (that wasn’t the rat, I’m getting to that bit) and giving out water and books to patients.  I think this is the first time I recall patients ever actually eating in Holby (apart from the time Beautiful Dr Penny Valentine brought a sandwich in for Scott James), although they never actually got to eat anything this week, either, because various accidents and incidents befell Liam and the trolley bearing the food kept ending up on its side in some corridor or other. You sense Liam means well, even when he messes up and drives his sister to despair. That girl’s standards are impossibly high, anyway. Dr Luc Hemingway also sensed Liam was A Good Lad Really, and has offered to be his mentor. This involves letting him watch ghastly surgery (Liam’s face when he watched a very big tumour being removed from someone was priceless) and dissecting rats, as mentioned above.

Next time: Alex clashes with Michael; Rafi clashes with Sahira; and Lleucu clashes with Chantelle.

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5 responses to “Holby City: With a little help from Faith

  1. Mrs H

    Oh PLA you missed out mentioning the most unnecessary scene ever to grace our Holby screens…it even tops Sahira and the breast pump. I of course refer to the diagnostic session on the loo – yes two women sat on the loo discussing a patient!

    However apart from that…my life is now complete. My Holby husband is human and can do things like bins. He seems effortlessly dignified in everything he does and now Elliot has realised he is God all will be well in the world.

    Uncle Elliot was fabulous this week and I had a little tear in my eye even though the outcome was pretty signposted.

    I must say I would like to be escorted back to the ward by Mr Valentine. Trouble is I don’t know how to refer to him. I have a Holby husband, a lover and a speed dial (Mr Spence avec or sans face fungus) and so I know not how to refer to Ollie – perhaps he can be my Holby Bit on the side.

    Speaking of Luc he is a strange one but I can’t work out if those are longing looks he is giving Eddi or if they are just because he is passing wind. Liam is either Mr Unlucky (well look who his sister is) or he is just annoying…the jury is deliberating and may be some time!

    It was nice of Greg and Rafi to pop in….

    Next week will be interesting when Rafi confronts He Who Looms over Sahira…let’s see how the daddy of the love square squirms his way out of this one…and he will rest assured!

    • pauseliveaction

      You’re just getting greedy now, Mrs H. You can’t have all the eligible men on Holby on standby for your romantic needs. Only Sahira has that kind of power.

      That toilet scene was a bit odd, wasn’t it? Quite funny, though, but I had to quarantine a comment to this very blog that seemed to speculate, in a bit more detail than I was comfortable with, exactly why Tara was in the toilet for such a long time.

      • Mrs H

        Oh dear lord – images my mind can’t handle on a sunny afternoon!

        You’re right I am being greedy…apologies…but at least I am leaving Greg, Rafi and Ric out of it. Your mentioning of the great whinge bag has humbled me and I have seen the error of my ways. I was weak and will be content with The Swede and Mr Hemingway…perhaps!

  2. WaterlooVamps

    When I saw the loo bit it was a little freaky :-/
    Oh, Eddi and Luc…you can almost feel the chemistry – it’s painful!!


    By God was this a funny episode! [in a dark-humoured way].
    Funny aneurysm moment indeed – and check out http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HolbyCity – should be of interest to you!

    One question… do the actors read this blog, since apart from holby.tv it seems to be the only one in existence! [not counting autoroutem60 which has since gone down].

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